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Bicycle accidents are more common than you may believe. Every day dozens of people are injured due to falls, collisions, or other mishaps that befall bicyclists. If that happens you need the assistance of a law firm that has fought tirelessly for victims of similar incidents.

We Help With Bicycle Rider Mishaps and Spills in the many California Counties

Bicycles at the pier in Marina del Rey/Venice border.

Ehline Law Firm PC is renowned in southern California for taking on and winning even the most difficult cases for our clients. We offer assistance for individuals or their spouses/partners that are injured in bicycle accidents and can make sure that they are taken care of. Serious injury could require the assistance of experienced attorneys that know how to challenge the negligent and insurance companies in court.

Benefits of Consulting Experienced Injury Attorneys

There are a large number of people injured and killed in bicycle accidents every year. There are numerous types of accidents, such as being run over or struck by passenger vehicles and trucks. According to the NHSTA, in many of the cases the bicyclists is not the person at fault. In 2011, the NHTSA reported that of 677 deaths and 48,000 in bicycle-related accidents in the majority of cases the motor vehicle operators were at fault.

Michael P. Ehline, Esq., knows what it is like. He is a bicycle rider and has been involved in near-misses. He knows that there are even cases where bicyclists are even targeted in road rage or run off the road. At one point it became so bad that in some LA metro areas bikers are able to ride on the sidewalks. Even though often ignored, bicycles are an important part of our daily traffic life. Bike operators have the same rights, duties and obligations as any other operator of a motorized conveyance, except where as provided by law.

Some Examples of How Rider Injuries Happen

In many instances, drivers park and open their doors into a rider lawfully using the road or bike lane without looking in their rear view mirrors. Another not-uncommon incident is the infamous “California Stop“.

Other cases include drivers making sharp turns into the path of an oncoming bike obscured by the sun. Some drivers have been seen even brushing off or sideswiping riders off of the road, or even into another vehicle or person on foot. There are also cases where drivers are DUI or driving under drugs. Another common accident scenario is when drivers pull out backwards and forwards, from driveways and alleys too fast, without looking both directions and putting the bicyclists and others in danger.

One of the key factors is that the bike has no roll cage, or other form of internal safety device to minimize injuries to the rider as against a heavy object like a car. If you or a loved one was mixed up in a crash while on foot, while carrying your bike, or while pedal-pushing, California law gives you a legal right to sue the at fault party or parties for mental and physical damages, as well as for lost earnings and even punitive damages in some instances.

Ehline Law Firm PC is run by an experienced bicycle rider with years of technical and legal expertise in taking on cities and greedy insurance companies as a champion for consumer rights in the Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco counties. We are more than just bicycle attorneys. We are heavyweights in our clients’ corners and have the reputation and record to back it up. If you were hurt, whether you have gravel stuck in your elbows and knees, a split lip or fractured skull even when wearing your helmet, you cannot delay in retaining a seasoned adviser.

Ehline is an expert on negligence per se, and knows the local municipal codes and the “bicycle” sections of the California Vehicle Code and how to use them to get leverage over any opponents. Many accidents involve broken teeth and smashed skulls– serious injuries that require a serious response. Ultimately, you or a loved one that has been involved in an incident like this needs an aggressive, no-nonsense attorney that will fight for every cent of compensation.

Michael Ehline is a humble member of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), and a supporter the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC), The Bicycle Lawyers Lawsuit Center (BLLC), as well as The National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety (Learn More).

If our attorneys take your case, we will see it through to the end. It is our policy to seek out medical experts, determine past, present, and future suffering, hiring a bio mechanic or accident re-constructionist, and even a life care planner as needed. We make sure to go through every portion of evidence and every scenario so that you are not left behind.

We also use have professional investigators or your experiences to get us statements from first party witnesses and lock in their statements and recollections. Of course, since we are local, know the areas and go to traffic collision locations and see it for ourselves. This way we can put ourselves in your shoes and give you assurance that you have an empathetic, compassionate fighter in your corner.

Bikes Are a Major Form of Transportation

Bicycles are a major mode of transportation for people in their personal and professional lives. Many young people, especially college students, use their bikes to get around the greater Los Angeles area. Many other professions, such as couriers, also use the bike as a primary way to get around.


Helmets are No Guarantee of Safety

Injured at Los Angeles beaches on a bicycle common threat

Helmets are very helpful in preventing serious injuries, especially to the head. Every person that rides a bike should have a helmet and other safety gear on. However, just because someone wears a helmet does not mean that they’re totally safe. Riders need to follow safety laws to help prevent quadriplegia and paraplegia.

Brain Damage

When struck by a vehicle while on a bike you or a loved one could face catastrophic brain injury. An accident can destroy lives and ruin someone’s physical or mental health. These terrible cycling accident injuries can also prevent you from leading a fulfilling future and keep the lifestyle that you currently enjoy.

Counsel Matters

Having an attorney represent you in a case like this is more than just looking at the back of a phone book and calling the first number you see. There is tremendous work still ahead a legal team that takes on a case like this. There is a lot of research, crash reconstruction, and other issues that need to be addressed and all require time and knowledge. This set of evidence is vital for a court trial. You need to have a team build up all of this information so that you are covered.

If you need compensation for terrible injuries such as cranial fractures, blown discs, dog bites, broken bones, and others resulting from a bicycle accident you need to call the Ehline Law Firm PC. We see these cases all the time at places like Ocean Beach in San Diego and Goldenwest Street in Huntington Beach. This is our territory– and we fight hard for our neighbors and friends!

Circumstances of a Bike Accident

Baby injuries on a bicycle are a real riskOur vast legal knowledge and experience in the many facets and intricacies of cyclist claims gives us expert knowledge about issues like:

  • Government roadway pothole liability caused by a lack of reasonable maintenance;
  • Slippery conditions on beach bike paths;
  • Homeowners or workers comp insurance coverage that may apply in
    your bicycle injury case;
  • Special legal knowledge about what to do get compensation for a special needs victim caused by a bike accident. This could be a short term, long term, partial or total disability. This may require you to have power of legal attorney, conservatorship, or guardianship, such as a special needs trusts, and dealing with third party creditors who may simply need to hear what is going on.

Our Expertise Working for You

If you were injured and trying to deal with the insurance adjustor alone you may find yourself getting nowhere. It is almost impossible to get a resounding victory without a qualified bicycle lawyer to assist you in the resolution from start to finish. In fact, you could even hurt your chances of victory if you negotiate with the insurance company.

A Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney can deal directly with the insurance company in a way that positions you for the best outcome. Insurance adjustors and big, self-insured corporations attempt to low ball the plant to destroy the whole case. They are experts at psychological warfare. This is the favored position or circumstance of the insurer.

Sometimes the insurance company will try and run out the statute of limitations, all the while pretending to work for you. Don’t say, or sign anything without speaking to a seasoned legal warrior first.

We are a pre-eminent law firm. We are professional and compassionate in representing clients. We assist in wrongful death claims and lawsuits for people who have lost loved ones in car v. bicycle accidents, or some other single vehicle collision in Southern California. These shocking events are often caused by violations of Vehicle Code Laws & Negligence. Contact Ehline Law Firm PC and put our experienced track record to work for your family after a serious, injurious bicycle accident. Call now at 888.400.9721.

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