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Have you or a loved one suffered the unhappiness of a negligent fatality, or wrongful suicide, of a spouse, child, grandma, grand dad, or life partner in the expansive City of Angels? A wrongful death occurs when a defendant in a civil case, wrongfully or carelessly takes the life of another human being with or without malice aforethought.  (more detailed info and elements are located here.) This civil law, statutory scheme differs from the crime of murder, in that the only hardship befalling a defendant being sued, is a civil judgment and award of money damages. Historically, it was cheaper to take another individual’s life than it was to injure them, and the only consequence the killer usually faced was jail-time or capital punishment.

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Thankfully, this injustice to those left behind was cured in the mid 19th century in most of the American states by legislative enactment. Since then, survivors going through this tough ordeal have been empowered to seek a chance in court to get money damages to cover the financial losses to the family losing a prized family member. There is no jail-time for an evildoer under the civil wrongful death statutes themselves. That being said, a defendant can still be held to answer criminally by the prosecutor, and also be simultaneously sued civilly for remuneration, while the accused is still locked up.  We are the attorneys who actually do the suing.

Who Can Help The Survivors?

With decades of experience at hand, the attorneys at Ehline Law are your best option when you are dealing with a case of wrongful death. Our lawyers have been in this field for many years, and they know how things can be made difficult for victims from the insurance company of the offender and offender himself. They can only do it for as long as they see you alone in the matter. By having our experienced and insightful attorneys by your side you can always expect that you will be given justice and your loss will be compensated in most satisfying way possible. That’s the Ehline Difference. Proven outcomes and Millions recovered. “Do or Die.” Hire award-winning, and nationally renowned tort lawyer, Michael P. Ehline, Esq.  Call for a FREE legal consultation.  No recovery, no attorney’s fee. 888.400.9721.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in L.A.

Los Angeles County is located in California, the Golden State. The last U.S. census showed a populous of 9,818,605 people. (Source U.S. Census 2010.) It is the United State’s largest county. Additionally, the city of LA, is the second biggest city in America and largest one in California. There are many ways a person could suffer an injury and go out like the snuff of a candle, in this bustling area. The cessation of life related to shipping, receiving and other consumer activities like tourism, is simply staggering. Finding an accidental wrongful death lawyer for a lawsuit may be a necessity at some point.

What the Wrongful Death Statistics Tell Us

In the U.S., more people die in accidents than any other event. According to the National Safety Council, one’s doom is sealed every five minutes in this country, due to the negligence of inattentive or downright pernicious people. Statistics tell us that at least 101,500 decedents met their bitter end this way, in the U.S., in 2003 alone. (Source: CDC Website Accidental Deaths or Injuries.) Topping the list of these doom sealing misfortunes, are of course, automobile wrecks. Right after that, most other happenings are from slips and falls, things like food poisoning, choking on food, smoke inhalation, and being burned in an inferno, such as a house fire.

Selflessly Assisting Bereaving Victims in all Northern and Southern California Cities

No matter how experienced and seasoned our lawyers are, we can never repair the damage caused by the loss of a loved one in the family. Furthermore, you can’t expect to keep up with the legal issues that are ongoing, when you are already distressed and emotionally affected. Just so you can focus on taking care of other matters, Ehline Law will make sure that offending party is brought under law for showing the negligent behavior and not dealing with the matters responsibly.

We have achieved monumental results as recognized pros in this statutory field of law. A survivor must act quickly, as the statute of limitations (time to sue), is only two years from the fatality in the California judicial districts. Besides that, memories of witnesses fade over time, those individuals too can pass away, and valuable evidence can also be lost or destroyed, unless a claimant rapidly retains a highly aggressive legal advocate. This is no joke.  This type of damages lawsuit requires a personal injury pro, who has access to cutting edge technology and investigators to help conquer this herculean task. Ehline Law assists those poor souls left behind, as their compassionate, caring legal champion.

