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A California train crash, such as the recent Chatworth Metrolink crash, is one of the most devastating things one will ever have the misfortune of being caught up in. Merely seeing, or hearing about such a nightmare of mangled sheetmetal, steel, dead bodies and dramatically wounded victims, is enough to make one weep.

The State of California is one of the top ten economies in the world. It is full of various types of transportation transporting goods and tourists to many of the tourist attractions in the state. The sheer number of California residents, combined with the Greater Los Angeles metropolis areas, and intensified by the variety of tourist attractions, creates countless common carrier accidents every year (learn more about common carriers here.) Many of the victims in these calamities are unwitting tourists seeking relaxing vacations. Even more individuals are injured by city Buses and Light Rail trains transporting people around California’s congested metropolis areas. If you have been involved a railway crash, like a train accident, or Metrolink wreck, you need the experienced train injury lawsuit attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC. There is so much you need to know about these cases before trying to pursue one on your own, even if you are a well trained lawyer. For example, did you know that CalTrans is often involved in these types of serious injury cases, and could quite possibly be a named defendant.

This detailed information herein deals with understanding, litigating and prevailing when one is made to suffer from the terrible events arising from negligent operations of the Greater Los Angeles Metrolink system. First, let’s discuss what make us different and why we are a leader in personal injury law generally. Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, is a regular user of the Metrolink transportation system, and he sees on a day to day basis, the lackadaisical attitude of the government employees who run it, and how it stands to reason that safety, along with basic customer service, could easily fall through the cracks in such a non competitive system.

Due to our great leader’s close up view of this light rail system, his having befriended passengers and crew, we have our finger on the local pulse.  We are not just some big firm who sues people a lot. We are also advocates in the real world, trying to make positive changes by educating the public.  For example, Ehline works with military veterans, trying to help them gain work experience and learn marketing.  Michael also donates his time to the Circle of Legal Trust, teaching fellow attorneys how to brand their firms, and reach the public with a positive message about lawyers. Michael Ehline is a disabled veteran himself, so he understands the terrible outcomes of lifetime disabilities.  So when he is out there face to face with the real victims, he is able to quickly drift from attorney mode, into real person mode.

Because of this man of and for the people background, we have developed friendships and have led many rail accident claims for people that hired us, just because they knew us as fellow travelers. So trust, relationship building, and the eternal spirit of resistance to tyranny makes us much different that any California law firm you will ever run across, bar none.  You see, we are not just any law firm. We are run by a real person who is a victim himself, who rose like a phoenix from the ashes, to pass the Bar Exam and become practicing lawyer prior to have a college degree, and then who went to law school and practiced law in the day, to earn his law degree, to prove it could be done (read more).  We have lawyers who have gone through real life experiences with real people, in the military, and in regular warehouse type jobs.

What makes us better? What makes us different? Easy, the all American Ehline difference. We make it happen because we have one philosophy, “Do or Die”.  You won’t hear excuses from us. We believe that equality means giving everyone the same opportunity. Equity means allowing people to sink or swim based on their performance and ability. Read on and learn more, or call us and get a face to face consult at 888.400-9721.

Locomotive Accidents Are Common Worldwide

Train wrecks occur often throughout the world, in Southern California cities, and throughout these United States. A train crash does not always result in the fatality of a beloved family member. But when there are deaths involving a train mishap, such as the September 12, 2008 Chatsworth train accident, they are usually sensational topics in the news media and often spotlighted by attorneys and consumer groups. Train accidents often result in childhood injuries. But the above addresses more a passenger train scenario, such as a Metro-rail wreck. Often, a train accident can result in the spillage of deadly toxins, solid and gas. Sometimes railroad crashes will contaminate whole neighbor-hoods and cause birth defects and wrongful death. These are sometimes referred to as hazardous material accidents, or chemical spills.

Experienced Counsel is a Necessity When Facing Large Corporations

Experienced lawyers are a requirement when going up against the defense attorneys employed by the organizations who caused the negligence that lead to the accidents. In the time of 1960-2001 trains wrecks resulted in 13,136 fatal injuries. In fact, that calculates out to 325 fatalities per year for that time period. This might not seem like a lot, but there were far less deaths on aircraft for that same time frame. (3,061 fatal aircraft injuries from 1960-2001 circa.) Trains are far more dangerous than aircraft according to statistics.

