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Ehline Law Firm PC, established in 2005, is located in Southern California. Since opening our doors, thousands of car accident victims have retained our law firm. Following a serious car accident, it’s crucial you find the right law firm to represent you. We are the obvious choice. Our legal team has won over $30,000,000.00 in verdicts and settlements. We have won cases spanning from Greater Los Angeles, all the way to San Francisco.


Superior Lawyers Specializing In Car Accident Law

The Ehline Law Firm are tort lawyers. We specialize in motor vehicle cases involving car accident law. We have years of experience in car accident cases. Thus, we are car accident lawyers who care about our clients and their future.

The Ehline Law Firm’s president Michael Ehline was a U.S. Marine. Friend and foe alike know that our legal experts have honor, courage, and commitment. And we are extremely motivated in and out of the court. We also have the skills, knowledge, and will to win your case.

The Ehline Law Firm PC get the best possible results for our clients. So we represent our clients in a wide range of different motor vehicle accidents. Also, we help when you lose your ability to work due to a driving mishap. Because of this, we represent families when the wage earner is unable to work due to an automotive collision.

The loss of your income can be embarrassing to your ego and self-esteem. Also, the physical pain and grief can be overwhelming. Sometimes the unthinkable happens and you lose a loved one due to a motor vehicle accident.

Our knowledgeable staff empathizes with your situation. We are sorry for your loss. And we are here to battle aggressively for your cause, to help you in your time of need. Call us now at (888) 400-9721. Our legal representation will be essential during your difficult times. Don’t go it alone.

Importance of a Confidential and Cost FREE Consultation to Your Potential Case

When we take your confidential call, you can tell us your side of the story. We will listen to every detail. Educate us about the events which occurred. We can arrange a face to face meeting and talk more. Discussing the specific details of your accident with our lawyers is beneficial. We will better know how to proceed with your case.

Our representatives will help explain the legal process. We will help you understand your rights. So when you call, we will discuss the different courses of actions with you. Also, we will clarify possible ways we will provide you assistance.

We offer FREE consultations. It is one of the many reasons we are a nationally recognized, award-winning firm. Therefore, we help car crash victims with legal guidance, justice and the compensation they deserve.

FREE case consultations are a must when looking for a law firm. When calling a law firm about your problem you shouldn’t have to pay money. Why must you pay them to tell them your story? Decline the meeting.

Any reputable law firm will listen to your story for no charge. We will never charge you to tell us your story. It is vital we can understand your case. We’re here to help car crash victims get the justice and compensation, they deserve. Let us help you achieve victory. Call us now for a no-obligation phone consultation at (888) 400-9721.

California Law Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1.

You Have A Limited Time To Act! California Statutes of Limitations Law

California law has very strict time periods in which a car accident victim can file a lawsuit. California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1 states the statute of limitations is two years. The majority of California motor vehicle accident cases have this time constraint.

There are exceptions such as cases against government entities under the Tort Claims Act. Other rules can apply if the defendant is a federal agency or employee. Generally speaking, the period to sue begins on the date of the accident.

Exception – Time to Sue in Cases of Death of a Car Accident Victim

There are other exceptions in cases of wrongful death of the victim. Exceptions such as negligent killings can extend the time to sue. The statute starts to run from the date the victim died. If you are thinking of making a car accident claim against any person, you must act swiftly. Don’t sleep on your rights.

Other Time and Representation Related Issues that Can Kill Your Car Accident Claims

Basic Evidence Gathering is Crucial After an Auto Accident

Time is an essential component of any vehicle collision case. You must act immediately to protect your claim. There are many reasons for this. Evidence collection is time sensitive.

Witnesses can disappear, video tapes can get erased. Evidence Code Section 412 treats the best evidence obtainable with the most authority in court. How can you do this in a weakened state and with no legal training? You must hire a trained legal expert.

Prevent Making Statements Against Your Interests

Unrepresented clients often say foolish things to the insurance company and police. In the heat of the moment, you might make a statement which is against your best interests. Don’t be without a legal advocate at your side. It’s best not to speak with anyone until you have secured an attorney.

Contracts and Waivers

Contracts like a liability waiver can complicate matters. Other exceptions could apply due to another contract. You might have a contract with one or more defendant. There may also be an arbitration provision.

It could require making a written claim before you can invoke your rights. You need to know these things before you act. So you should hire an attorney to find out if these types of issues are relevant to your case.

Failing to act in a timely matter could bar any future economic recovery. We can’t stress enough the importance of consulting with an attorney as soon as possible. Don’t leave monetary damages on the table. Don’t ruin your chances to recover funds. Contact help from a seasoned representative today.

