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Getting in a truck accident can lead to the death or maiming of you, or a loved one. The pain, suffering and loss of a wage earner, grandfather, or grandchild, for example, can be too much anguish for a person to bare. This is why it is so important to retain an experienced and sympathetic professional in this area of California state and federal tort law.

Even if you think you can handle this yourself, you need to think about funeral expenses, paying for medical and other bills, disability, physical therapy, and all the other things that come from a tragic and life altering experience, such as a truck crash in a bustling California city. Commerce dictates that big rigs will be on the move more in a highly populated area. Ehline Law Firm PC has recovered millions for victims of motor vehicle injuries sustained in traffic and freeway type accidents all over the state. Call us for a free legal consult at 888.400.9721.

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Based in LA County, has litigated many complex and difficult prime mover cases, and other truck-caused personal injuries throughout our years as legal professionals. Our professionals focus in on your case like a laser beam. We work hard to get you the maximum compensation under the law for your accident insurance claims in Northern and Southern California cities.

Understanding Semi Truck Regulations

Semi trucks laws and regulations are usually based upon California and United States (U.S.)codes and statutory laws specifically relating to trucks, which includes 18 wheeler trucks. Many of these semi-truck laws are promulgated by the Department of Transportation, Public Utilities Commission and Department of Homeland Security, or even the Los Angeles City Council. These semi-truck regulations decide how much a fully laden commercial truck may weigh, who may drive big rig trucks on the roads, how many hours you can operate a truck before pulling over for a nap, and the type of training.

When these many and varied laws are violated by a commercial trucking company, or truck operator, injured victims frequently seek the advice of those educated in negligence law. Frequently, the violations of these regulations are the legal cause of the accidents themselves.

Some Steps a Greenhorn Should Take After a Truck Accident

Individuals and their loved who endured a stunning debacle involving an 18 wheeler need to take affirmative steps starting the minute they are hurt as follows:

  • Collect Evidence - At future legal proceedings you will want the the court to take notice of exculpatory and damaging evidence that supports your lawsuit. You or a party on your behalf must obtain names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses, as well as the ID and insurance info of the defendant and trucking company he or she works for.  Get official proof of road conditions, the weather, and time of day (ex: was it dusk, was it high noon, etc.?)  Take pictures of the roadway itself. Photograph faulty road repairs, damaged asphalt, broken or missing traffic signals. It is always handy to keep a throw away camera, but you could also use the iPhone or PDA camera.
  • Obtain Copies of the Traffic Collision Report - It goes without saying. Call the cops. Assure that there is actually an official report and that the defendant cannot weasel their way out of it or leave the scene, after giving you bogus info. If you later find the report is a dunning type report, with factually false info, track down the officer and demand they correct the inconsistencies.
  • Never Admit Liability to Anyone –  Abe Lincoln said it best: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  Don’t be a dupe. Keep your mouth shut. Your not an expert.  You were just banged up and not all there yet anyways. The smart move is to call a trucking accident lawyer in Los Angeles and protect yourself.

Some Injuries Are Not So Obvious

Any person who has been hurt in a crash, knows that the adrenaline levels are so high, that they block the sensation of pain immediately after the impact and loud report of a smash up.  You may see stars and not even realize you just suffered a head injury. You could even have a ruptured spine, or hairline fracture and be walking around.

This is all part of the fight or flight response in every human.  But when an injured person is running around a traffic collision site, police and some first responders could perceive this as a no injury accident. This is why in a perfect world, a victim would remain still and get evacuated to a hospital.

A casualty can easily poison their own case even though a wound latently reared its ugly head. This is why it is so important to have a lawyer build your case early and get the medical treatment, and evidence of impact right out of the gate. Don’t stress yourself about it anymore.  Put it on cruise control, sit back, relax, and let us do the work.



Potential Parties Who Can Be Made To Pay

There are many circumstances that can involve more than one wrongdoer as a defendant. This theory of joint and several liability can involve respondeat superior, well as products liability and warranty claims. Most of the defendants are identified after it has been determined what caused or contributed to the catastrophe.  The aggrieved through their attorney, can potentially sue the following parties:

  • The Trucking Company - Tort law makes employers responsible for employees who are negligent or reckless in the course and scope of their employment
  • The Truck Operator - A victim’s attorney will sue the driver in most cases, as they are always typically responsible in some shape or form. (Could have been intoxicated, improperly trained, unlicensed driver, etc.)
  • Truck Repair Facilities - For faulty vehicle maintenance, etc.
  • Third parties -  Yes, another cause of these wrecks are passenger cars that cut off the large trucks, and cause them to jack-knife. But it could be another vehicle.  Or it could involve many successive vehicles in a chain collision.  We search high and low to find and sue these individuals and their masters.
  • Government Defendants - Many people are unaware that the state, county and city may also have negligently maintained of created a dangerous condition, for which they too can be sued.  But there are struck guidelines to follow and time baring limitations that require a specialist in the Tort Claims Act.
  • Vehicle Manufacturers - From Mac, to Mercedes, to Peterbuilt and as against the companies they subcontract out work, all are potential deep pockets. They are typically joined in the case if they negligently designed, built or mislabeled (failed to warn, etc.), and that played a role in the accident.

After the casualty identifies the insurance and assets of the parties, and meets his or her burden of producing evidence or duty, breach of that duty, liability and the victim has met the standard of proof, he or she is entitled to receive reasonable compensation for bodily harm and any property claims. Total loss of a car comes to mind when one thinks about property to be replaced/repaired.  The financial compensation available is based upon the severity of the injuries, and to some degree, on the percentage of comparative negligence of the plaintiff, if any. No two cases are the same and neither are any two plaintiffs.  You take your victim as you find him, and if the victim’s pre existing injury is made worse, that becomes a part of the money that is awarded.  So there is simply no way to tell how much a person will ultimately win.

Some of the Main Factors in the Amount of General Damages Earned:

  • Past, present and future loss of earnings.
  • Past, present and future pain and suffering.
  • Diminished ability to continue earning.
  • Past, present and future medical, nursing and hospital care.

“Contingency Fee” Means No Recovery No Fee to Us

If you or a loved one was seriously injured after being jolted or jarred in a truck accident, our jurists want to help you recovery for your injuries. We can help you pursue both general and special damages (like past, present and future economic loss). We treat every roadside accidents case with excellent professionalism, and we cover all the costs and fees up front! Those are the regulations we follow. Plus, we don’t recover money unless you recover money! This is called a contingency fee and that is what we do for you.

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If you were injured in a Los Angeles 18-wheeler collision, call our 24 hour attorney hotline at 1-888-400-9721 to discuss your valid claims for loss. Just because you are a trusting soul, does not mean the insurance company will be on the up and up with you. Most of our clients get strung along by these large corporations and sabotage their own claims by wasting valuable time trying to negotiate the case themselves.

In some cases, there may even be punitive damages available to an aggrieved party. Don’t wait till the last minute trying to cut an unfair deal. Experienced Los Angeles trucking injury legal counsel are waiting to hear from you.

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