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Truck accidents an be among the most severe auto accidents that you can suffer. The pain, suffering, and loss of the breadwinner at home or a passenger, can be extreme. Retaining a legal professional to take on a case like this is vital to winning under California state and federal tort law. Even if you believe you could take this on yourself, there are so many factors to be remembered. These can include crushing medical costs, funeral costs, disability, physical therapy, or many others.

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Based in LA County, our firm has litigated many complicated cases, including truck caused personal injuries. Our professionals are second to none and have the experience to win the maximum compensation under the law. We will assist across the state.

Understanding Semi Truck Regulations

Semi truck laws and regulations are often based upon California and US codes and statutory laws specifically relating to trucks, including 18 wheelers. Many of these truck are enforced by the Department of Transportation, the Public Utilities Commission, and the Department of Homeland Security, and in some cases by the the LA City Council.

These regulations decide how much a fully laden commercial truck may weigh, who may drive big rig trucks, how many hours an operator can operate a truck before pulling over for a nap, and the type of training. When these are violated, injured victims often seek advice of experts in negligence law. The violations of the regulations often are the legal cause of the accidents.

Some Steps a Greenhorn Should Take After a Truck Accident

If faced with injuries after an accident with an 18 wheeler, it is important to take the following steps:

  • Collect Evidence - Evidence that supports your version of events is vital in the courts. You or a party on your behalf must obtain names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses, and get ID and insurance info of the defendant and trucking company he or she works for. It is important to get official proof of road conditions, the weather, time of day and pictures of the roadway itself. Photograph faulty road repairs, damaged asphalt, broken or missing traffic signals. It is always handy to keep a disposable camera around, but you could also use the iPhone or personal camera.
  • Obtain Copies of the Traffic Collision Investigation Report - Get the official copy from the police. If you find that it is a dunning type report, with factually false info, track down the officer and demand they correct the inconsistencies.
  • Never Admit Liability to Anyone –  Abe Lincoln said it best: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  Don’t be a dupe. Keep your mouth shut. Your not an expert.  Don’t hurt your case by making assumptions that you are not sure about.

Some Injuries Are Not So Obvious

Anyone that has been involved in a crash knows the adrenaline levels spike and block immediate sensation of pain. You can see stars and not realize that you have a severe head injury, ruptured spine, or hairline fractures. These are parts of the fight or flight response. When running around after an accident, police or onlookers could believe that the victim sustained no major injuries. It would be better to wait to move around until seeing a medical professional. A victim can hurt their own case even when injured. Defendants always argue it was a latent injury and that you are faking it. Making sure that an attorney helps you build your case is a vital part of recovery. Let them do the worrying– you have enough on your plate already.

Potential Parties Who Can Be Made To Pay

There are many cases where there are more than one defendant. This theory of joint and several liability can involve respondeat superior, well as products liability and warranty claims. Most of the defendants are identified after it has been determined what caused or contributed to the catastrophe. The aggrieved, represented through their attorney, can potentially sue the following parties:

  • The Trucking Company - Tort law makes employers responsible for employees who are negligent or reckless in the course and scope of their employment
  • The Truck Operator - A victim’s attorney will sue the driver in most cases, as they are always typically responsible in some shape or form. (Could have been intoxicated, improperly trained, unlicensed driver, etc.)
  • Truck Repair Facilities – For faulty vehicle maintenance, etc.
  • Third parties -  Yes, another cause of these wrecks are passenger cars that cut off the large trucks, and cause them to jack-knife. But it could be another vehicle.  Or it could involve many successive vehicles in a chain collision.  We search high and low to find and sue these individuals and their masters.
  • Government Defendants - Many people are unaware that the state, county and city may also have negligently maintained of created a dangerous condition, for which they too can be sued.  But there are struck guidelines to follow and time baring limitations that require a specialist in the Tort Claims Act.
  • Vehicle Manufacturers - All companies and those that they subcontract out work to are all potential deep pockets. They are typically joined in the case if they negligently designed, built, or mislabeled.

When the victim and their counsel identifies the insurance and assets of the parties and meets their burden of producing evidence or duty, breach of that duty, liability, and has met the standard of proof, they are entitled to receive reasonable compensation for harm and property claims. Total loss of a car can be an example. Financial compensation is based upon the severity of the injuries and partially on the percentage of comparative negligence of the plaintiff, if any.

Some of the Main Factors in the Amount of General Damages Earned:

  • Past, present and future loss of earnings.
  • Past, present and future pain and suffering.
  • Diminished ability to continue earning.
  • Past, present and future medical, nursing and hospital care.

“Contingency Fee” Means No Recovery No Fee

When faced with such a severe injury, our jurists aim to get you the maximum recovery possible, including for both general and special claims. We work with our specialized professionalism and cover all fees and costs up front. We don’t charge you a cent unless we win as per our contingency fee.

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