The Facts: Los Angeles Accident Lawyer Michael Ehline

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Los Angeles attorney Mike Ehline

There’s a reason that Michael Ehline is known as one of the best Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. His goal of finding justice for those that cannot speak for themselves is a personal mission. It comes from his background that built him into a man that many trust with their futures. Michael’s a third generation Scandinavian-American– his mother Norwegian and father Swedish.

Their values of Lutheran hard work, sacrifice, self-dependence, and honesty shaped the person that Michael grew up to be. His forefathers came to this country to escape socialism and stagnation and have a chance to share in the prosperity of the American Dream and free market. This drives Michael every day with the love of this country and what it stands for. Born in the Greater Los Angeles area, he is a native reared in the post-Vietnam era.

Nothing is free.¬†Michael was taught this from a young age. His father Paul was a United States Marine forward observer, who volunteered to return to Vietnam for a second tour of battle (67, 68, 69 — JJ Carol, Khe Sahn, Gio Linh, Dong Ha, Con Tien, Rock Pyle, DMZ, and all hills) rather than just come home and languish. These lessons were passed down to Michael– nothing is free and it is easy to be generous with others’ money. If you want something to happen you have to make it happen.

These lessons have animated Michael for the rest of his life. His father instilled in him the values that have made him the advocate for the vulnerable. Even as a young man he learned how to effectively argue to avoid corporal punishment and excelled at debate and negotiation. He tested his mettle and joined the US marines as an infantryman at 18. His dreams of a glorious military career was tragically cut short when he wounded his knee. After a honorable discharge, Michael put his skills to work in the private sector. He became number one in sales at L.A. Fitness, started his own construction and limousine businesses, and became a paralegal to understand and combat the crushing government regulations that makes it so hard to conduct business in California.

One of the attorneys he worked for told him about the California State Bar Law Office Study Program. Michael started this path even with no formal college education. With the help of attorney Gary Dordick, CAALA Trial Attorney of the Year, and other conscientious attorneys, Michael was waived into the University of West Los Angeles School of Law. Michael remained in the Law Office Study Program and became a practicing attorney when he passed the bar exam. His work ethic carried him forwardРpracticing law in the day and attending UWLA at night. He received his Juris Doctorate right here in LA County. He understands the local issues that confront so many Angelinos.

Michael Ehline now fights for the rights of those that have been abused and faced injustice. He fights to get justice for those hurt by corrupt businesses, burdensome government, and the negligent. For him, no bridge is too far and no fight too difficult to get justice for his client. He believes in the battle– being there on the ground as long as he is needed. He is a warrior to the end and wants to fight for you like he has for others in hard positions. Check out more on this website or call 213-596-9642 for a free consultation with Michael Ehline, Los Angeles’ most trusted negligence lawyer. And remember, he only wins if you get justice.