Electricity Injuries and Wrongful Death

Electrocution and dangers of dying or being burned from electrocution, are something every parent with a new born child worries about. It seems like children and infants in particular, can’t help but stick their fingers or tongues into light sockets, or grab and poke at electrical outlets. The dangers of suffering an electrical burn at home are real and continuous, even for a grown up. But threats at the home pale in comparison to the high voltage power-lines and sources that construction workers, vehicle operators broken down in stormy weather, building inspectors, first responders and others who visit job-sites, are forced to deal with almost every day.

For this reason, regulatory agencies like OSHA and Cal OSHA have promulgated various rules and regulations dealing with safety training and observance.  This can include things like tailgate safety meetings, training classes and provision of special equipment and protective gear. Landlords who rent out their residential homes also have certain minimum electricity safety standards they must comply with as well, such as covering wall outlets with wall plates. The fact is, when electricity comes into play, there is an increased risk for serious injuries. Despite all the efforts of the government and caretakers, being electrocuted is the #4 leading cause of fatalities for people who do hard work, like building and construction workers, manual laborers, etc. (See U.S. Board of Labor Statistics (2005).)

The legal minds at Ehline Law Firm PC stand on the side of parents, kids, and workers who were electrocuted due to lax rules, and inattentiveness in keeping those people safe. Our firm thinks that irresponsible people should be held to account under California tort law. We have the resources to aid wounded individuals in getting recompense in and out of court. During our time in practice, we have built up trust and confidence with the consuming public. Our attorneys are recognized for having made a significant positive impact for many families in Greater L.A.. And you know we don’t lack aggression or effectiveness when the firm is run by Michael Ehline, a former United States Marine who actually passed the bar exam prior to obtaining a Juris Doctorate. Ehline also was a licensed C-47 contractor and grew up in the construction business with his father a licensed B-1. This means that Michael has advanced knowledge of electrical codes and construction regulations on a state and local level.

This makes us a highly effective advocate for people just like you. We have been in your shoes, we are both of the people and for the people, and we speak your language. The difference is, we are also trained in the law. Our system of trust building has led to magnificent victories for our victimized clients. We recovered over $10,000,000.00 in settlements and verdicts in 2011 alone! We stand up for the little guy every day. When a small child is hurt, or an adult is wronged, Ehline stands at the ready to fight and we are here 24-7 every day waiting by the phone for your important phone call. Call us right now for a no charge, hassle free phone interview.

Electrocution Defined:

Deadly electrocution emanates from electric shock exposure to high voltage electricity. Even minimal currents (70 mA –  700 mA) can cause heart problems such as fibrillation, which can only be helped with first aid devices, such as a defibrillator. Greater currents (> 1 A) can cause cellular level destruction, burns and death.

Wrongful Death Electrocution Lawyers

The information gathered by our attorneys indicates that approximately 400 individuals pass away every year from being badly shocked. Our firm knows about these horrible instances first hand, and the stats back up our concerns. The United States statistics available from year 2001 indicate that at least four hundred and eleven (411) people were killed as a result of electrocution deaths. These deaths ranged from faulty electrical appliances (19%), and defective electrical wiring in homes and structures (11%). Industrial workplace mishaps are also a well known cause of electrocutions.

Electrical outlet

Our commitment is to assist the bereaving family that was left behind, with compassion, understanding and integrity. You may not know that at least twenty percent (20%) of electrocution deaths are caused by workplace accidents. If you or your loved ones have had to deal with a wrongful death electrocution, you should consult a local attorney and get legal assistance by discussing what to do about your potential death electrocution by shock case, before the statute of limitations expires.

Anatomy of a Wrongful Death Electrocution

Electrical type injuries happen when an electrocution victim’s body becomes integrated into an electrical circuit, or gets trapped in a localized electrical arc, such as a lightning strike, or arc welder which typically occur when an electrical conductor, or and object that conducts electricity touches high-voltage power line as an example, or when a conductive low-voltage electricity source like an electrical cord bitten by a baby.

Electrical injuries include:

  • High-Voltage Power lines, 110 Volt Home and 120 Volt Industrial;
  • Low-Voltage AC Accidents;
  • DC Injuries, like from an electrically charged rail, or trolley car line.

Flash Burns

The electric shock related burn that is caused by an Arc or flash burn is the result of high temperatures near the body and can be caused by an electrical arc or explosion. Thermal contact burns are caused by contact with hot surfaces of an overheated electric conductor, conduit or other types of energized equipment. Both of these types of harm  can occur in the same incident.

