Possible Real Jail Time for Lindsay Lohan for Lying to Police in June Accident

Lohan arrest

Lohan may be charged with lying to the coppers. See?

Many people love her, but many also hate her. Lohan is in the news again. This story is right up my alley. Previously, we heard about a potential hit and run, and other crazy stuff and now this. Santa Monica authorities are considering filing charges against the Hollywood actress, stemming from her statements concerning a June accident.

Lying to the Police is a Crime

The charges would be for lying to police, which is a misdemeanor. Lohan told police she was not driving the vehicle when it was involved in an accident; however several sources have stated she was indeed driving. Charges, if filed will mean Lohan violated her probation for jewelry theft, by lying to authorities. The LA city attorney’s office is hoping she will serve the maximum amount of jail time for the probation violation.

Unnamed sources close to the city attorney’s office:

Sources said that when Lohan is charged with lying to police, then the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office will ask for a formal probation violation hearing. The prosecutor will request the judge sentence Lohan to considerable jail time, which can be up to one year in jail. Police and prosecutors believe there is significant amount of evidence to prove the probation violation to the judge. They are optimistic that she will face the maximum penalty for lying to police.

The source said, just the fact that she would be charged with a crime is enough for probation to be revoked and Lohan to be sent to jail. Sources say the truck driver that Lohan crashed into on the Pacific Coast Highway in her rented Porsche will be testifying in court.

These are very serious charges, according to attorney, Michael P. Ehline, Esq. Ehline relates that “this can make her unhire-able, as movie companies won’t be able to get insurance coverage”. So if she goes to jail, and then is released on probation, she would not be able to work in movies, more likely than not.

More Details to Come

This story still has legs, so we will be watching it closely. The moral of the story. Stay off drugs and alcohol, don’t steal and don’t lie. Easy enough? We report and you decide.

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