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The family is the most important and tightest social unit. It is imperative that loved ones are safe and secure in their physical and financial life. Perhaps your parents or grandparents are retired now and have the chance to live their retirement dreams to their fullest. Sometimes, unfortunately, older people are confined to senior or assisted living facilities in big cities. In either case, security should be your number one concern.

The phenomenon of elder abuse is not a new topic and not one that can be solved in full. However, when dealing with issues revolving around the elderly, there is no excuse for not being proactive. At an advanced age, there are commonly concerns with elders being gullible and falling for those claiming to help them through various schemes. No matter what the case, you need an advocate that can solve the problem for you. Elder abuse is a crime that should directly be called an immoral act. In fact, offenders are often both criminally and civilly liable. So on the one hand, the District or City Attorney would prosecute and seek criminal reparations under the Penal Code, a civil lawyer like Ehline seeks money damages for violations of civil elder law statutes.

If you are a senior citizen or someone you know has been hurt by a caretaker, get in touch with Ehline Law Firm right now to stand for your rights.

Hire The Attorney Immediately

It is always highly recommended that you hire an experienced attorney when you are dealing with an elder abuse case. It is because the old people are vulnerable and their bodies are not strong enough to take mental or bodily pains. Any delayed actions could result in their death and then the case takes a completely different form. At the same time, elder abuse is not like other tort cases where you suffer from damages in an obvious manner, and you know who has caused the accident.

In these cases, you have to find out about the abuse by looking carefully at the signs. The person taking care of the old person might be doing this deliberately, or negligently. In both cases, the signs are not obvious and you have to look for them. You wouldn’t know if the caretaker of your old parents had not been supervising them at all in your absence unless you have cameras installed in your house.

Such lack of supervision can result in old people going out of the house and get hit by vehicles or do some damage in another form. An experienced attorney will straight away collect the evidences and signs to prove that elder abuse has taken place. Furthermore, he will work with you to receive full compensation of the damage that has been done to your loved one. At Ehline Law Firm PC we have mature and experienced attorneys who have also reached the ages where they understand the pain of being old well. They can sympathize with you and represent your case in the most honest way possible.

Protecting Against Senior Abuse

Abuse of senior citizens in any way is a shame and a moral crime. If you know or suspect that something untoward is occurring to a vulnerable family member or loved one, make sure that you have the proper Los Angeles based attorney to deal with the situation. Elder abuse can take shape in many forms– and if you see some of the telltale signs, such as bedsores (decubitus ulcers), draining bank accounts, or neglect you should take action. There are cases of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse every day in California and across the country and it cannot be allowed to continue. Be sure to protect your relatives, especially those above retirement age.

Our Commitment to Suffering Families

Ehline Law Firm PC is proud to stand on its track record of assisting those in the most need. When there are cases of people above 65 that are preyed upon, you need only the most experienced and aggressive advocates to make sure that there is just compensation and that it will not happen to another family. Solutions may go beyond the courtroom, as our committed staff will make sure that you can exhaust all options to take care of your family– to see if there is money in SSI insurance or other ways to make sure that medical bills and other issues do not spiral out of control.

In How Many Ways Can an Elder Can Be Abused?

There are many different ways the senior citizens face abuse. The unfortunate event is that these cases are pretty common around the country, and in Los Angeles.

Here are the many different ways how elder people are abused:

  • Neglect: you hire caretakers because they take the responsibility of providing full care to your loved one. The case is similar when you send your loved one to elder care facility. If they are not fulfilling their duties, they need to be reprimanded.
  • Financial Abuse: old people are not strong physically. Their senses have become inactive and thus it is easy to make them do things. For example, people could make them sign documents without showing them the original content. They could be made to write checks they wouldn’t want to write in normal circumstances.
  • Abandonment: this happens when the people or person taking care of the elderly person leaves his patient alone or unsupervised.
  • Attorney Abuse: many cases have taken place where attorneys made the elder people sign documents and write stuff that puts their properties and assets in the names of those attorneys – an outright fraud.
  • Physical Abuse: impatient and non-serious caretakers can get angry and start beating elderly people out of anger. Sexual Abuse: anything done without the consent of the old person falling under the category of sexual abuse.

What Else is Elderly and Dependent Abuse?

Believe it or now, the law provides that many things could potentially be elderly or dependent adult abuse such as:

Forcible seclusion, browbeating, expropriation and embarrassment also line up as definitions of potential of misconduct. These activities are deemed contumelious even if the wounded consumer isn’t understanding how he or she is being physically hurt or injured – (Michael Ehline.)

How To Find Out About Elder Abuse?

There are several signs that indicate the happening of an elder abuse. As mentioned above, the abuse can be physical, sexual and financial, so, these are the areas where you have to look to find out about elder abuse.

Here are the things that if noticed are signs of a possible elder abuse case:

  • There is an unusual activity in the bank account of the elder person. Frequent withdrawals or large withdrawals are big signs of such abuse.
  • If you are the elder person and your caretaker is asking for a loan while telling you to keep the matter secret from everyone, you are being made a fool of.
  • The caretaker is responsible for taking care of all the expenses and bills of the elder person but the bills are piling up.
  • The elder person or you as a guardian are paying full amount for the amenities and facilities, but they are lacking, and the elder person is being made to live in poor conditions.
  • You notice bedsores and other prominent coloring on the body of the old person. This can be sign of beating or an indication that proper care is not being given to the elder person.

Many people would feel like confronting the offender personally out of emotions but that’s not the best thing to do. You could end up making the matters worse and thus it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced and professional attorney immediately to get assistance in this case.

Ehline Law Is The Option for You

Ehline Law Firm PC is here to provide you all that helps you in having your case settled. Our passion for our profession and justice makes us a relentless team. It doesn’t matter to us whether we are standing against an offending person or an entire corporate, we fight with passion and to make sure we win it for you. Ehline Law professionals have always tried to be most helpful for their clients and this is the reason we provide a free first consultation to our clients to ensure that they are never hesitant in approaching us. Let us put our experience to use and win the settlement for you.

Our team knows Los Angeles and the laws that prevail in this region. We know the right ways to deal with all personal injury cases and more than 30 years of experience of our lawyers has put us in a position to make even the impossible cases possible. We can review what your options are and guide you on the path out of this nightmare. Please call (888) 400-9721

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