Secondary Injury

Electric shock injuries can be indirect or secondary in nature, caused by an involuntary muscle reaction due to the electric shock. This type of electric shock and muscle reaction can cause bruising; fractures and broken bones, and death can occur or contribute to death.

Electrical Burns:

Electrical burns are due to exposure to high voltage electricity, which results in a burn from the current flowing through the body. This type of electrocution burn leaves a severe exit wound on the body and in some cases can travel through the heart causing it to stop. The physician can track the path the electricity traveled in the body, because typically the electricity where the electricity enters will be marked and can cause damage to muscles, veins and arteries.

Taking Safety Precautions Avoids Hazards/Deaths

Taking safety precautions is the most certain way to minimize, or obviate health related electrical injury. Employers are required by law to take preventative safety measures, and failure to do so could lead to a serious and willful civil action lawsuit. If your loved ones have died from a electric shock, or the associated injuries, it may have been the negligence of another that caused the fatal loss, and you may be entitled to sue for loss of consortium, as well as loss of the primary source of income that the passed wage earner had once delivered your family. Our experienced law firm will set up a claim and guide your case through these emotional and heartbreaking scenarios.


What Do Construction Accident Electrocution Lawyers Say?

The following info is important to know when it comes to understanding your rights regarding electrocution accidents:

At any given time, a worker is repairing a bridge, digging a trench with buried high voltage lines adjacent or near, or dangling from a helicopter in order to work on a towering electrical transformer is at risk of serious injury or death. The threats of dying or disability to these men and women, and their outfits, can not go understated. “These construction zones” are a prime example of a “high risk” area for being shocked. As homes and structures are being thrown up, there are makeshift power line services installed, exposed and open wiring harnesses, and main power equipment boxes that can be damaged or compromised by construction vehicles and equipment, or just bad weather.

But the government does not maintain accurate info on the hundreds of laborers and blue collar folks who had their health negatively impacted by less drastic, yet still awful on the job electrical injuries like brain injuries, neuropathy, burned nerve endings, melted skin, foot drop, heart arrhythmia, loss of lung control or breathing abilities, chronic pain, or even inability to feel pain. The lengthier the circuit running through a body, the more damage and frying there will be to your internal human circuit board, the nervous system. Your loved one could even be in a comatose if the exposure was lengthy.

Despite all the hoopla and safety controls, many general contractors and subs will take short cuts to save money, putting their workers at risk. Our construction electrocution attorneys know that no amount regulations in the industry can force a profiteer to carry out the order. Immoral and selfish people who hire workers will simply say “damn the torpedoes,” and barrel through the various rules in order to meet the bottom line. This means the safety of employees is ignored, that they are not instructed properly, and left to fend for themselves. Things like helmets and first aid kits may not even be present in the general vicinity of the work being performed. This type of neglect is part and parcel of what our law firm deals with day in and day out.

Employers who create unsafe work environments, or who allow their workers to conduct job operations with old, defective, or worn equipment, or worse no safety measures at all,  are responsible for multiple killings and horrible injuries to day workers and unionized employees alike.  Electrical injuries do not discriminate. Workers need to be trained in evasion and means of escape when a power line is severed, or fallen. But when this does not happen, the bodies may hit the floor and never get back up.

When this type of tragic event takes place, there may be multiple parties on the risk for the liability insurance claim. So there could be several insurance policies available to pay for the injuries and suffering of the wage earner, and their sad families. When or if settlement negotiations stall or fail, Ehline is known for filing civil court lawsuits right away, and keeping the defendant’s feet to the fire.  Holding employers accountable also sends a message to big business to “knock it off”, the risks of losing money in lawsuits and bad press, outweigh the reward of healthy, safe, workers.

Other Types of Electrocution Victims

As discussed, landlords are liable for code violations or failure to repair and prevent dangerous premises. Victims have legal rights and we encourage you to speak to a lawyer prior to discussing your case.

What Do Money Damages For Electrocution Include?

A plaintiff is entitled to recovery money for special and general damages, like vocational rehab, speech therapy, psychiatric and nursing care, mental and physical agony, and lost earnings. If you are unable to settle, your attorney will file a lawsuit and begin the process of civil litigation. A prosecutor will sometimes criminally prosecute a reckless landowner and seek restitution money for the victims.  Neglectful business people are held to account for their ruinous behavior in the court system.

Overhead Power-lines Can Evaporate You

Even a fallen power line just few feet away, can evaporate you.  It does not have to make contact with your body. Don’t try and move, or touch it.  Get away, call the emergency services, and if your hurt, get as far away as possible, when safe.

Get a Great Lawyer Now for Your Bad Electrocution Issues

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