We Represent Victims With These Car Accident Claims

More than 200,000 people are harmed in Southern California traffic accidents each year. Representing yourself in court can put you at a severe disadvantage. The other side invariably has their lawyers and so should you. Car accident attorneys are also known as “personal injury lawyers.” “Personal injury lawyers” specialize in various types of accident claims for plaintiffs.

Freeway and highway collisions make up a significant portion of cases signed by our injury lawyers. We also help victims make insurance claims. An experienced attorney can also file lawsuits with the court. If we can not favorably settle the matter, we will take it to court.

Vehicular accident cases most often handled by us include:

Hit-and-Run Accidents

  • The Los Angeles Police Department claims that there are approximately 20,000 hit-and-run accidents on our roadways each year. Hit and run collision victims often suffer twice. They can have repair bills and high hospital charges. And the offending driver leaves the scene of the accident. A hit and run victim is then stuck with auto repair bills and sometimes hospital bills. Unfortunately, hit and run drivers sometimes are not caught. Victims do have options, though. The help of a lawyer is essential when exploring sources of payment.

Rear-End Auto Accidents

  • Rear-end auto accidents are probably the most common reported car accidents in the State. The injuries can be minor or severe. Whiplash is among the most common ailment. A whiplash often causes horrible injuries to the neck, and back. Head injuries can also arise from being rear-ended. Head injuries can have consequences which last a lifetime. Head injuries can occur if a driver or passenger’s head hits the steering wheel. The head can hit almost anything in the car at strong G-forces. If you are suffering from a head injury, we are here to help. It is what we do every day. And it is what has made Ehline Law Firm one of the nation’s most awarded firms in the country.

Roof Crush Accidents.

  • Roof crush accidents happen more often with SUVs. Vehicles can also roll over off embankments with unsafe guardrails. These can result in the car roof caving in over the heads of the vehicle occupants. Injuries can range from brain damage to quadriplegia/paraplegia. Many injury lawyers are ill equipped to handle cases like this. But we are experienced and ready to help.

T-Bone Accidents.

  • A T-bone accident happens when the front end of a car or truck. Crashes into the left or right side of another vehicle. It resembles the shape of a T upon impact. Thus the term T-Bone. Bodily injuries are usually dependent upon the speed of the vehicles. The occupant of either car can suffer moderate shock or severe trauma. T-bone collisions make up about 13 percent of all vehicular crashes. Our team of car accident lawyers is extremely experienced litigating these cases. We also help with many other types of injury cases.

Other common cases we help with include:

  • Commercial trucking accidents,
  • Bicycle accidents,
  • Motorcycle accidents, and
  • Bus accidents.

Ehline Law Firm PC employs some of the top car accident lawyers in the country. They will represent you for any vehicular accident. We represent clients who have been in accidents on the freeway, highway, subway. Whether it is a complex, or simple case, we can help. Our proven track record of recovering millions is proof. Proves we know how to achieve victory in court. Let us help you win your case.

The Main Cities We Service:

  • Carlsbad
  • Costa Mesa
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Torrance
  • Laguna Beach
  • Long Beach
  • Irvine
  • San Diego
  • Temecula
  • Glendale
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
  • Newport Beach
  • Huntington Beach

Monetary Compensation For Automotive Accident Victims

What is the Value of My Car Accident Case?

There are many factors used to determine the worth of your car accident claim. For the most part, cases are assessed by claims adjusters and courts based upon:

  1. The visible physical damage to the vehicle and other property impacted by the crash;
  2. The significance of the medically documented injuries of the victims. (was it moderate whiplash, or more severe like a brain damage or a broken ankle?);
  3. The asset exposure of the defendant. (does the defendant own a home or have other property. Are there liquid assets that could be seized to satisfy a judgment?); and
  4. Different types of insurance coverage can vary court-ordered judgments. Insurance coverages can vary, and court-ordered judgments can differ. Excess or umbrella policies can affect a court-ordered judgment. An over insured primary policy or an underinsured primary policy can influence the final decision. Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage can also influence the amount of money you collect.

There is no silver bullet in determining case values. Expert witnesses are sometimes necessary. They can be expensive. We can give you an estimate of your claims value. Remember it is only an estimate. No attorney can make any guarantees of the final value of your claim.

And if a lawyer does that, you should find another lawyer. We will give you a fair and honest assessment of your case. Call Ehline Law Firm PC for a free case evaluation at (888) 400-9721.

What Types of Damages Are Recoverable for Car Accident Injuries?

There are many types of compensatory damages available in personal injury cases. “Compensatory damages,” means monies awarded to a plaintiff to compensate for losses. Such as injury, or another incurred losses. Damages used in valuing a claim are general and special damages. Sometimes exemplary or punitive damages are also recoverable.


