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Car accidents have become a commonplace happening today. The same is true whether it is raining, snowing or a sunny day. Thousands and millions of small cars are always moving within a city at any given time. Especially significant is the risk of injury in a wreck in a place as populated as Greater Los Angeles.

You will hear about hundreds of accidents all within a day. Most will be within the same state on the crowded freeway and highway systems. But surface streets and construction zones are no safer to the daily commuter.  Have you have been through such a motor vehicle accident lately? If you have incurred physical injuries, you’re entitled to receive full money compensation.

Retaining car crash lawyers can help accident victims get paid a financial recovery. Sometimes we get you a settlement. Other times we get a court award for money damages. Lawyers call this an award for “monetary damages.”

You must understand that a personal injury is not just an injury to the body. There’s a direct correlation to injury and significant damage to your property and finances. Horrific injuries can take their toll on the entire family. Examples of appalling brain injuries include suffering in motorcycle claims or pedestrian accidents.

But you can even suffer spine and head injuries in a low-speed auto accident. Even if you were wearing a seatbelt, you could still get hurt. Great disturbances in personal lives can be commonplace with certain injuries. The policy of law entitles you to receive the compensation. Money is what you seek when you have losses incurred in a traffic collision.

This payment of the claim or loss should be by the offending party or his/her insurance company. We deal with all types of automotive related cases. We help get you the dollars of compensation for damage you deserve.

We battle for general damages like physical harm, suffering, pain, mental/emotional issues. The special damages we chase include loss of wages,  expenses for rehab. They also help cover any other medical costs like ambulance charges. We help you put a number on your losses that are quantifiable. We help you win the financial recovery that you deserve.  We know that bills are piling up. We don’t want a quick, easy and undervalued settlement.

We have handled such cases as discussed above, and much more in the past.

  • We handle serious cases involving car roll-overs. We also help with collisions from the back and front and other car crashes.
  • We also handle the cases involving motorbike and truck accidents. We go after shipping companies and Metro bus operators. We sue the employees that cause catastrophic road collisions.
  • We help represent you for any accidents taking place on the freeway, highway, subway. We even help with cases involving passenger buses. We work in all situations in a professional manner.
  • We also have the professionals on our staff for dealing with wrongful death cases after a bad wreck.

Car accidents cause some disabilities that are not visible to the naked eye for a long time. The results of many physical and mental injuries show up at a later date. Injuries affect the professional, personal and social life of the victim. Ehline Law Firm PC discusses everything with care in advance.

Our Clients Trust Our Experience

As discussed in the video above, experience matters. Our customers choose us because we answer questions and get significant results. Over time, we have developed a to-do list to help win your case. There is a reason we have recovered millions of dollars in compensation. California vehicular accident victims keep coming back to us. We earn our fee. We are professionals. We place the interests of clients over personal gain.

A few things we do as soon as you hire us will include:

  • The first thing we do is investigate and find out the person who caused the injury is. (i.e. who is the owner of the vehicle who caused the accident?)
  • We go and visit the scene of the accident or crime. If we cannot get there, we will use some other reliable means to examine the site of the crash. We will search for evident proofs of negligence.
  • Professional advocates work together to prove it was negligence of another and not yours. We will work to show the other party caused the unexpected event.
  • Our professionals also work to arrange and submit all the necessary documents. We are sticklers for helping  you to receive the insurance coverage. We work hard to get you payment for the accident.
  • We evaluate your medical bills, ambulance reports, hospital and physical therapy records. We also review related documents and have doctors help us with evaluations.
  • We fully handle all stages of the case and your recovery. You are entitled to the best California car accident representation. We will strive to guide your case to best success with our proven reputation. You just have to stay confident.
  • Whether the case becomes a trial, requires arbitration or mediation, we are here for you. California court experience is always at your side. We can help you in any county in the state.

We inform you at all times about the progress of the case to ensure you are comfortable. Our top notch Los Angeles car accident attorneys are doing this for more than 30 years now.  The testimonials and evaluations of our past clients are exemplary. These injury lawyers know how to keep you in confidence and the loop. Our passion is for finding and receiving justice for car crash victims. We make sure their rights rights get recognized and respected.

With swiftness we move against the people who caused your endless suffering. We are relentless fighters.  We go for the jugular. We are enthusiastic until the case has reached a negotiated settlement. If not, it goes to trial if it doesn’t go in your favor.

If we recover your money, you pay us our fee only then. We’re you involved in a traffic collision? You can reach any of our offices right now by phone at (213) 596-9642, or toll-free at (888) 400-9721. We also respond in a timely fashion to e-mail and the above contact form. Let us help you understand your potential case and how to proceed.

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