Quadriplegia and Tetraplegia From Negligence in L.A.

Quadriplegia accidentTo know what makes us different, you must first know a little about what we do in our legal advocacy practice.  As a leader in personal injury law, one of the many case subsets that we at Ehline Law handle, involve the delicate area of total paralysis from the negligent onset of spine damage. Of the many iterations of spinal cord injuries, among the most mortifying, and life altering is known as “quadriplegia, or “tetraplegia”, which is defined as:

“An injury to any of the seven (7) cervical vertebra above the first thoracic vertebrae that results not only in loss of feeling and function of the arms and legs, it can also cause severe pain, loss of bladder control, bowel control, muscle spasm, sexual dysfunction, loss of fertility, as well as shortened lifespan.” (Read more)

When this handicap is brought about due to the failure of another person to exercise due care, it becomes ripe for a legal action in tort. This type of case is known to forever alter a person’s life in the negative. The future costs of medical treatment, and constant assistance required for daily activities, can be absolutely tremendous with an astronomical price tag to boot. The shock connected with the original injury causing event, is probably only matched by the mental heartbreak that is coupled with permanency of the back injury itself.  This type of change in a person’s life touches everyone connected with the victim.  It normally means that future employment is out of the question; mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, home care nurses, special vehicles, training, and a gamut of other items will be needed.  This type of case will definitely throw many lives into upheaval and it is a herculean task to deal with both the negligence lawsuit, and also deal with  the collateral issues above.

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The Pain of Quadriplegia Affects Everyone

Ehline Law is also familiar with how a loyal husband or wife standing by the side of the tort victim is also “stressed out” and also having a hard time coping with merely seeing the partial or complete paralysis of his or her spouse. This condition is especially more devastating if the significant other who is now disabled, was the primary bread winner. Now unemployed and prevented from labor, the victim and his or her family cannot provide for the financial well being of the pride. The ability to pay bills and live the same way as before, post incident, becomes unsustainable.  In fact, in a death claim, at least there is often life insurance.  But when someone is crippled and not deceased, the financial situation of the family can often lead to bankruptcy and homelessness. Another ugly factor with these cases is the connection with discrimination and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as the Unruh Civil Rights line of cases.  Once you get hit with this type of debilitating injury, you can easily become shunned by society or simply not even be noticed. Typically you are also suffering from PTSD from the accident itself.

Afflicted children no longer get to run, jump and play with parents and peers. Conversely, an out of commission parent, guardian, or other adult means that businesses can lose revenue, relationships are damaged, and the list goes on.  Everyone is affected like a series of collapsing dominoes.  It is imperative that those with contractual and implied relationships with the victim, are protected, not just the sufferer him or herself.

Ehline Law Firm PC has represented multiple spinal cord injury victims and has an impressive record of achievement at recovering large monetary awards for the victims and families of these terrible incidents. The firm is composed of attorneys who are nationally recognized as superb quadriplegia injury attorneys. Your local Los Angeles trial law firm that is just minutes away from all major California cities and towns. It is indispensable that a trial litigation attorney is out there fighting hard for each and every penny, at every step of the way, for your personal injury compensation. This is because you will need a figure in an amount high enough to provide care for the life expectancy of the victim and his or her family after the injury producing event.

What makes Ehline so special? Our specialty, if we had one at all, is that we are masters of disasters, we do what it takes to rightly submit all claims surrounding neurological damage to the spine, such as partial or total paralysis. We do the initial legwork to help develop a case for presentation to a jury. And this is not easy. It necessitates massive economic resources like hiring investigators, and licensed professionals like surgeons and accident reconstructionists.  These are all irons in the fire of Ehline Law.  We have the money, time and experience to orchestrate and lead a case into legal battle. As a plaintiff’s lawyer, Ehline knows your burden of presenting testimony from a physical medicine doctor, neurological expert, such as a neuropsychologist, neuropsychiatrist, life care planner, a vocational rehabilitationist as well as economists. In fact, some cases may require more experts and a bankroll to pay them in advance for their research and time prior to and during trial. Otherwise, a plaintiff will fail to meet their burden on the merits.

We understand and do what it takes so we can completely clarify to the jury the actual value of the injury.  We do what is takes to obtain the past, present and future damages present in the catastrophe endured by the plaintiff. Attorney Ehline himself, as well as his staffers, have had members of their own family touched by devastating back injuries.  We are the compassionate and effective lawyers who empathize and understand how to help you succeed in a legal victory. Call us now for a free consultation.

