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The Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC is a personal injury law firm located in Greater Los Angeles. The founding year of this local business was 2005.  Injury attorney, Michael Ehline is its founder. We offer a complete and efficient complement of personable legal services. We serve the entire Golden State of California.

Were you hurt in Downtown LA, somewhere along the Malibu Coast? Perhaps you suffered a horrific collision in the Inland Empire or even Camp Pendleton? No matter where you are in Greater Los Angeles, we can come to your home or hospital bed. Help from our 24-hour trial attorney hotline is available right now at (888) 400-9721.

We have multiple locations convenient to serve you. Our offices are placed up and down the Pacific Coast. The seasoned and prepared veterans in our hand-picked team reach out to the elderly. They also help young victims and their parents. We can give you superb face to face service at a moments notice no matter where you are.

Call us if you were in an unfortunate accident and are seeking to use urgent and specific legal services.  The Los Angeles area has plenty of below average attorneys. Finding an excellent lawyer just got easier. Your search for help has ended. Discover the Ehline difference.


About Our Top Rated Los Angeles Trial Attorneys & Staff

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC understands being the best in the industry means having vast experience. You must first be an expert in negotiating. You have to understand the back and forth between adversaries.  The give and take that comes with practicing personal injury law is part of the process.

You cannot be a top notch trial lawyer until you have experience. You will have already worked with potential new clients. It means you likely were a file clerk, intake analyst or legal secretary. Some of the best attorneys were once paralegals or interns.

A well-seasoned lawyer first learns filing, discovery. He or she must know litigation before arguing briefs in front of a court or a jury.  Of course, mastering basic law office tasks is only one of the keys to making a legal team operate smoothly. You will immediately find that Ehline Law Firm is bosom of some of LA’s best lawyers. Excellence has helped us become the top rated leaders in our profession. Achievement of number one status was made possible with the support of our magnificent crew.

Like our lawyers, the support staff at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC is always trained in the basics first. Then and only then does our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, Esq. is a Juris Doctor, and USMC veteran. His select his team leaders are giants among men. This rigorous selection method has built up a vast list of industry leading experts.  We now have investigators available to assist with trial exhibits. We have other experts who can testify as expert witnesses.

If we decide to call upon these specialists, we have advance knowledge that they are second to none.  In their prospective medical and scientific fields our professionals know their stuff.  Michael has a “damn the torpedoes” attitude when someone messes with his clients. His demeanor and convictions spill over into our demonstrative case preparation.

Examples of case winning technology we use include a dramatic day in the life videos. We also use digital accident reconstruction graphics and definitive timelines. These are just some of the advanced tools we use to help us prove the truth of the matter asserted.

Types of Injury Cases in Los Angeles We Handle

At Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC, we take all kinds of accident claims that caused you or a loved one a personal injury. The number one type of case we help with is the traditional auto accident. The roadway here is a dangerous place. Daily in Greater LA, commuters see a constant stream of deadly car wrecks.

These often take place at busy intersections. There are also countless injuries at bus stops and crosswalks along the boulevard.

Los Angeles Negligence Law Cases

The commonality between the cases we handle is that the negligence of another person caused a significant injury to an innocent person who is now down and out. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC has experience in taking on a plethora catastrophic injury cases.

Most of our cases involve claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents. But some of our cases involve death or rape at sea. Ehline’s staff has experience as winning wrongful death attorneys. We also handle cases involving wrongful birth. Whether it was a wrongful death, bad drugs, or being hit on your scooter we can help.

Other lawyers rejected some soft tissue cases we take. We take extra time to look at medical reports. Whiplash, for example, can result in a slipped or ruptured disc. An injury such as that can cripple you for life. In other words, this can also be a “catastrophic injury.”  To the victim, every accident involving an injury is a huge deal. We agree.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

So in a nutshell, what does a personal injury lawyer do? We help you get money for severe injuries to your body and mind that were not your fault. We can also help you get money for repair bills among other things. Cataclysmal injuries are in a special class all their own.

