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When you are living in a city as busy and populated as Los Angeles, you have to be just as careful walking on a sidewalk as when you are driving a car. The biggest problem with pedestrian accidents is that they are often times life threatening for pedestrians since they are not protected by any shield around them.  This is always the case when you’re in a car. Furthermore, the speed and uncontrolled behavior of the driver can further damage a person for life. Any injuries caused by motorized vehicle drivers due to their negligence or irresponsible behavior must be challenged by the victim.

We at Ehline Law understand that it is not easy to know where you must start but that’s what our professional attorneys are here for. We will make sure that you get the justice you need and the vehicle driver is punished for his wrongdoing to avoid further negligence.

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Pedestrian accidents are more common in living areas where there are a lot of houses and people living. The drivers are not as cautious as they are on highways and this casual behavior can cause life threatening accidents. Some of the common factors causing pedestrian accidents we are experienced in are as follows:

Driver Is Over-Speeding

Anywhere in any populated city, this turns out to be one of the common reasons for pedestrian accidents. Drivers are always directed to drive slowly in pedestrian streets and areas that are densely populated. Drivers continue to drive speedily when they are either too passionate about driving fast, or are busy on their cell phones and miss the speed limit signs.

Not Focusing On The Surroundings

This happens to old and experienced drivers as well as new ones. For many reasons they can end up ignoring their surrounding thus not knowing that there is a school nearby or some other place where there could be a lot of people and children. Drivers can ignore surroundings out of frustration too i.e. they wouldn’t slow down even after seeing that an old person is crossing the road and he’ll obviously go real slow.

Missing The Caution Signs

cross walk accident in los angeles

This can also be a result of frustration or distraction in the form of texting on mobile phones. Slow down and stop signs are pretty common in populated areas and neighborhoods. You miss any of those signs and you can get ready for a fatal accident.

It is not alright to let go of your right when you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident. You are fully entitled to receive every penny in compensation for the damage done to your body, mental condition, income and finances. The biggest costs can be of medical bills that are known for making people go bankrupt.

What’s done is done. We cannot bring back the time but at Ehline Law Firm we are ever-ready to deal with any type of pedestrian accidents. We are here to ensure that you get full compensation of every type of loss that has resulted from the accident. Contact us today and let our most experienced attorneys solve matters out for you.

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