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Car accidents have become a commonplace happening today. Thousands and millions of cars are always moving within a city, especially a place as populated as Greater Los Angeles. You will hear about hundreds of accidents all within a day and within the same state. If you have been through such an accident lately and have incurred physical injuries, you are fully entitled to receive money compensation for them. You must understand that a personal injury is not just an injury to the body but a big damage to your property and finances.

Michael Ehline, Esq.

Additionally, your personal life can also become disturbed due to certain injuries. However, the law entitles you to receive the compensation of the loss you have incurred in an accident. This loss is either covered by the offending party or his/her insurance company.

Ehline Law Firm PC deals with all types of car accident cases and gets you the compensation for damage done to your property, physical damage, financial damage, loss of wages, suffering, pain, expenses for rehab and other medical costs.  We have handled such cases and many more in the past.

  • We can handle cases involving car roll-overs, collisions from the back and front and other car accidents.
  • We also handle the cases involving motorbike and truck accidents.
  • Any accidents taking place on subway or buses are also handled professionally.
  • We also have the professionals for dealing with wrongful death cases.

In addition to the damage done to your property and body, there are many other damages caused by car accidents that are not visible to naked eye for a long time. The results of many injuries show up at a later time, affecting the professional, personal and social life of the victim. Ehline Law Makes sure that everything is taken care of in advance.

How We Help Our Clients At Every Stage

  • First thing we do is investigate and find out the person who caused the injury i.e. the owner of the vehicle who caused the collision.
  • We personally go and visit, or use some other reliable means, to thoroughly examine the site of accident for evident proofs of negligence.
  • The professional attorneys work together to prove that it was negligence from the other party that caused the smash up.
  • Our professionals also work to arrange and submit all the necessary documents for you to receive the insurance cover for this unanticipated tragedy.
  • We review your medical documents and have doctors help us on this.
  • All stages of the case are fully handled by us. You just have to stay confident.
  • Whether the case becomes a trial, requires arbitration or mediation, we are here for you.

We ensure that you are informed at all times about the progress of the case. Our attorneys are doing this for more than 10 years, and they know how to keep you in confidence and the loop.

With our passion to receive justice and get you your rights, we move relentlessly unless the case has reached a settlement that goes in your favor. You pay us only when your money is recovered. We can be reached right now at (213) 596-9642, or toll free at (888) 400-9721.

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