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Michael P. Ehline, Esq., is known throughout the world as a skillful, serious, veteran attorney. His staff and him are brilliant and well trained in the various aspects of catastrophic injury lawsuit development and management.  All things being equal, what really makes him stand out from other personal injury lawyers, is his extreme dedication and commitment to the causes of our clients. In fact, our president, is a former U.S. Marine. So you know that we don’t lack enthusiasm, spirit or discipline. Accordingly, and with due diligence, our primary mission is to fight on your side so that we can achieve the outcome of getting you back on your feet, financially stable, and in the best of cases, active in your daily tasks.

Ehline Law Firm PC, with offices in Los Angeles, California, is a pillar of the legal community, and has a reputation for achieving dramatic results in very serious injury cases such as those causing ailments like amputations, scorching and burns, mild traumatic, and traumatic brain injuries,  and wrongful death. Our staff of injury law professional at Ehline Law Firm PC, appreciates the devastation families all face when they struck with negligently afflicted injuries, including those serious and catastrophic ones that can put a family in the poorhouse.  At the top of the inventory of the serious injuries list, are those cases involving the cessation of life. When a client faces the “eternal rest” of their loved one, they are never ready for the serious consequences of being left alone with all the bills and responsibilities, let alone, the loss of love and companionship.  This is why most American courts have a mechanism of recovery carved out in statute, called the wrongful death claim.

Our Wrongful Death Attorneys in Los Angeles

At the top of the list of devastating and traumatic experiences, losing a buddy in combat, the demise of a wife or husband, a bad divorce, or a stillborn delivery are up there. It is only natural that bereavement and great sadness goes hand in hand with a visit from the grim reaper. If your natural or legally adopted husband, wife, daughter, father, brother, or other immediate family had their life eradicated due to another’s foolish, uncaring action or inaction, a wrongful death lawsuit may arise.

This means you have the green light to sue various defendants for money damages in court. Compensation includes money for the burial and memorial services as the deceased are being ushered off to their eternal resting place. Reimbursable expenses include the costs of the coffin, coroner’s fees, ambulance transport, etc., for which the survivor’s estate would normally be on the hook when the estate is divided up. Those left behind are also entitled to bring various compensatory claims for lost past, present and future income, medical costs, such as breathing machines and life support services, and in some cases, even for the pain and suffering of the victim (See Survivor’s Statute), as well as that of the survivors who perceived the devastating event while it occurred (Learn More.)  The devastating financial and emotional havoc that a bitter end can bring…. Learn More.  In any event, read more about horrible injuries and how Ehline Law has assisted thousands of individuals and their families recover significant funds for tragic negligence law cases.  Call us to learn more at 888.400.9721.


Brain injuries are very serious, and they are not just from automobile accidents. Some are genetic, yet many more are human caused. In the news, we have seen the recent rash of NFL lawsuits stemming from impacts and blows and ineffective helmets.  Lesser known causes are those arising from exposure to, and inhalation of deadly chemical vapors in the construction and manufacturing industries.  A bad head injury, damage to the central nervous system, or the grey matter itself, can dramatically upset a person’s ability to ambulate and complete those normal functions associated with healthy living.

This means a survivor of this type of debilitating harm could be totally disabled and require a host of round the clock caretakers and medical equipment for things like respiratory failure, vision impairment, vascular disruption, brain tumors, and other “acquired brain injuries“. When a traumatic or mild traumatic brain injury is thrust upon you due to someone’s negligence, the surviving victims will have many legal and emotional barriers and pitfalls to overcome.

When a main bread winner is taken out, lifestyle can be drastically altered, as well as the long term and short term emotional well being of all who were negatively effected.  At least a million reports of brain injury are made every year in this country. The greatest cause of these are vehicular collisions. But as discussed, they can also arise from sporting injuries, professional malpractice of a hospital or physician, and even from occupational hazards and diseases that can cause damage to brain cells and even neurological illnesses.   Other factors that may cause brain injuries include severe blows and jolts from explosions and violence…. Learn More.

Burn and scald injuries stand in a league all their own in the pain and anguish department. These afflictions will typically require lifelong pain management, physical and emotional therapy.  Even with intricate medical care, and years of therapy and treatment, there is still the issue of who is paying for all of this. Proving a case like this is no walk in the park. The immense financial and emotional pressure that must be absorbed by the entire family often causes divorces, break-ups and even suicides.

Lawsuits need to be handled by lawyers and emotional physical healing needs to be focal point of the survivors. Ehline Law Firm PC  acknowledges that burns can have intensely catastrophic outcomes. When the skin can no longer sweat, and nerves are killed, and skin is melted, victims can lose their ordinary human appearance, and part of their very humanity.  The significant hospital costs accrued by those lucky enough to survive a horror story like this, does not end when the lawsuit is over. Survivors will require lifelong …. Learn More.

Injuries to the spinal column, like the others discussed, likewise dictate unduly burdensome duties on the survivors and their beloved kin. These dictates involve every aspect of one’s life; having to do with money, emotions and care-taking for those who are crippled. Being diagnosed with a spinal cord injury and a bad prognosis for a full recovery and a devastating blow to all concerned.  Annually in the USA, literally thousands of cases of spine injuries are reported by the government.  Others go unreported, but either way, we know there are plenty. In terms of inconvenience and care, these are right up there with the other serious and catastrophic injuries discussed above. Still sadder, a great deal of these Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) could have been prevented if other would have acted with reasonable care….Read More.

