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When faced with a catastrophe such as an airplane crash, the need for recovery takes many shapes. This includes immediate and long term medical care, but also the need for established legal counsel to take on many tasks– which can include dealing with hospitals, airline companies, insurance, and funerals.

The Ehline Law Firm PC’s years of experience speak for themselves. Our home area of the greater LA near the LAX region, is well known and respected in the legal circles. If you or a loved one has been injured in an air crash and need a skilled set of attorneys to manage a case, who better than the Ehline team? Aircraft law can be difficult and our licensed attorneys have won hundreds of suits worth millions of dollar for our clients. We are your best defense against greedy companies and negligent parties.

How to Deal With Your Complex Aircraft Injury Case

Aviation Law

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If such a disaster has happened to you or a loved one, there is a real need to make your life whole again. There is more than just the medical to deal with. There could be a tangled web of legal issues that could greatly affect your future.

Finding Aviation Accident Lawyers is the First Step

There are dozens of attorneys in the phone book, but the right one can be elusive. In order to take on a case like this, only attorneys with specialized experience in the field of aviation with a knowledge of pertinent law, treaties, and regulations is suited for your case. Our attorneys have the needed skills and stand ready to assist.

The Ehline Law Firm PC is based in Southern California and can assist injured victims across the state, including in Santa Monica, Long Beach, and beyond. We also work with pilots, attorneys brimmed with aviation knowledge. Our firm’s specialization is what makes it stand out in a case like this. We can help in any case, including those such as:

  1. Luggage falling on your head;
  2. Objects flying around in the cabin causing other injury; 
  3. Food poisoning and more.
Helicopter Accidents

We also work with people involved in helicopter accidents. We assist with both private and commercial helicopter injury claims. We also take on VTOL and VSTOL claims. (Learn More.)

Airplane Accidents and Injuries in California – A Quick Overview

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), air travel is expected to double in passengers over the next two decades. Traffic will increase, as will the risk of an aviation tragedies. Usually, travel by air is the safest means of transportation, but when accidents do occur they often result in the most severe injuries and most fatalities. Smaller, less serious incidents involving private aircraft are becoming more frequent and occur more than in large passenger liners. Most of these “minor” incidents go unreported.

Who Is Responsible to Pay for All the Damages I Suffered?

Potentially liable and negligent parties vary depending on the circumstances of the aircraft accident. The owner and operator of the aircraft could be liable, as can manufacturers or maintenance suppliers. There are even cases where the federal government can have some responsibility in an aircraft collision. At least once every day there is a safety-related incident or threat reported in the country, and the majority of incidents going unreported.

Strict Liability in Aviation Catastrophes

While pilot error often plays a part in aircraft victims’ claims, other issues with the aircraft or its component parts could also contribute to the accident and the severity of injuries suffered. When this occurs, the aircraft or component manufacturer may share some legal blame along with negligent pilots for crashes or for injuries the mishap caused under the legal theory of strict liability.

Can There Criminal Liability in Aviation Accidents?

On top of a civil court claim against individuals or entities for causing an aviation injury accident, U.S. and state governments may also pursue criminal prosecution. Although the charges may vary, most states impose criminal sanctions on pilots and parent companies for reckless and intentional conduct that leads to serious injury, death, or physical property damage.

Settlements and Damages In Negligent Killing Cases

Wrongful death actions are often the most complicated claim, especially due to the fact that death could be caused by several parties. Pre-trial settlements are not uncommon in these cases, as many of the liable defendants try to avoid the public outcry of having caused a death. When these settlements occur, often a reduction of the wrongful death damages issued by a judge or jury will also occur.

In this case, the plaintiff’s recovery is reduced and frees that defendant from liability and waives their claim for any contribution from co-defendants, leading them to pay no more than their liable share of the bad conduct as found by the jury or a judge.

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The Ehline Law Firm PC’s experience in aviation law and claims makes it a vital partner in your recovery. For a free, no pressure consultation, call us today at 888-400-9721.

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