Train Ride Accident at Disneyland

Arguably, due to the war on terror, the World Trade Center resulted in 3000 plus fatalities, but even with that, trains are still more dangerous, assuming our government ignores political correctness and keeps Islamic militants off of aircraft in the future. The Ehline Law Firm PC’s offices are constantly investigating train crash accidents throughout the United States and California cities. Southern California train crash victims are encouraged to call or e-mail Ehline on our attorney hotline now at (213) 596-9642.

Michael Ehline advocates cases for the seriously injured. If you are a victims of train crash, or train accident, or train wreck anywhere in the State of California, you may have suffered broken bones, broken teeth, brain injury, or may be in so much pain you require epidural injections just to kill the pain. You may even be addicted to Vicodin, the pain killer. If you have been injured in a train crash, and have suffered any of these serious personal injuries, IMMEDIATELY contact Ehline Law Firm PC.

You need to know your rights before you destroy your case by giving a hired gun investigator hired by the insurance company a “recorded statement”. This will usually tank your case to a large degree. These people are trained to get you to say what they want to defeat liability. This is why it is so important for you to seek an experienced trial attorney before you talk to anyone. Ehline is an experienced train crash attorney in Southern California, Los Angeles and Orange County. Ehline will fight for you and help you get the most for your injuries and damages. Train accident injuries are our bag.

A California train crash is one of the most devastating things one will ever have the misfortune of being in, or even seeing and hearing. If you have been in a train crash, train accident, or Metrolink wreck mishap, you need the experienced train attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC. Our local trial lawyers bring you this educational web page to show you why you will need a train attorney to litigate your accident or other railroad case. CalTrans is often involved in these types of serious injury cases and could quite possibly be a named defendant.

United States Train Crash Statistics-An Overview:

  • 3,000 train crashes per year;
  • 1,000 train crash deaths per year;
  • Approximately every 14 days there is a toxic chemical spill. This often results in forced evacuations of the general public and homeowners.
  • Every year, at least 600 rail-stations and thousands of miles of railroad tracks are in use throughout the United States.
  • More than fifty per cent of train accidents occur at unprotected railway crossings.
  • For the most part, railroad safety measures have not been updated in many years.
  • Train derailments or collisions occur approximately every ninety minutes
  • The public has not been sufficiently trained in train safety.

It is easy to see how toxic chemicals could spill when the statistics alone show the probability of a commercial railroad disaster. But passenger trains also derail as well. Thus, there are many potential ways one could be injured. Train derailments often occur from negligence. Sometime the train engineer (train driver), or conductor, or safety officer, allows the rail maintenance to fall below the legal standards. Sometimes unsafe train engineers will be negligence and cause the train crash.

Often a passenger vehicle will get hit by an oncoming train. In fact, a while ago a disturbed suicidal person parked his passenger truck on the railroad tracks. This caused and contributed to a Metrolink striking a vehicle. The Metrolink cars then derailed causing serious injuries. The Ehline Law Firm PC, will make it happen for you. Do or die. Semper Fi. We are highly aggressive legal counsel in the State of California. Ehline will investigate your car crash and help you get all of your monetary damages for your serious train crash injuries in Southern California and the Untied States. Ehline will help you maximize your recovery.

Ehline will assist you to recover money damages, in the form of lost wages, past medical bills, future medical bills, pain and suffering and yes, sometimes even punitive damages. Ehline wants to help you get the highest monetary compensation for your train crash injury. When a train derails, this can also be the result of a head on collision with another train, mechanical failure, faulty tracks, even sabotage.

The railway company is responsible for reasonably checking to make sure these tragic events won’t happen. If you have been injured in a train accident, derailment, or collision, call of E-mail Ehline Law Firm PC now!

Metrolink And LA

Long Beach train accident

Electric Train

Metro Light Rail Accidents

At the outset, these cases involve complex civil litigation, and numerous overlapping state, federal and local statutes, codes, laws and administrative procedures. In order to recover a substantial monetary award, either by way of settlement, or a jury verdict, one one must understand not just these laws, but how to negotiate and deal with human emotions. Anyone who has studied the Glendale, Placentia, or Chatsworth train derailments, knows that the government will put up a tough, irrational fight. That is why you landed on this page. You can rest assured that we like to fight. We are real people just like you, who came up through the school of hard knocks and don’t take crap from anyone. Call now to speak to a hard charger, or read more about this unique transport system and what makes us the best choice out of the many ambulance chasers and ego-maniac trial lawyers that exist out there.

