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Each year in California State, especially LA County, the traffic accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC, are contacted to help with hundreds, and perhaps even thousands of costly automobile wrecks on freeways, tollways, highways, bridges and other roadways. Greater Los Angeles is a mecca for motor vehicle accidents. The mass transit system is basically broken, and due to the expansiveness of this geographic area, the only efficient way to travel is by private automobiles.

Michael Ehline, Esq.

There is a serious, day to day risk of being harmed in a serious accident or fender bender, virtually everywhere you venture in L.A.  There are many types of so called ‘accidents’ in LA. By far the most common of these, are passenger “car accidents”, such as those resulting from tailgating, or following too closely.

Our mission is assisting injured victims in getting financial compensation for hospital bills, pain, suffering, and lost wages arising out of roadway catastrophes. Our excellent team of experienced legal experts, have achieved remarkable, MILLION DOLLAR Plus outcomes for automobile accident victims across the Golden State. Call us at 888-400-9721.

Why Choose Our Firm? - Injury Lawyers With Proven Leadership

Are you seeking aggressive and reliable car accident lawyers? Calling us is the first step in recovering money for these debilitating and life threatening situations. If you have been injured in a traffic stack up, or chain collision in the City of Angels, you will need competent Los Angeles car accident lawyers to guide your case. We have earned confidence of our clients. Ehline is a Super Lawyers Rising star and has been interviewed on CNN and Noticias, to name just a few.

We have a hard earned reputation for getting results. Getting stuck with an underwhelming legal representative is a common horror story we all wish to avoid. A victim must be careful not to throw in their lot with an under-performing ambulance chaser. We are highly effective and aggressive lawyers. We are willing to overcome all obstacles, and barrel through the many roadblocks to recovery.

We strive hard in advancement of your interests. Our enthusiasm and training gives us a competitive edge over your rivals. This is how we are able to bring many vehicle collision cases to a successful conclusion without even having to go to trial. This way clients are not forced to go through expensive, time consuming litigation. We are a sword and a shield for those afflicted by traffic collisions. Victims can take solace in the fact that they are getting the most phenomenal legal assistance possible, when they select us as their representative.

Most Common Auto Accident Scenarios We Help With

Picture of front end crash in Los Angeles County Repair Yard

Front End Total Loss

The wide range of roadway mishaps we help victims with, includes minor impact, such as a forcible impact between two cars at low speed, or major impacts such as vehicle taking a corner too fast, and rolling over onto a sidewalk, crushing two or more things, or even people. The most common cases for which we assist victims, are when inattentive drivers hit stationary objects, such as the rear bumper of a car that is idling at a red traffic light.  Sometimes a neglectful driver may haphazardly run over a child or adult who is on foot, in a cross walk. Or the poor soul we help could be a cyclist who is thrown after being hit while riding.

Other types of common scenarios involving serious injury and deaths, are when bad driver smashes into, or even crushes and drags and animal like a dog or a cat crossing the road.  News reports often show the aftermath of scenes where a car crashed into a packed diner [1. Pregnant Woman Dragged Under Car as it Crashes Into Restaurant] or residential home. [2. Car Crashes Into House ] The latter type of problem is what we would expect from a drunken driver, but can also arise due to a bad repair job, or a defectively made car part. Our dedicated firm helps in all of the above cases. These types of incidents are commonly known by motorists and ‘car crashes’, and by the CHP as “traffic collisions.


What Steps Do You Take After You’re Involved in a Los Angeles Vehicle Wreck?

If you or someone you love were unfortunate enough to get into a smash up in LA, there are several things you need to do to protect your rights, the most important of which, is to immediately seek treatment from a first responder and/or emergency care provider.

Here are some other helpful tips:

  • Never Admit Fault – Never tell the police or the other party you think you caused the wreck (Fault is determined by legal liability, not a novice opinion.)
  • Get Photos – Take pictures of the damage to the cars at the “Incident Location”, as well as the people involved and landmarks.
  • Exchange Information – Demand to see copies of registration and driver’s license info of the other party(ies). Produce your identifying info as well.
  • Stay on Scene – Wait for the police and ambulance (never leave the scene until you are cleared.)
  • Gather Evidence – Obtain the names, addresses, and phone numbers from all percipient witnesses.
  • Get the Traffic Collision Investigation Report – Order copies of police reports and dispute incorrect info.
  • Notify the Liability Insurance Carrier – Without admitting responsibility, contact your insurance adjustor and put them on notice of the mishap.
  • Make Sure Your Doctor Documents Your Complaints – Tell your doctor and attorney about any radiating pain, confusion, vertigo or memory loss. (You may not notice this right away.)                                        

What are Some Common Vehicular Injuries For Which We Help Recover Money?

