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People on foot walking on public roads, are commonly known as “pedestrians”.  Typically, these persons on foot will walk, run, or jog on sidewalks, or sections of the road like shoulders, or even in or next to the rain-gutter. Pedestrians are totally exposed to the elements, as well as the clear and present danger of being sideswiped by a motor vehicle careening out of control. In fact, pedestrians brave the greatest burden of sustaining an injury in these scenarios.  It is easy to see how these accidents can easily lead to significant loss of life on our roads today.

In fact, of the recorded cases, around 4,432 walkers were killed (which amounts to 14% of fatalities), and 69,000 wayfarers endured traffic related collisions in year 2011 alone. [1. See National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Website].   All too often, drivers are inattentive to the presence of pedestrians and don’t sufficiently look in the direction their car is traveling.

When a Los Angeles pedestrian accident happens, the impaired and wounded victim must take the steps necessary to collect significant fiscal recovery to pay for for past, present and future medical and other expenses. A pedestrian who was wounded may also be able to recover money for their trouble.

Put Our Experience to Work For You

When you want viable results as a consumer in your potential lawsuit, you must seek out and retain prominent, studied exponents who are in your corner for every round of your slogging match against the defendants, and their highly paid insurance defense attorneys. We are upholders of your rights and fight tooth and nail to get you fully indemnified and back on track to justice, and a normal life.

Are you stressed out and just want to throw up your hands? Never fear, Ehline Law Firm PC, is familiar with the nuances of the Vehicle Code, and case law dealing with negligence, liability and damages.  We are the insurance company’s worst nightmare.  Michael P. Ehine, Esq., is a former U.S. Marine and he wants to clobber all those who stand in the way of your recompense.

“Do or die” is the method to our madness. As discussed above, our local Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys have vast legal experience. Simply put, we have the legal knowledge you will need in setting up and resolving your auto insurance claims for accidents involving pedestrians, bikers, joggers and skateboarders and crosswalk accidents.

Difference Between California and New York

All pedestrians in California, unlike New York for example, have the right-of-way to use the road. But often, those walking on a walk sign, jogging, running, or engaging in ingress or egress to and from a school or metro bus, or carefully riding their bikes, are put out of commission.  This happens when these heavy vehicles collide with pedestrians as they cross the street in a cross walk, or other right of way area such as an implied crosswalk.

  • Distracted Driver Scenario – Often a vehicle driver is at bliss on his or her cell phone and not paying attention at all! This is how many pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles, California occur.

Types of Pedestrian Injuries and Compensation

cross walk accident in los angelesThe injuries will usually require compensation in the form of money damages for hospital bills, lost wages, mental and physical pain and suffering. As a wounded victim, you are entitled to money for all damages that are reasonable and necessary to get you into a position where you receive a fair and just award.

People On Foot Are Most Vulnerable

Obviously, pedestrians are more vulnerable to injury and death on a roadway than are the occupant(s) of a car or truck with safety features such as seatbelts, airbag and roll cage. Approximately 90% of non-vehicle occupant deaths/fatalities involve pedestrians, as opposed to skateboarders, rollerbladers, and bicyclists. as discussed, motor vehicle v. pedestrian mishaps usually result in catastrophic loss.

California pedestrians run over by a dump truck or bus, for example,must seek and retain experienced Los Angeles pedestrian attorneys. Southern California, with crowded cities like Laguna Beach, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach and Hermosa Beach, can be dangerous for pedestrians and elderly people crossing the street. Pedestrians don’t have airbags, seatbelts, or a safety cage to protect them in an auto v. pedestrian accident. Our pros have the experience with negligence law to help you win your case (learn more.)

We handle a numerous types of pedestrian accident cases, including those caused by a negligent vehicle driver who:

  • Failed to stop for a person on foot.
  • Blew through a red light and smashed into a lady who was walking.
  • Ran over a child exiting a school bus in violation of California law.
  • Ran over a person walking a bike in a cross walk by not looking to the right of the car before turning right.
  • Fled the scene at high speed after running over a pedestrian.

After a wreck, besides getting better, it is important for a the victim to remain silent, rather than being led by the nose by the defendant’s insurance adjustor.  An unrepresented party is an underwhelming party who is not taken seriously by their opponents. If you want to be treated fairly and with respect, you don’t show up to a gun fight with a knife.

A hired gun fighter is a better bet. Ehline Law is the top gun attorney who will not allow depressed victims fall for the sneaky tricks of the insurance company. We won’t let you sign away your valuable legal rights, or give recorded statements designed to trap and trick honest, law abiding folks just like you.

Getting Help

Our policy is that if we can’t recover a victory for you, we don’t collect a fee. We are contingency fee attorney, and we are in this thing together. This gives clients confidence that they are not going to have to go it alone and that a trained, trial attorney, believes in their case.  Getting injured parties overwhelmingly favorable court verdicts and settlements is our goal.

Contact Ehline Law Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers now. We have a battle tested, proven record of decisive victories, recovering large, substantial money damages awards for serious cross-walk and other injuries. Call now at (888) 400-9721.

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