“General” Compensatory Damages in Auto Accident Cases

These types of damages reference the intangible “noneconomic damages” such as pain and suffering. These are hard to quantify. They include payment for other intangibles: mental anguish, loss of companionship, etc.

Insurance adjusters in the past determined these damages with a simple formula. They multiplied the injured party’s medical bills by three.

Example: your medical bills are $50,000. Multiply three times (3 x meds of $50,000=$150,000 in general damages) and you get an additional $150,000 for pain and suffering.

The three times the medical bill formula is no longer used as a hard and fast rule. Gory pictures of terrible scars tend to bump up these damages quite a bit. Because of this, courts make it hard to introduce gruesome pictures into evidence. But the risks of it getting placed into evidence make many adjusters likely to settle for a larger number.

Hence, any injury that has an emotional impact on a potential juror will help increase damage awards. Adjusters don’t want to risk an emotional jury giving a runaway verdict.

These types of noneconomic damages” include:

  • Psychological anguish,
  • Emotional distress,
  • Physical suffering,
  • Overall quality of life issues,
  • Worsening of previous injuries,
  • Loss of love, sex and companionship (also known as “loss of consortium.”)

Special Damages

“Economic damages,” or “specials.” are defined as “the past, present, and future” financial losses. These will have a fixed, hard economic cost.

Some examples include:

  • Educational employment re-training,
  • Physical therapy rehabilitation,
  • Costs of surgeries,
  • Costs of pain medication,
  • Lost wages,
  • Loss of capacity to earn standard wages,
  • Costs of essential services. Examples include in-home nursing care, housekeepers, and other help. It also includes special vans equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Punitive Damages Or Gross Negligence

If a case goes to a jury trial, the jury can award punitive damages to punish responsible parties. A high profile example of punitive damages is the civil judgment in the OJ Simpson case. The victim’s family got awarded $25 million in punitive damages.

Punitive damages awards are rare in car accident cases. This type of damage can only get granted if the plaintiff can show that the defendant acted with:

  • Deliberate Intent, or
  • Recklessness.

There are recovery problems with making punitive damages or a gross negligence claim. It is against public policy for insurers to pay out for claims of intentional conduct. Because people with monstrous intent might elect to hurt other people.

Knowing their insurance company will pay for their terrible or heinous acts could encourage hurting others. Attorneys don’t seek punitive damages in most motor vehicle collision cases. Hence, this gives the insurer a way out of paying the injured client money.

California Automobile Insurance Claim Coverages

What Are the Various Types of Auto Insurance Coverage?

There are several types of insurance coverages available to California motorists. There are minimum coverage requirements such as 15/30/5. Drivers can buy a $10,000 insurance bond to satisfy the California minimum coverages law. But essential coverage does not compensate the insured driver.

Minimum coverage covers the legal minimum amount for a car accident victim(s). It also pays for injured occupants and others outside the vehicle who are hurt. Comprehensive Coverage covers costs such as auto repairs.

This list can help you understand the types of insurance coverages you can buy:

Basic Liability Coverage:

  • Most drivers elect to purchase basic minimum insurance coverage. “Basic liability coverage” covers single person bodily injury liability up to $15,000. It can go up to $30,000 total if more than one person in hurt. It includes up to $5,000 for property damage. It is coverage for the person you hit. It includes claims of other drivers. It can also contribute funds when there are multiple defendants, jointly and severally.

Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Full Coverage or “comp,” coverage shields against damage caused to your vehicle. Examples of what “comp” covers are trees, falling branches, and objects that fall on the car. It can also include vandalism such as when someone keys your car. It can cover damage caused by wild animals, vehicle floods, hailstorms, and vehicle fires.

Collision Coverage

  • Collision coverage is often mandatory for leased vehicles. This coverage is designed to cover the vehicle replacement costs in a “total loss” claim. It also includes the hard repair costs for salvageable vehicles.

Gap Coverage:

  • Gap insurance is a type of insurance required for many high-end vehicles. It is designed to pay for “the gap” in the actual value versus the leased or financed amount. Otherwise, the purchaser may end up paying for the difference out of their pocket. The victim may not even be able to get a replacement car absent this coverage.

Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM):

  • Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist are a problem in many accident cases. Many insurance brokers reference this personal injury protection as UM/UIM. There are many uninsured drivers in California. You should consider purchasing extra insurance coverage. Because every day you are sharing the road with unlicensed, uninsured drivers. When a defendant has little to lose they will often flee the scene creating a hit and run scenario. If an uninsured driver, causes an accident you could be in for trouble. If he or she hits you or your car, you may have no way to pay for the ambulance. You may have no money for other hospital costs associated with the wreck. So this is why you buy this coverage. Some declarations exclude coverage with no physical contact between vehicles. Make sure you know what you are buying.

