Swimming Pool Accidents in Los Angeles

For a parent, or close relative to a victim, there are little, if any, more terrible and deadly accidents than those that involve water. Being submerged and dying is probably one of the most terrifying accidents our firm has dealt with, the nexus of which, are typically on both private and public property. Typical locations where they occur include private homes, unsecured yards, or insufficient security at swimming pools.  In fact, failure to enforce restrictions, such as those found at condominiums, inns, motels, hotels, water parks, cruise ships, amusement centers, and various other modalities is a common way to show negligence or even a crime.

When an owner or occupier, such as a landlord, or even a manager in charge, shirks their lawful duty to provide security, or make reasonable inspections and provide safeguards, California law, as well as various local and administrative codes, hold the person in charge legally responsible for the consequences of failing to provide adequate warning signs, for example. Other scenarios making a title holder, or controller responsible, are things like faulty drains that can suck a person down, or slice/cut him or her. Other hazards, especially to kids, are failure to have a secure pool cover, or lifeguards on duty, or malfunctioning or defective gates that in turn, places a small child into the zone of danger. One of the other less often reported incidences of drowning occur at private swimming schools. In additions to poorly trained swim instructors allowing children to drown, some have been accused and convicted of molesting boys and girls in a sexual manner. Ehline Law will research motives to seek punitive damages, if facts come to light of cover ups, for example.

Even assuming the unwilling martyr makes it out of a partial asphyxiation, their physical and emotional condition is often unalterably effected in a negative manner. Being sucked underwater commonly means a serious brain injury, or even a total loss of life. Those who do live find that the deprivation of oxygen to their brain ended up causing unalterable damage to their intelligence.  As noted, the vast majority of these “accidents” are caused by a person in authority behaving in a negligent fashion. This is when Ehline Law Firm PC, Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, are sought after by seriously affected victims. With tens upon millions of dollar recovered, and with the firm being run by a competitive swimmer, our firm has been touched by the positive and negative aspects of being submerged in liquid, and we are here with compassion and understanding to assist those in need of a lawyer. We are committed to raising the bar for pool safety and legal representation of those who were not saved with our in depth understanding of the mechanics of liquid submersion incidents.

Signing Your Claim With a Vaunted, Savvy Pool Injury Lawyer

Most accidents arising from pools of water, particularly from swimming pools adjacent to insured property, will result in medical or hospital bills at a minimum. The tired, depressed and shocked victims are in no position to achieve a maximum compensation when the tragedy of drowning incident transpires. This calls for a skilled, intense, and enthusiastic lawyer with peer recognition, who can help you rise up like a phoenix from the ashes of your life. But all of that is meaningless unless the advocate is also experienced in drowning accidents, not just a run of the mill PI lawyer. Our attorneys have attained recognition in the field of pool and water safety.

In fact, Michael Ehline, is an avid swimmer, and former U.S. Marine. Water safety is in our nature. Ehline Law is also recognized by AVVO, and is A Rated by the BBB. So when you are seeking help, turn to us.  Our pilgrimage as practicing lawyers has been as Templar Knights, protecting the rights of the downtrodden and needy injury victim.  Our oath is to help American families, as well as guests, obtain monetary rectification after a swimming pool accident case arises.  As well as being private practitioners,  our attorneys support the goals and ideals of the National Drowning Prevention Association, Kids Health, and more.

With our vast involvement and intrinsic knowledge on the topics of the Los Angeles City and County Health, Residential, Building and Safety Codes and Statutes, endorsements by venerable safety associations, and storied support of drowning prevention organizations, we are proven Personal Injury Warriors.  In fact, drowning prevention section at the PI Warriors Magazine. We are simply recognized as a giant among swimming pool attorneys. We are the first and last choice for anyone serious about getting the maximum compensation for their case that was created due to the failure to act or react to prevent water related deluge.

Let Us Help Los Angeles Swimming Pool Accident & Drowning Victims Get Their Just Reward

As sad as it sounds, after your incident, your claims are limited to money damages.  Typically, a drowning survivor must  file a damages claim or injury lawsuit as against the person or persons who failed to act or react with reasonable care to prevent, or at least mitigate the incident that did, in fact occur.

In this way, you can at least be rewarded the just amount under the law to pay for all the bills that are piling up, for past present and future. Your justice under negligence law is limited to a form of calculated financial compensation. Our firm attempts to right the wrongs within the law, thereby stealing victory from the jaws of defeat.  Knowing you are depressed and ill, we step in as your resolute fighter, and take all the necessary steps to hold the public or private entities legally responsible.

Our investigators get to work right away to identify what actions to take against the person or persons who failed in upholding their duty of reasonable or special care. Whether it is a negligent maintenance failure to supervise or secure, failure to properly train or test, whatever it is, we leave no stone unturned in discovering all liable parties.

Much to our chagrin, the majority of these claims involve those to small kids. The torment to moms and dads, brother and sisters, is of the kind that only another who has met the same fate can totally understand. Sadly, the children who lived, often attain some form of devastating, enduring mischief. Our local law firm is dedicated to educating swimmers and Jacuzzi hot tub owners of the dangers and risks of drowning accidents and injuries. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) indicate that there were over three thousand three hundred (3,300) drowning accidents from submersion in water, in the year 2000.

The CDC’s Drowning Rate for Kids is Alarming

The drowning rate for children under sixteen (16) was alarming and was actually twenty five (25%) percent of the total of all drowning accident deaths in the United States. According to the CDC, approximately three hundred and fifty (350) children five (5) years of age and under, suffer death from drowning accidents every year. Drowning injury, such as death and coma, is the second highest cause of fatalities for the children five (5) years and under age group. Automobile and truck accidents are the second highest cause of death accident in this age group.