  • Amputation;
  • Deglove injury;
  • Brain injury;
  • Wrongful death;
  • Coma and decapitation.


What Types of Compensation is Available?

A jury or court has the power to grant you compensation for:

  • Ambulance bills.
  • Missed work.
  • Pain and suffering (past, present and future).
  • Lifetime care and loss of consortium in death and serious car accident cases.
  • Court costs, expert witness fees, jury and court reporter costs.

We 100% comprehend that car crashes can rear their ugly head anywhere, or anytime, such as on the  I-405, the I-5, and I-105 freeways, as well as the I-90 Expressway, and Laguna and Riverside Express tollways and everywhere else the rubber meets the road. Irrespective of where your mishap occurred, our champion Los Angeles auto accident attorneys fight for the little guy who is bearing harm that causes extreme physical discomfort.  This devastation often financially ruins the victims of bad drivers. Negligent and reckless vehicle operators tend to ignore safety rules, and leave the victims with huge medical bills, lost wages and daily agony that was unforeseen at the time of the tragedy. If the despair wasn’t enough, the economic loss also causes additional mental anguish.

Plaintiffs often suffer serious agony, mutilation wounds, or death in a car crash. A family member can lose their wife, husband, kids, house, their job, and even their transportation. If you lost a wage earner due to a death or disability, you may require in home nursing care, feel a loss of companionship, and be depressed. Only a lawyer is suited to get you through these tough times.

How Do You Overcome Insurance Problems?

One of the roadblocks in many car accident cases is the drama and insult of dealing with greedy and unhelpful insurance companies. Our experience has been that liability insurance companies will bend over backwards to avoid paying an acceptable monetary award on legitimate, tragic claims. This is especially true when a victim goes unrepresented by counsel.

There are also difficulties in understanding uninsured or underinsured motorist claims that require a real expert. Our attorneys are street-smart. We have no problem brawling with unfair adversaries to make it happen for you.  We don’t mess around with unreasonable people. We won’t hesitate for a minute to file your lawsuit if the offending party won’t play ball.

What About Workers’ Compensation Claims? – The Other Unknown Factor

In most vehicular injury claims, your claim is handled by the at fault driver’s insurance company. But sometimes you, or the evil doer who caused the wreck are covered by work comp insurance.  Typical scenarios are a pizza delivery truck hits you, or when your driving a work vehicle and get hit. One of the things that makes us different is that we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of monetary compensation for you, from whatever source derived.

How Do I File the Car Accident Lawsuit?

Once we have exhausted all reasonable means of recovery without court, and at the conclusion of our investigation, our professionals may decide it is in your best interest to file a lawsuit. As noted above, there may be multiple defendants, such as the employer of the person who was driving the vehicle during working hours, all the way to the manufacturer of a poorly made vehicle. Obviously, the more big pockets, the greater the chances of a pre trial resolution and adequate recovery.

What are the other typical parties to these types of lawsuits?:

  • Delivery and other drivers, and their employers.
  • People who negligently entrusted their vehicle to someone they knew was drunk, or a bad driver.
  • Regular old passenger car operator.
  • Shipping and trucking companies.
  • Government agencies like CalTrans and the City of Los Angeles road crews, who negligently maintained public roads and highways.
  • Vehicle manufacturing companies and repair shops who failed to properly repair or fix the vehicle before releasing it into the stream of commerce.
  • Your own company in cases of insurance bad faith, when they refuse to pay out on a claim for which you had first party coverage and leave you exposed to personal risk.

And although this should be a last resort, if our representatives have to file a lawsuit, we take no prisoners in pursuing windfall like results for you.  If you’re forced to sue, we take away the inconveniences and dive in head first to manage your claims.

What Are Some Other Important Things to Know About Motoring?

Speak to a Contingency Fee Lawyer

We handle consumer injury cases on contingency fee basis. This means Ehline Law never takes a legal fee, unless they are successful at recovery of financial compensation. Our recent achievements include millions of dollars in verdicts and insurance settlements. 

Be vigilant, your personal injury claim may need to be filed in either federal or state court! Don’t sleep on your valuable, unalienable rights. And no matter what happens, do not let the “Statute of Limitations” expire. We make home and hospital visits so there is no reason to procrastinate. A no obligation, legal consultation, is crucial to understanding your rights. Call toll free at 1-888-400-9721.

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