Medical Payments Coverages:

  • “Medical payments coverage” is a type of additional first-party coverage for immediate medical expenses. Lawyers call it “Medpay.” It gets utilized for covering passengers and the driver up to a set amount. The maximum coverage is around $5,000. Sometimes the lawyer will set this money aside in trust. He may use it to offset reimbursable costs like filing fees and costs of depositions.

Engagement With Car Insurance Companies After an Auto Accident

Following an accident your attorney will speak to two insurance companies. As soon as possible, we need to talk to with your insurance company. We also need to call the other parties insurance company. Both companies will assign representatives to your claim and issue a claim number.

The representatives they assign to your case are called “claims adjusters.” These people use actuarial tables and other formulas to place an estimated value on your insurance claim.

Subdivided among these professionals are:

  1. Property damage adjusters, and
  2. Bodily injury adjusters.

The first claim to get resolved will be the property damage. A check typically gets mailed to the repair shop. Next is the bodily injury adjuster. These are the ones you need to look out for when you have no lawyer.

They will usually try and trick you into giving a recorded statement. NEVER do it! It is a mistake, and it will be used against you later to try and avoid paying you full value. They will use deny, delay, defend tactics to wear you down. Their goal is to pay you nothing, or next to nothing. The insurance adjuster is not looking out for you. These people are your adversary.

You can destroy the value of your personal injury claim without a lawyer. The insulation of an attorney who you trust and who is respected by the adjuster allows you to get protected. It gives you credibility and puts and end to the gamesmanship. It assures your right to just compensation gets preserved.

What Makes Us Winners In So Many Car Accident Cases?

Why choose Ehline Law Firm PC? Many people believe that all car accident law firms are the same. We have all seen the T.V. commercials and heard the A.M. radio jingles. But the chances are that you will never even meet the celebrity attorney or actors.

Often these cases are sent out to mills who have thousands of files and little time for you. You know we take our Marine Corps ethos seriously. You want a winning and elite attorney that produces above average results. You want personal care. You need only look at our track record and training.

What also makes us different is that we are very careful about the cases we take. We are not into this for a numbers game. We only take cases that meet a certain value threshold. So this means that we can afford to give your claims file the individual care and attention you deserve.

Personalized legal service is our hallmark. Because of this, we are enabled to produce a constant stream of above average results. Small firm service with big firm results sets us apart. We are the exception to the rule.

We Go the Extra Mile for You

  • We can go to the accident scene to investigate and even meet you there
  • We can help you locate compassionate “lien doctors” willing to treat you today and get paid later.
  • We can come to your home, hospital or workplace for meetings
  • We can hire specialists to determine who is at fault for your accident
  • We can research other potentially liable parties such as state and non-state actors
  • We will deal with the insurance adjusters and take care of the arduous and confusing paperwork
  • We will attend to all facets of your legal case. So this means attending arbitration, mediation, depositions, court and jury trials
  • We will respond to case status emails, phone calls and text messages in a timely fashion. We will not leave you in the lurch

We get it. We place ourselves in your shoes. Clients want to be in the loop by a compassionate legal representative. They want constant communication from someone who comforts them. Satisfaction only comes with positive interaction. Accordingly, we will promptly and responsively answer any case related questions.

We know that picking a lawyer is no easy task when you’re injured. It is not uncommon for accident victims to be overwhelmed. The law and the courts can be daunting. Being confused about your rights and the process is understandable. Hiring a lawyer who will not listen to your, and your concerns is not an option.

People need compassion and honesty. We are all human beings who deserve respect. You deserve consideration and empathy. We believe our law firm is a cut above the rest. We are confident you will notice the Ehline Law Firm difference.

Some of Our Results

We have a proven and steady stream of case results. Below are just a few of our verdicts and settlements.

$8,700,000.00 Settlement

$4,966,255.67 Settlement

$1,400,000.00 Settlement

$1,000,000.00 Settlement

But this is just a snapshot of our past success.

Car Accident Procedure For the Hearing and Impaired

If you are hearing or impaired, just check out this video on Youtube and let us know how we can help.

Contact our Firm Today

Call us right now! Speak to our staff of legal professionals. We will help you navigate the legal maze and court system. We can determine if you have a case. And if you do have a car accident case we can help. You and your loved ones will be our priority. Also, if you are not able to call, we offer live chat and an email contact form on this page. We respond right away. We will help answer your questions. Let an award winning lawyer guide you through this difficult time. Call us now! (888) 400-9721.

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