Attorney Warns of the Drowning Dangers

Our lead counsel, Michael P. Ehline, Esq., warns consumers that this is a staggering statistic that cannot be ignored by a caring parent or property owner with a Jacuzzi hot tub, Jacuzzi bathtub, Whirlpool* hot tub, lap pool, or swimming pool. In fact, research statistics show that as of the year 2000, over two thousand, six hundred (2,600) small children are admitted to emergency care in hospitals, and treated for drowning incidents that result in things like brain injury, broken bones and contusions related to poolside accidents.

Nerve Damage

At least five thousand (5,000) additional small children suffer permanent injury like nerve damage requiring future medical care and treatment and expensive in house care or hospitalization for the permanent neurological disability. Most drowning occurs in backyard hot tubs, like Whirlpools, spas and other types of recreational water tubs including your basic swimming pools, like shallow lap pools, for example.

Land owners with pools and exposed or open Jacuzzi hot tubs, generic hot tubs, Whirlpool hot tubs in their back yard are usually mandated by California law to fence the area surrounding the pool and to have special child proof gates and access areas.

Some City and County Safety Regulations Require:

  • Five (5) Foot or Higher Fences;
  • Gates with Building and Safety Code Certified Safety Standards;
  • Latches.

A Reasonable Pool and Jacuzzi Hot Tub Owner Should Also Install and Maintain:

  • Infra Red Motion Detectors;
  • Snug Pool Covers Children Cannot Sink Underneath;
  • Closed Circuit Camera Systems in Their Recreational Pool Areas.

These accidents also include slip and fall on a slippery and slimy pool decking surface, that was not properly cleaned and/or scrubbed which can easily cause a broken bone orthopedic mishap. All of these premises liability injuries are complex and difficult to litigate.

Emotions Can Make a Non Represented Party Lose the Case

These death and injury claims are also very emotional, requiring a level headed legal counselor to give a degree of separation between emotional parents and loved ones, and the tort wrongdoer, property owner. Issues like negligence per se, for violation building and safety code sections, must be expertly explored as well.

How Can I Recover Compensation?

Getting a judgment for negligence in California courts often requires safety experts, accident re-constructionists, forensic experts. This can be expensive and that is why Ehline Law Firm PC, works on a contingency fee and advances all costs. This means no recovery no fee. You don’t pay us unless we recover for your serious tort cases.

Other Issues

But you must act quickly to avoid allowing the statute of limitations expiring. This is especially true if the swimming pool is a recreational public swimming pool, as the statute of limitations in government agency lawsuits is often only six (6) months! We are the firm with excellence and expertise far beyond that of cheap attorneys who seem to permeate all California cities and metropolitan areas.

We actively assist the drowning survivors in the pre-litigation process, all the way to trial, if need be. We stay active in the entire legal process on behalf of the victims.  So if you were touched by a pool accident, one at an apartment complex, a house, or commercial property, or event, we will sweep in to demand increased the safety requirements for pool managers, operator and owners within the greater LA locales.  Michael Ehline, our lead counsel, is a nationally acclaimed writer, radio and TV commentator.

He is actively engaged in many forms of aquatic lawsuits and insurance claims, and understands all aspects of private and public safety issues, and the various laws and legislation surrounding swimming pools. If your child was drowned during a  school excursion, or summer camp, for example, that release of liability, does not insulate pool owners, or the school from their own negligence. This also includes kids being burned or drowned in spas, or hot tubs.  Where danger lurks, Ehline is the master of disasters at your beckon call to fight for you and yours.

Get a Free Legal Consultation With a Greater Los Angeles Drowning Injury Lawyer

Los Angeles is a fun place.  It seems often like summer is a year round event. So the mere fact, people are swimming a lot more means more chances for suffocation or engulfment by water.  This is compounded by the fact that L.A. is a magnet for tourists who like to attend waterparks like Raging Waters, Hurricane Harbor, and so on and so forth.

Making matter worse, when the summertime does finally arrive, the crowds and pools and parks increase exponentially.  So when the sun comes out more, the chances of a bad injury also rises.  This means the recognized danger zone is made even more dangerous in the City of Angels when things start to heat up outside.  We can all remember being young and frequenting pools at high noon at summer school, or camp.  Many of us recall going to the beach or public pools at the height of summer vacation. There is so much going on, it is often hard to recognize the dangers present at these bodies of water. Ehline Law Firm gets it.  We cut right to the heart of matter quickly, and start pressuring those with the deep pockets to pay up.  And we work on a no fee to us till you get paid policy. We advance costs as necessary for court fees, professional experts and investigators, and we are dedicated 100% to getting you money damages when you have suffered at the hands of a negligent person that breached their duty of reasonable care for the given situation.

When a death or drowning related injury occurs on another person’s property, let our guard dog prove the legal cause is negligence before you speak to anyone. Don’t mess up your case just because you are distraught.

If you have lost a child due to a drowning incident, do not wait another minute longer to call our firm. We have dedicated our careers to helping families just like yours get back on their feet after an accident has traumatically altered their life. We understand that no amounts of money will ever being back your soaked and suffocated loved one, but we are committed to ensuring that justice is sought, and the negligent party is held responsible. To learn more about Ehline, our storied history, or learn about how we can assist you, contact us now at (213) 596-9642. A courageous swimming pool injury lawyer is ready to take your important phone call.

Our dedicated team of robust advocates assists hurt people throughout Greater LA, on cruise ships at sea, and throughout the nation.  Contact an asphyxiation accident firm for the highest level of legal advocacy available now!