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Did you suffer a head wound, or an infection such as meningitis, a physical ailment like a stroke, or exposure to workplace chemicals that resulted in permanent brain damage, TBI, or MTBI, and it wasn’t your fault? The brain is without question, the most vital bodily organ. It is essential to cognitive function, maintaining normal human emotions, and in performing daily tasks. Damage to this highly susceptible organ means things we take for granted like balance, breathing, restful sleep, typing, smelling, seeing, hearing and tasting can all be thrown out of whack.

If you are a brain injury victim and off kilter, unable to work, and have huge stress from that pile of bills stacking up, you may want to speak to a brain injury attorney to understand your potential legal options as a victim.  Ehline Law Firm PC assists victims of tragic accidents who are trying to recover the financial losses brought about by their unfortunate mishap. Our long list of achievements below, is second to none.

Some of the afflicted casualties we have represented, have been awarded multi-million dollar settlements and wins in court. We have helped victims win money for suffering sustained in auto accidents and other terrible catastrophes. Our brain injury lawyers are brilliant tacticians, who really know how to plan and execute a substantial and successful outcome for the plaintiff who is down on his luck.  Let our firm raise your spirits and confidence, and help get your life back on track.

Accidents Causing Brain Injury

Accidents and other similarly shocking events causing intensive brain injuries, usually have a devastating impact on the lives of individuals and their families. Typically, the head impacts and other diseases and infections causing these injuries come with permanent, negative health issues such as the cognitive impairment doctors often see present in traumatic or mild traumatic brain injuries.

Living in extreme pain, In most cases, incidents of head wounds could have been mitigated or prevented if someone had not been reckless or negligent.  In others, such as when The local Orange County, and Los Angeles head injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC, are in the business of helping those individuals who have suffered injuries involving the head and brain resulting from devastating and preventable events.

We represent victims who suffered many injuries to the organ known as the brain and the protective casing known as the cranium as follows:

  • Smashed Skull;
  • Hit in the Head;
  • Wrongful Death;
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome;
  • Trauma to the Head;
  • Skull Fracture from Bicycle and Motor Cycle Accidents;
  • Recreational and Amusement Park Accidents;
  • Other Blunt Head Trauma From Forceful Collisions;
  • Birthing Related Injury;
  • Lesions, Bleeding and Lesions From Assault and Battery;

The pivotal factor in discovering a top-notch brain injury lawyer is doing your homework.  Go online and look at their record of success, client and peer reviews, and see if they have some big wins. It is one thing to talk the talk, but does this lawyer also walk the walk?  Winning big, follow through, and pride in their practice, are dependable indicators of how a head injury attorney may perform in a future claim.

Ehline Law Firm PC has successfully administered insurance and court claims in thousands of catastrophic injuries as members of the bar.  We have amassed an impressive achievement rate for our past clients, ranging from the hundreds of thousands of dollars and up the scale to the millions.

A main factor in our striking victories, is our company of passionate, competent team members. We are very careful with our case selection process and make our money off the cases we don’t take.  In other words, we do extensive fact finding to delve into the merits and integrity of a potential new case and client before we sign it up. We are not simple ambulance chasers.

We are highly selective and only want the cream of crop as part of our client case load. This is why we closely look at witness reports, medical files, and other investigative evidence. This helps us understand legal framework of a potential lawsuit like defenses, jury instructions, and theories of liability.

Rest assured that when we take on a case, it will be meritorious, and will be handled with the precision of a brain surgeon. Our professionals salute and uphold the law, and do everything above board. We keep you in the loop and make it happen for you, do or die.  We give you confidence that you have a gladiator in your corner who stands up for the little guy and prevails, in upset after upset.  That is Ehline Law!

Head Trauma Can Cause Serious Brain Injuries and Wrongful Death

Without going into too much detail here, impacts and trauma to your skull and neck region can cause you a serious clinically described conditions such as subdermalhematoma, a concussion, swelling and water on the brain,hemorrhage, intracranial pressure; coupled with swelling that can become global hypoxia, anoxic brain injury or hypoxic brain injury (See below). There are many other types of problems such as loss of mental ability which can interfere with faculty of reason, feelings, thoughts and analysis factors. Sometimes the injury producing event can lead to a coma, persistent vegetative state, or the courthouse steps in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Understanding the Brain

There are many aspects of the brain that must be understood when determining what approach to take as follows:

  • Human Brain Injury Anatomy
  • Skull Fractures
  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries (DAI)
  • Concussions and Contusions
  • Anoxic Brain Injuries
  • Contrecoup
  • Subdural Hematoma
  • Epidural Hematoma [1. Learn more about brain mechanism of injury and types here]
  • Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Serious brain injury is often life long and may require at home nursing care and gadgets and devices to assist the person in his medical treatment, not to mention medication. Our Los Angeles and Orange County Brain Injury attorneys have vast legal experience in brain injury lawsuits. Our legal counsel specialize in helping the victim manage his or her care to maximize the total compensatory award for special and general damages.

For example, a victim should be keeping a day in the life journal, or “diary”, documenting their day to day struggles with memory loss, pain, etc. Vigorous case management maximizes potential economic recovery. For it to be just, it needs to look at the given circumstances of each case.  Our job is present that case to the insurance adjustor, or judge, in a light most favorable to you.


Getting Compensation

This monetary compensation is the only way you can get money to help you cope with the life altering effects of permanent head trauma. Our personal injuries involving the brain firm makes sure to get you medical and economic experts who will assist you in evaluating the lifetime care plan for things like prescription drugs, doctors, transportation and full time nursing care, or even nursing facilities. We seek out everyone who was negligent and responsible.

Whether they acted with malicious intent, whether guilty of medical malpractice, poorly made or designed, defective products, or they were a nurse, or caregiver. These persons are all potentially insured, which means there is potentially money somewhere to cover you. While their insurance companies will fight to pay you as little as possible, we will seek to obtain maximum compensation on your behalf. Having the right advocate who is also a “rainmaker,” means maximizing the final sum.

Because the science involved in serious brain injuries is evolving constantly, you need to retain lawyers who have extensive experience in this field of law and science. These cases will typically require psychological testing by the best medical experts in the field. If need be, and we exhaust your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, we can go to trial. If we do so, and the defendants’ personal assets are exposed, we can seek an assignment of an insurance bad faith claim, so we can maximize your payout for damages even further.

Getting Help

You can start your journey in finding the best skull fracture legal help by contacting Ehline Law Firm PC, at the attorney hotline at 888-400-9721, or by sending an e-mail. Our dominating results are self evident.

We are world famous, and recognized by both friend and foe, as compassionate, competent and caring lawyers throughout the State of California.  We deserve to evaluate your case. You deserve us to help you and your family cope with things like lifetime care from catastrophic injuries to the brain.


We represent injured victims all throughout the State of  California. Our legal Marines have lobbied insurance adjustors and courts hard, obtaining millions in verdicts and settlements.  We are ready for the challenges of your brain damage lawsuit or insurance claims involving the brain. All injury cases are on a no win no fee basis, and we advance costs. Get a Free Consultation from a real brain injury lawyer – Call or e-mail us now at 888-400-9721.