This classification usually means you suffered permanent damage. No matter how many surgeries or physical therapy sessions you undergo you will never be the same. These types of injuries invariably harm the quality of life of your close family members.

A wage earner put out of the game can mean the poorhouse for many households. It can also mean the loss of cars, earnings, homes, and jobs.

Injury Examples:

Typical of the life-altering injuries we help with are conditions like head trauma. Other claims we work on involve missing digits, quadriplegia, blindness. Conditions of this nature are devastating. Injuries like these usually arise in scenarios when there was no safety barrier in place.

Accident Examples:

We also help people run over in crosswalks. We assist in cases like a car door opening on a bicyclist. One major case we worked on involved a car turning left in front of a motorcyclist with the right of way. The impact on the victim’s quality of life is usually negative and often permanent.

Even with seatbelts, a roll cage or safety barrier, passenger cars are not 100% safe. Small vehicles like that are no match for speeding locomotives. The same goes for an oncoming diesel big rig or city bus.

Anytime there is considerable dissimilarity proportion of opposing forces you have big impacts. There is a significant increase in chances of a catastrophic injury that can grow. Ehline Law has a legal team comprised of certified counselors. Many of us have been in severe accidents ourselves.

We easily empathize with your situation. When facing a problem of this magnitude, you can take comfort in hiring us. As discussed, loss of a job or decrease in wages can also mean the loss of social standing and even bankruptcy. Knowing that our compassionate legal advocates are by your side helps you sleep better.

The graphic nature of your injuries may mean reconstructive surgery. Your road to recovery can be rocky. Car fires or exploding gas tanks could mean ugly burns and extensive skin grafts. Assault or battery could mean a broken jaw. Even if you have a meritorious claim, you still need to get well and heal on the road to recovery.

You cannot rest up and also aggressively deal with the other side. There are too many things you need to do like treating and mitigating your injuries. One thing we offer to kick start this process is a network of well-qualified doctors who work on liens. These are medical providers willing to treat you now and get paid after the case is over.

Juries and courts find favor and sympathy for a legitimate victim. Starting treatment right away is a major factor in connecting the injury to the accident. It also means you can start healing. The longer the delay, the less believable the case is to a decider of fact. If you’re hurt, you take an ambulance to the hospital. You will also have visits with a doctor to document your ailments. That’s just common sense.

Obtaining a quick settlement is always easier when you have the documentary evidence. You must connect the medical condition to the actual injury causing event. Are you or your family injured? Do you feel naked and afraid? Don’t know where to turn?

The lawyers Ehline are ready to stand by your side during this devastating period in your life.  We are battle proven fighters. Our lead attorney was even a U.S. Marine.  Rest assured. We don’t win unless you win! We don’t get paid unless you get money. You can’t afford not to hire us.

Our hard-won reputation and proven outcomes demonstrate our resolve.  We are not lazy or laid back. In fact, we are enthusiastic trial lawyers with a proven record of achievement.  Big businesses like big pharma and shady insurance companies know who we are. They have advance knowledge that our prepared advocates will fight anyone. We are no cowards and treat small cases with the same enthusiasm as the most complex of cases.

Were you hurt in a common area at your apartment complex? You may have even fallen to the bottom of the stairs at work. We can help. The Ehline Law Firm is always on duty and ready to go to war for personal injury victims.

We delight in retrieving the maximum compensation available under the law for suffering victims. Getting you money for all this is what a personal injury lawyer does exactly.

Personal Injury Victim Help in Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles is huge. It is dangerous and wonderful all at the same time. Our staff is proud to reside here. Let our caring attorneys provide you with unsurpassed legal representation. Get help today if you are an accident or injury victim.

If you are in need of a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer or want help in some other injury case, call us today. Let us offer you a hassle free telephonic consultation. We will not charge you for a no obligation interview during this difficult time.  We are standing by to give you a free case review. Don’t forget we service the surrounding neighborhoods. We service places like Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, and Torrance as well as many other locales. Contact a personal injury attorney now at (213) 596-9642.

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