Catastrophic and Serious Injuries Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

As you probably already reasoned, there are different classifications of injuries. A soft tissue case, although serious enough, has a significantly greater chance of healing, than say, a person cursed with a missing digit or dangerous blow to the head. Thus, Ehline Law Firm distinguishes these more serious injuries by calling them “serious”, or “catastrophic”.  It is terminology used in the personal injury profession to describe the serious and fatal accidents that result in the most horrific monetary, physical and emotional stress to a family and any individual faced with such a tragic event. If your life was thrown into disarray from a catastrophic event like this, your best choice for help is to pick up the phone and dialing the California lawyers at Ehline Law.  Get strength by your side by hiring a proven fighter and patriot like Michael Ehline to lead your case.  Our posseses the right amount of aggression and civility to ramrod your compensatory damages claims. Our mission is to give the defendants a stark choice.  Pay a fair amount now for these egregious injuries, or balance that with a runaway jury verdict. Either way, we are trained to put your case into the poll position.

Retaining Effective Counsel f0r Your Legal Case

California based Ehline Law Firm PC, are industry leaders in the provision of effective legal representation for catastrophic liability insurance claims that lead to court actions.  He have had wide ranging success in the full spectrum of preventable injuries lawsuits from a great variety of harmful incidents.  When a terrible, avoidable tragedy is stricken upon you and your household, it is mandatory that you touch base with a lawyer for personal injuries right away.  You cannot delay in a such a delicate matter as this. Ensuring fair compensation for your impairments becomes less likely, as time goes by. Insurers are more likely to entrench themselves and blame your injuries on some later event, witnesses forget, or disappear, and statutes to sue can even expire, barring your lawsuit in its entirety. You need to pin down liability on those responsible for your accident immediately, and grab on like a pitbull, with incessant demands for a payout on your justiciable claims.

What Separates Us From The Pack in Terms of Case-building?:

  • Painstaking examination and determination issues presented by incident and “collision investigation” reports and records
  • Aggressive battling with liability insurance carriers, and shielding you from damaging recorded statements and phone calls
  • Painstaking work up lifetime care plans and other economic and emotional damages
  • Thoughtful analysis of medical reviews and treatment records
  • Cautious review and statement taking of witness testimony
  • Cautious inspection of the scene of the accident

Achieving the Goal of Adequate Compensation Catastrophic to Serious Injury Claims

When satisfaction is sought for physically injurious events that were no fault of your own, and they are seriously catastrophic, the permanent disabilities, loss of property such as vehicles, the past and future paychecks that are no longer coming in, and long term medical expenses are all things for which you can make a legal claim. Ehline Law Firm PC stands ready to demand and reserve these rights. In some cases, the victim could be partially at fault, yet still be entitled to a partial recovery less his or her degree of personal fault.  This is because California is a pure comparative negligence state.  We are merely a phone call away, so why delay?



Review of the Most Common Catastrophic to Serious Injuries

The vast array of serious, catastrophic personal injuries all have one thing in common, they take the victims out of the game of life, and basically make them human vegetables. Unfortunately, many of these catastrophes were entirely avoidable, had the tortfeasor not acted in a reckless, careless, or intentional manner.  Serious injuries are often the outcome of bad vehicle crashes, but they are also commonly caused by improperly labeled products, trips, slips and falls at restaurants, attacks by canines and other domesticated pets, physician errors, and other human created hazards leading to cessation of life.   Below is a list of some of the most common catastrophic injuries for which you or your esteemed family members and/or civil partners might be entitled to a total, or reduced monetary reimbursement:

  • Blindness
  • Organ Damage
  • Bad Scars and Lesions
  • Total or Partial Paralysis
  • Amputated Limbs/Digits
  • Crushed or Fractured Skull
  • Horrifying Burns and Scalds
  • Severe Brain and Head Trauma
  • Severe a Permanent Brain Damage
  • Wrongful Death and Survivor’s Actions
  • Lacerations and Permanent Disfigurement
  • Torn and Damaged Joints (Facet Joint Syndrome)
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, Nerve Damage)

Attentive Fact-finding and Legwork

The staff at Ehline Law Firm PC takes analysis and investigations of potential, viable personal injury claims with extreme seriousness.  We understand that only with proper discovery of facts, will we be able to sue those with the deepest pockets in order to pay you the maximum allowable financial compensation under the law. Naming the appropriate parties means that we can perfect liability insurance claims, seek court order to stop the transference or sale of personal assets that could be used to pay you. Insurance companies are notorious for giving claimants the runaround, and defendants are just are famous for selling off assets and hiding money to avoid the consequences of their negligence. Either way, we are prepared for these variances in human and corporate behavior, are totally ready to guide your precarious legal situation by doing the legwork from the very start, so we can strengthen the chances of a legal victory. Some of the things we look at to find you sources of recovery are as follows:

  • Who Was Negligent?
  • Who Was the Employer”
  • Was the Defendant Reckless?
  • Was the Manufacturer of a Product to Blame?
  • Did a Defendant Act Intentionally or With Malice?

Talk Directly With a Serious Injury Lawyer About Your Catastrophic Accident

Serious and catastrophic accidents typically impart a negative daisy chain of bills, intense physical pain, mental and physical discomfort, and result in breakups of entire families, or even suicides. If you or someone you love is a victim who is now suffering from the aftereffects of a total, or temporary disability, it wont hurt to call expert serious and catastrophic accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC. We offer the public a hassle free telephonic consultation at no charge, to ascertain whether or not we can take on your case.   contact our expert attorneys at the law offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich for a free legal consultation. If you are seeking help in establishing your potential case, call us today at 888.400.9721.

Ehline Law Firm PC are technical and legal experts who know how to intensify the value of injury cases where victims have suffered catastrophic and serious injuries. Our goal is to garner you a total  full rectification, for all 0f the inconveniences and scars that arose out of your mishap.  Let us help you try and give back what you lost, in the form of monetary damages.


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