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Catalina Island

The Golden State, in particular Greater Los Angeles, is an extremely popular vacation point. The sun, great climate and fast paced lifestyle is an exciting combination for any tourists. The bucketlist of things to do is quite expansive.  Here, we have amusement parks like Disneyland, waterparks, trips to Catalina Island on hydrofoils, whale watching, scuba, taking a cruise ship excursion from the Port of Los Angeles, riding the Santa Monica bike paths, Segway riding, and many many more activities that are fun and relaxing.  Sadly, that sightseeing tour can lead to things like tour bus accidents, and other major disasters that most people away from home are ill-prepared to deal with.

If you suffered harm while here on vacation, it is extremely urgent that you speak to a local attorney and protect your ability to get compensation in court under California’s negligence laws. Ehline Law Firm PC is located in many of the high tourist areas where wayfarers frequent, and we specialize in vacation accidents as part of our extensive personal injury law practice. We help victims just like you get significant monetary awards under California law when someone else behaved unreasonably, hurting you and disrupting your dream vacation.

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  • How Can Ehline Law Firm PC Help Me in my Vacation Incident?
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How Can Ehline Law Firm PC Help Me?

Pacific Avenue accidents happen in Marina del Rey and Venice BeachWe are local and statewide California legal aides. We are particularly well suited to help you in our geo-location.  We are close to the courts, and travel the same roads and areas where people get hurt, so we already know some of the danger zones and prior incidents, substantially similar to yours and may have already had successful similar cases against the same defendants. Person-ability also makes us different. Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, has traveled the world, was a U.S. Marine, and understands what people away from home feel when they are sick, laid out and highly vulnerable.

We’ll litigate the traffic accident or DUI case you got stuck with while on vacation in California, or while you traveled in the Golden State. Even if your kid was hurt during prom, or on holiday, our advocates will get the insurance claim going right away. You don’t need to pass the Bar Exam when you can hire a licensed attorney to litigate your legal cause of action and keep you fully informed throughout the legal process. Last, we work on a contingency fee, which means unless we can recover you money for your pain, suffering, financial expenses and other losses in a general settlement or verdict, we do not get an attorney’s fee. Of course, we also advance all reasonable and necessary litigation expenses to properly establish, duty, breach, causation and damages.

What are Some Other Types of Tragedies Associated with a Holiday?

There are many ways you could be injured on holiday or vacation. Unforeseen mischances on cruise ships, like rape, food poisoning, and even fatal loss of life, are all examples we hear and see in the news. Sometimes a boat operator may have one too many drinks and cause you or a loved one to drown in the ocean by a boat crash, which could capsize the boat.

Recreational boating accidents often happen to weary travelers. A trip to Catalina Island could change your life forever, if someone is negligent towards you. If a you left port from San Pedro or any other California city, were injured or raped on a recreational boat, or cruise line, you are probably entitled to money for you injuries. If you were on vacation in California, or travel to and from California, you understand why you may need legal assistance if you get hurt. Even a simple thing like an insurance claim can get complicated if you are located in Canada, or Europe for example. After all, this foreign law is all gibberish to someone not from here.

What are the Risks of Injuries at Theme Parks?

You may have been injured on a rollercoaster ride, a trip to Catalina Island, or while driving through Hollywood, or even a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Injuries range from coma to head injury, broken bones and damaged tendons.

Mecca For Negligent Injuries

A vacation car accident in California requires an enormous amount of labour for a British citizen, for example, to handle alone from the UK. Since Los Angeles is a mecca for vehicle related woes, motorcycle mishaps, dog bites and bicyclists getting struck and flipping over on the handlebars, falling off of a Segway transporter, for example, we actually have streamlined procedure in place to communicate with our overseas clients for the cost of an internet connection. California incidents involving get-aways, often require help. If you are in a spot, and need to return home, it is suggested that you leave your case in the hands of local counsel, licensed to practice law in the California courts.

We litigate claims such as Disneyland Hotel accidents. If you were harmed or insulted to the point of mental and physical pain and suffering, during your vacation to Los Angeles, San Diego, or other cities in California, and your disaster was the legal fault of another, you may be entitled to recover money to compensate you for your lost medical bills and also for the pain and discomfort, past, present and even future. Contact Ehline Law Firm PC now on our legal hot line at 1-888-400-9721.