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Michael Ehline is our lead counsel and president. Since Michael hung out his shingle in 2005, the adroit Ehline Law Firm PC legal advocates have assisted thousands of vehicle collision victims in the Greater L.A. area. We have reaped over $30,000,000 dollars for casualties during this period.  If you are one of the hundreds of Angelinos that are badly hurt or killed in traffic related accidents each year, we can help you survivors get the closure that you deserve.

When you retain us, you will know that you can rest assured that we will do our utmost to help you cover the costs of injury, vehicle damage, lost wages, and emotional trauma has befallen you. No matter what the unfortunate circumstance that others’ negligence has brought upon you, or those left behind, we act as a sword and a shield to maximize the value of your case to a judge, jury, or insurance adjustor. Don’t just settle–get the car accident settlement you deserve.

Michael Ehline, Esq.

Even a non-fatal accident, such as a seemingly simple fender bender or rear-ender on the turnpike, can have a tremendous long-term effect on a person’s life even if it is not noticeable to the naked eye. Injuries can keep you out of work, away from loved ones, and leave you in a fragile emotional state that has more negative impact than any subsequent positive monetary recovery. Most crestfallen and dejected victims would rather not have been in a wreck at all. But if you have been involved in a grim situation with an aggressive driver on the byway resulting, and were injured, you need to know your rights. You may be eligible for compensation– but you need the right professionals by your side to render prompt counsel during this challenging time. Contact Ehline Law Firm PC right now and get hassle and cost free case review by submitting your vehicle crash case online, or call us toll free at 888-400-9721.

Trustworthy Experience You Can Believe In

Our experience speaks for itself. With a legal warrior like Mr. Ehline at the lead, our staff of professional Los Angeles area car accident attorneys are there to fight and win on your behalf by hook or by crook. With our savoir-faire both on the pavement and in the courtroom, we have been able to bring to closure some of the largest, most celebrated settlements in recent years for our patrons. We have successfully fought for and won millions for our partners in all types of California freeway, tollway and expressway pile ups, head on collisions and vehicle rollover claims.

We are equipped to handle the most treacherous sounding case that you bring in–and remember that a consultation is always free. Ehline has prowess with the most deeply troubling aspects of all types of passenger car, pedestrian, truck and semi accidents, as well as public transportation injuries, and bicycle collisions. We never cower and always rise to the occasion. Do or die, we make it happen.


So Why Else Should I Hire Ehline Law?

The reasons for selecting us as your lawyer are many and compelling as follows:

  • Unrivaled Professional Experience in and Out of Court: Mr. Ehline is a real street fighter. He is able to relate to regular people who didn’t spend the character building part of their lives in college. Ehline is an honorably discharged U.S. Marine, and before becoming a lawyer, he owned several small businesses, including a limousine company, and was even the private driver for comedian Rodney Dangerfield, braving the rush hour traffic. Eventually, Ehline took and passed the bar exam on the California State Bar Law Office Study Program, and began practicing law prior to earning his Juris Doctorate (JD.) Ehline has also been a guest speaker for the Orange County Paralegal’s Assn., and at Southwestern University School of Law for Retired Apellate Justice J. Gary Hastings. Ehline is a Martindale Hubbell Peer Rated attorney, and has also been voted a Super Lawyer’s Rising Star for several years in a row. Since 2005, Ehline has been a member of the Consumer Attorney’s Assn. of Los Angeles (CAALA), and the Consumer Attorney’s Assn of California (CAOC.) Mr. Ehline is also the founder of the Circle of Legal Trust (C.O.L.T), and has been accepted into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He is also a founding member of Personal Injury Warriors (PIW.) These are just a few of the professional lawyer organizations to which Ehline belongs and participates.
  • Laser Beam Focus: When you hire Ehline, you are getting a consummate professional who treats every case as if it was one of his close family member’s, regardless of the perceived value. He spearheads every case, and uses his advanced strategies and tactics to guide it towards a windfall like victory.
  • Unrivaled Reputation: Our venerable law firm has achieved an A+ rating with the BBB for several years in a row, has a 5 star rating with AVVO, Yelp and Google Places, to name just a few. And we don’t pay for fake customer reviews. You know when you see our online ratings, that they were earned.
  • Trial Skills: Prior to even becoming a lawyer, Ehline was a paralegal and became proficient at litigation, discovery, depositions, arbitration, mediation and accident scene investigation and reconstruction techniques. Ehline learned to depose witnesses and experts under the best supervising attorneys in the business. Ehline even tried three cases to the jury as a Certified Law Student.
  • No Recovery No Fee Promise: As always, we advance reasonable costs, and if we are unable to secure a victory, we do not accept an attorney’s fee. (Read more about our promise here.)
  • Rapid Response: Our famous 24 hour attorney hotline means we get back to you right away, and we will come to your work, home, or the emergency room in order to offer strength by your side when you need it most. We are always just down the street when you need us most.

If you are not yet convinced, keep on reading. If you are convinced, pick up that phone and call us toll free now at 888-400-9721.

Types of Compensation and How We Help You Win

We can help you:

  • Hold Cal-Trans and govt agencies to account for negligent maintenance & dangerous thoroughfare conditions
  • Force defective manufacturers to pay for their part in the causation or exacerbation of your mishap
  • Keep unscrupulous, malevolent insurance adjustors from taking advantage of you
  • Win unique crash cases caused in snow, sleet & rain, where partial fault may lie
  • Gain remuneration for destroyed/damaged vehicles and property
  • Force liable tortfeasors to account for their bad behavior
  • Locate personable and compassionate lien doctors
  • Help you settle & reduce hospital & rehab liens
  • Seek the personal assets of uninsured drivers
  • Mitigate fiscal losses from lost employment
  • Make DUI drivers pay for their negligence
  • Hold hit & run drivers to account
  • Gain pain & suffering damages

We don’t make a penny unless you are taken care of. If you decide to trust us, our experience in Los Angeles traffic collision cases can go a long way. We can help settle debts related to the event. We hold the party at fault directly responsible, or their insurance company indirectly responsible. We review police documents like Traffic Collision Investigation Reports, in order to see why and how the accident occurred. We discuss, and if necessary, fight with narrow minded insurance companies to get you all of the compensation you deserve. We can handle any unforeseen event in the courthouse, and we will put the law on your side. It may be a long road to recovery in your case, but we are there to make sure that justice is not as difficult, no matter how insignificant your case appears at first glance.

If it looks like there is not enough insurance coverage, or that punitive damages may be available, we will not hesitate to take your case before a judge or a jury to maximize your ultimate recovery. With Ehline Law at the lead, you are not just a file, you are also our friend. That’s our promise to you.  But you have to act quickly. Every day that passes means that witness memories fade and that your case is one step closer to the expiration of the Statute of Limitations, extinguishing your right to sue. Don’t sleep on your significant rights. Call a superb motor vehicle injury lawyer now at (213) 596-9642 for more details.

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