Getting Financial Support

The pain and suffering is sometimes greater than if the extinction of life had been caused by a natural demise.  No amount of money will get your loved one back.  But you will need financial support now more than ever. Bills like funeral expenses, are piling up; your depressed, and bereaving, may have kids perhaps, and are trying to appear strong to those around you. You want someone who represents you who  is empathetic to all of these things.  Now more than ever, you need not only a lawyer, but a friend. That’s us!

We will come to you, and cater to your needs as a grieving victim who suffered a monumental loss.  We have sympathetically and expertly recovered millions of dollars for California families in the courts of LA, as well as other Northern and Southern California cities. We want to help you in this most delicate, sensitive time of your life.

Ehline Law Firm PC Offers Personal Attention To Winning Your Legal Battle

Our elite, boutique law firm allows us to personally work with injured, bereaving clients.  It also gives us a close working relationship with the expert witnesses we may retain to help us evaluate your injury damages claims. And we are not scared to fight big corporations when advocating for your legal rights.

We will help you delegate some of your grief while your on the road to recovery. If we are able to resolve the case in a judge ordered mediation, the victim is usually compensated for special and general damages, and sometimes even punitive damages (If not, then you go to trial.) In some cases, the defendant may be subject to strict liability (e.g. explosives factory blows up and kills nearby resident), and you need to pin down damages only since liability is automatic, with virtually zero defenses.

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What Does Financial Compensation Typically Consist Of?

A wrongful death victim’s family or “survivor”, is entitled to recover the monetary equivalent of loss of love, affection and financial support from the decedent’s estate. This could mean dollars for things like the funeral expenses,  out-of-pocket expenses, cost of a child’s college, the house payment, car payment, the love and mental support the victims had received, etc.

Of course, bringing back the person who has lost his life is not possible but our attorneys make sure that your family isn’t made to go through further pain. We have dealt with such cases in the past, we are dealing with them now and we can take care of your matter too. All you need to do is put trust in your seasoned professionals who know how to make the offending party feel guilty for their wrongdoing and come forward to compensate the victims for the loss.

Who Gets Paid and How?

Survivors in order of priority include: parents, siblings, step kids, and in some situations can include grandparents.  In some cases, the judge may appoint a conservator to hire a lawyer to sue for the survivors. Conservators are simply a people who stand in the shoes of someone legally incompetent. These representatives usually have power of attorney, and are approved and appointed by a probate judge. Once a verdict, or settlement is reached, the proceeds are disbursed. Typically, money is held in trust for a minor, until the young plaintiff finally reaches majority. Otherwise, such as a case of a demented senior, a court supervised trustee delves out funds – on an as needed basis – on behalf of their incompetent charge.

Ehline Law Firm PC has also litigated many very significant, high profile legal matters in other California cities as well, in the following scenarios:

  • Aircraft Fatalities
  • Automobile Deaths
  • Bike Fatalities
  • Boat Drownings
  • Cruise Ship Man Overboard Deaths
  • Dangerous Truck Fatalities
  • Dog Bite Maulings

No Recovery Means You Pay us No Fee

You heard right. If you don’t recover, we recover no attorney’s fee. But we won’t take on a case, unless we believe there is merit. So the chances are good you will recover with us at the helm.  We will go about trying to recover money with meticulous care and skill.  We do this for you, while you go on living and rebuilding your life. The Grimm Reaper didn’t end your life, so we can help lessen the devastation left in his unexpected funeral wake.




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We urge you to contact us even if your particular case doesn’t directly fall under any of these categories. We are providing free first consultation to discuss the matters with you and guide you on everything that needs to be done from your side to resolve the matter. Get in touch with us right now and get ready to be compensated for the financial loss.

You may be entitled to bring a claim on behalf of yourself or your loved ones. Let our California and Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorneys deal with your case. Call the accident hotline now at 888-400-9721 for assistance and a legal consultation, is the first step in recovering for the demise of your loved ones.

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