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Michael Ehline discusses how he asssit in the rigors of legal claims in court.

Let us help you through the albatross of a legal millstone around your neck. We help with these types of ordeals.

Michael P. Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm PC, trial lawyer, prides himself in being experienced in all the specialty areas of tort law. Local to all California cities, Ehline Law Firm PC is home to a person who tried three cases when he was still in law school as a Certified Law Student. He tried cases with other zealous, enthusiastic and professional trial lawyers who themselves are of counsel to the firm, and who also have incredible track records of success in representing clients and in winning large verdicts and settlements in the crucible called the “Court-Room”. Our trial lawyers work with specialists and are expert in negotiating with other attorneys at settlement conferences, trial and pre-trial management. This includes litigation surrounding the tentative case. The ultimate goal of our L.A. trial attorneys, is administering above average legal representation in cases involving consumer law, more commonly known as personal injury law.

What this means to you, is that we aid families and individuals and businesses who are entitled to money for losses that resulted from them being hurt or damaged in catastrophic mishaps like bad car wrecks, workplace discrimination, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, aviation accidents, or vi0lations of civil rights. This area tort law requires a special kind of legal beagle. In cases liken this, you need someone helping you who has pizazz, and a forceful, bigger than life personality, who is sharp as a knife. Ehline Law provides just that kind of representation. Our attorneys are unique, and many of them have multiple trials under their belts. As a result, the firm has a reputation for ethically rendering phenomenal legal services. Give us a call right now!


Trial Management

Managing a case from the very start, is of supreme importance if one is to win at trial. In fact, in other countries, they have attorneys, barristers and solicitors, all specializing in a particular area of case management. In America, we have no such distinctions, and there are many “one man shows”, or solo practitioners out there running the case from start to trial and even appeal. Although this makes for a very well rounded, and talented attorney, it also can cause other matters to fall behind that the lawyer is attending to for their other clients. So although practicing law is a “profession”, there are also other aspects of lawsuits that need to be treated like a business.

At the other end of the spectrum are those lawyers that are raised from cradle to college to practice law as their profession. Many of them are steeped in the traditional law firm model of going to law school and working for a firm, and maybe getting to be partner later. In this scenario, the cases are all managed by secretaries, paralegals and investigators. The trial lawyer may be at the golf course, at trial or teaching at a seminar to try and generate more case for the firm. But when fresh, most of these newly minted members of the bar don’t even know how to add footers to legal pleadings. In time, they can become great at preparing and responding to discovery, arguing a case that was prepared for them for trial, by assistants, etc. But the days of Clarence Darrow and Perry Mason may just be coming back as a result of cutbacks, high taxes and government regulations on pay, health care, as well as advancements in technology. The days of the big firm appear to be over, and the days of brass tacks seem to be coming back. As lawyers learn to treat their practices more like a business, they will also help clients and the public have an improved image of the legal profession.

One of the biggest complaints consumers have about lawyers is that they sit in the ivory tower, have never had real life experience, are ego-maniac jerks, know it alls, and NEVER return calls. So the first step in trial case management, is for a firm to promptly return calls and emails, make sure that attorneys can do all the work a legal secretary can do, in case of a bad economy, and that technology is used to fill in the blanks. Ehline already does all of these things, and our legal warriors are prepared for any contingency.


Mediation lets parties to a lawsuit save a great deal of costs and other enormous overhead and outlays that a client would need to pay for things like jury fees, deposition costs and other fees. Assuming the file has been worked up, the case has been through the “law and motion” process, and the lawyer is primed for trial, it is now time to try and knock out the other party with a one two punch by educating a mediator. In California courts, especially the crowded LA Courts, resolving the case without trial is often the best method for the parties. Looming trials are like the Sword of Damocles dangling over ones head. This is why a good trial attorney has excellent in house litigators to move the case into a direction of resolution by mediation.


It can be a court ordered “Starbucks” conference, or a full blown paid mediation with JAMS. Either way, the talented trial attorney will reveal just enough to the mediator to make the other party think twice about going to trial against you. So even if the case does not settle at that time, you can bet the defense firm is talking with the liability insurance adjustor about the merits of paying the victim what the trial attorney wants. Since 2005, Michael P. Ehline, Esq., of Ehline Law Firm PC has favorably represented hundreds of injury victims in serious personal injury matters. Our clients and opposing counsels agree that his first-rate advocacy and negotiation skills make us a force to be reckoned with.

Mr. Ehline firmly accredits his adroit negotiation skills at mediation and during trial, to productively representing wounded clients, and safeguarding their rights to money damages and justice. In any event, if we cannot produce an outstanding case result after a full blown mediation, we will prepare for battle in a full blown trial. We fear for the attorney and firm who must face us at trial. We are an efficient machine, primed and ready to lead you to a legal victory and crush your opposition. Once litigation and all other resorts have been exhausted, we have no qualms about moving your matter to a decisive victory.

Getting a Quality Trial Lawyer is an E-Mail or Phone Call Away

At Ehline Law Firm PC, we campaign for you and all of our clients to obtain fair and just compensation for nightmare arising from injuries suffered, negligent and wrongful acts or failures to act, when under a duty to act. Yes, you can also recover for omissions, not just for another’s errors. Our lawyer works hard at getting you and our other clients restitution and financial resources to try and make them whole and give them normal lives in recovering from tragic traffic accidents mishaps, and make counterclaims when necessary.

We help in restoring our clients’ peace of mind by attaining large settlements and verdicts for them in a court of law. Ehline Law Firm PC lawyer is competent and passionate and we empathize your PI claims. We are aware of the highly emotional and financially drain associated with a civil action, jury trial, or other legal dispute from being bogged down in trial litigation. Ehline Law PC, trial lawyer, strives to reduce the heavy burden on you, and we work hard to obviate the mental and physical pain of those victims of negligence related car and truck accidents, suv rollovers, sexual harassment disputes, and insurance claims.

You can expect excellent legal representation by professional trial lawyer. Ehline Law Firm PC works with your legal interests in the forefront. Ehline Law Firm PC, trial attorney, is here to aid you in your legal disputes so you can get a just verdict or settlement. Please feel free to contact us. We work on the other side of the negotiating table, to max your settlement.


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