About Metrolink Travel

To begin with, Metrolink is an an inter county light rail system delivering and taking on passengers throughout the Greater Los Angeles geographic area, including the Inland Empire, like Riverside, and San Bernardino, as well as various parts of Orange County.  The idea behind the light rail (LR) system, was that it would help lower traffic jams and quickly move the human populations quickly to and from the various and crowded arteries within its zone of operation.

Currently, Metro Rail operates three LR lines and two rapid transit subway lines, altogether totaling 73.1 miles of rail, 62 stations, and approximately 276,900 daily weekday boardings as of June 2006. This service area includes bridges, subways, tunnels. It is inevitable that with such a large volume of travelers, that some of the passengers could suffer injury as a result of moving about on such an expansive network.

Many occupants are severely hurt by malfunctioning doors and hatches that can amputate, or catch arms, fingers and other limbs, others are thrown about from sudden stops, or by conditions such as when a pedestrian on foot is run over and killed. Of course, let’s not forget the news stories about people being struck by metro trains, or even train collisions with cars when the rail crossing guard arms are not operating properly.

The chances of suffering a death or bad injury are magnified by the fact that the speed and velocity of these trains, as well as the lack of seatbelts, padding, and inadequate seating construction itself are clear and present dangers, or if you prefer, an accident waiting to happen. Unlike a motor vehicle with seatbelts, in a train, you are a sardine packed in a near empty can. A victim can easily be tossed about like a rag doll when a train suddenly stops or derails. This means bad cuts, cracked skulls and being thrown out of a window as the heap of steel and aluminum twists and turns before it reaches its final resting place.

Due to recent population explosions in the Southern California and the United States, transportation is also forced to reconsider the rail as a major form of people moving. For example: MetroLink is a California “commuter train” that actually goes underground and above ground. This form of transportation allows a commuter to take his car to a designated parking lot and board the MetroLink. This saves gas and is also convenient and often allows one to work from a laptop, etc. MetroLink crashes are on the rise and are often the source of major injury and death.

The Conveniences and Risks of Traveling the Light Rail System

As discussed, many of the people residing in Los Angeles County ride on the light rails, including our own attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC. It is vital to the lower income people who rely upon it to travel to the areas where they panhandle, as well as attorneys who would rather work on their laptops on the way to their offices, as opposed to being stuck in traffic and focused on that nightmare. So everyone has a potential need and use for this behemoth system.

Fact, Metrolink is amounts to the seventh most used commuter rail systems in the United States of America.  Fact, this same light rail system represents the number two in greatest number two of ended lives in terms of people passing away from accidents.  It ranks directly behind the eastern city of New Jersey in terms of human use. This could be because New Jersey transit carries five times more passengers, and travels at least six times more than the L.A. system.

Fact, according to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA),  39 of 61 deaths on trains were those involving the Los Angeles based light rail system (Learn more.). In fact, Metrolink catastrophes in Glendale, California just in the year of 2005, and the Metro Rail Chatsworth wreck of 2008 made up those killings. So albeit, 2008 was a bad year, that is the nature of rail car accidents.  Not just one person gets hurt, such as in a passenger crash.   In any event, from the years 1998 to 2008, the light rail system, Metrolink, absorbed a total of  99 deaths, which is more than any other rail transport system in the entire country.

If you or someone you know has been seriously hurt or injured as a result of a metro calamity, or a California light rail tragedy, please contact Ehline Law Firm PC immediately. Our firm can aggressively seek the compensation that you deserve. Our firm has worked on a variety of accidents similar to those listed above and will fight for you.

Getting Help From a Metrolink Accident Attorney

Contact the skilled light rail accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC to set up a free consultation if you or someone you know has been injured as a result of the metro light rail and subway system in Los Angeles, Southern California. Our firm can represent injury victims on a contingency fee basis with no attorney’s fee unless we can attain recovery for your claim. Learn about train accidents in general. Contact us now.