Connection With Negligence

Quadriplegia is terrible human condition that is often the result of negligence or carelessness. Unlike paraplegia, which is a paralysis from the waist down, quadriplegia generally occurs when the spinal cord is severed from the shoulder and neck area. As discussed, the result stops mobility and dulls sensation and motor functions of the lower body. Examples of onset include a car crash, motorcycle wreck, falling off a cruise ship or broken pool springboard, or even a simple fall on a wet floor at a grocery store. Other examples include hazardous premises, dangerous workplaces, defective products, and infectious diseases contracted at the doctor’s office, or hospital. In a minority of cases, blood-borne infections such as from a bad transfusion or being housed in a ward with infected individuals, can lead spine damage. Bottom line, medical malpractice can lead to quadriplegia, such as a timely diagnoses of hematomas, spinal compressions or some type of infection or condition readily discoverable. Even a botched surgery could be the cause, which may require a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A Few Other Negligence Scenarios Known for Leading to Quadriplegia

There and several accident injury scenarios, such as an auto accident (46.9 percent of all back injuries), that can and often do cause serious bodily injuries. And don’t rule out that a defective vehicle, such as a Toyota suddenly accelerating, could also have played a role in the causation. Seat belts have actually been alleged to be the cause of many horrific back injuries. Even though many bad belts have been recalled and replaced, with less dangerous three point, or lap-shoulder belts, this typically was not made permanent in newer cars until 2007.

This means a vehicle you were riding in may be older and not equipped with the safer lap belts. This is why you need to speak to a Los Angeles personal injury trial lawyer before proceeding further with your case on your own. Paralyzation below the neck befalls approximately 6,500 different subjects each year in the U.S.  Although there are only about 130,000 presently afflicted with this malaise, if you are connected with the person who is down and out, that number is irrelevant to you.


Examples of Real Victims and Causation

So many of these cases are due to someone else’s negligence, and others that are not, such as actor Christopher Reeve, who was injured while riding a horse, “eventing”, or Steven Hawkings who was paralyzed by a condition known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Still, many other daunting cases were caused by someone else who was simply not paying attention. One famous example of a car crash that led to permanent disablement, is that of Mark Zupan, the American wheelchair rugby player, who was in the movie Murderball.

News Examples of Quadriplegic Cases Emanating from Greater Los Angeles

On Jan. 4, 2001, Leon Bostick was training at Gold’s Gym Venice,  when weights fell and broke his neck, resulting in his permanent disability and a huge bad faith award. (See Claims Journal.) PV School District has hearing to see whether or not a paralyzed girl can even attend their school. (L.A. Times Piece here.)  Quadriplegic stranded on Disneyland ride. (Read more.) Family and friends celebrate life of past friend rendered disabled from car crash. (Read More Here.) A Pop Warner youth football player, who paralyzed making a tackle during a 2011 game, files a first ever lawsuit over “head-first” tackling. (Read More.) So as you can see, there are broad possibilities of how the onset occurs.  Los Angeles is such a huge and diverse place, there are many many examples of how the condition can happen, and how it plays out once a person is afflicted.

More Bad News – Involuntary Functions

An additional and embarrassing consequence of being a disabled victim, often results in involuntary bodily functions like respiratory conditions, digestion problems, uncontrollable coughing, and even causes excretion of body waste to become difficult, involuntary, or even impossible, as discussed above.

  • Potential Medical Breakthroughs

There may be good news for some victims. Although walking sticks, canes and crutches are out of the question, there are some potential aids that look promising like:

There are new and exciting breakthroughs all the time. But for now, these cases represent the end of life as previously known and usher in an era of sadness, helplessness and even suicidal thoughts for those overcome with this terrible condition.

Inability to Perform Everyday Tasks

As discussed, the only function typically left for a sufferer, is the use of the mouth. In this example video below, you can see Steven Hawking using his mouth to manipulate a wheelchair.   Hawking has a special wheelchair and computer set up that can even scan his eyes to seek commands. He is even able to manipulate a special throat microphone. But he still cannot run, jump and play as he once did. He looks haggardly and we are sure he would rather not have been afflicted with Quadriplegia. For example, he needs someone to feed him, wash him and take him to the restroom. All this additional medical and general care is extremely expensive and someone has to pay for it.

Chances of an Economic Recovery Increases with An Excellent Attorney

People with these types of injuries are highly unlikely to recover their lost mobility, as they usually have permanent nerve damage and severance of other tissue that normally causes electrical signals to be sent to the brain. Although there is cutting edge research, like stem cell replacement technology, or even physical therapy, so far, there is almost no chance of a normal life for a quadriplegia victim. Your Search for Expert Personal Injury Trial Legal Counsel Has Just Ended – Contact Ehline Now!

These are the Worst Types of Injuries and Require a Champion in Your Corner

Of the many injury victims of debilitating injuries, those with quadriplegia are the worst off in the opinion of most doctors and surgeons. If you want to assure yourself that you are properly compensated for your serious personal injuries by calling Ehline Law your quadriplegia injury legal professionals in California are dedicated to getting you compensation for mental and physical pain and suffering for your devastating injuries, We will fight hard to get you justice. We make it happen as your champion for justice.

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“… in a death claim, at least there is often life insurance.  But when someone is crippled and not deceased, the financial situation of the family can often lead to bankruptcy and homelessness.”