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Pedestrian foot traffic is one of the leading ways to get around the greater LA area. These walkers, joggers, or runners often travel by sidewalk or road shoulders. These pedestrians are exposed to the elements and dangers of cars and other people. Unfortunately, the rates of pedestrian injuries are high. In 2011 alone, over 4,000 walkers were killed and 69,000 injured in traffic related collisions. This represents 14% of all national fatalities as drivers are sometimes inattentive and miss the pedestrians.

If this happens to you or a loved one, you need the best legal representation possible. A pedestrian seriously hurt in an accident could have many years of recovery and medical expenses in front of them.

Put Our Experience to Work For You

When you need it, only the finest legal counsel will do. Having an attorney or attorneys that are experienced and specialized in injury law will make a large difference in your case and if you win or not. The Ehline Law Firm PC has spent years studying every part of the Vehicle Code and dealing with cases surrounding negligence, liability, and damages. We keep insurance companies and the negligent on their toes and stun with our winning reputation.

Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, is an honorably separated Marine that doesn’t give up. He heads a firm that takes years of experience with practical knowledge and case study dealing with pedestrian issues– from walkers to bikers to skateboarders and others and how to win in court.

Difference Between California and New York

In California, all pedestrians have the right of way to use the road, unlike New York. Many times these people are struck by vehicles even when they are most careful. These can cause serious injury, even as pedestrians are in the cross walk or in a right of way area such as an implied crosswalk.

  • Distracted Driver Scenario – Drivers fiddling with their cell phones or not paying attention to traffic can hit a pedestrian. It is a leading cause of these types of crashes in the LA area.

Types of Pedestrian Injuries and Compensation

cross walk accident in los angeles

Terrible injuries can befall pedestrians. Because there is no protection of a car or building, the injuries could be the most severe. Anyone hurt in cases like this are entitled to claim compensation. Approximately 90% of non-vehicle occupant deaths involve pedestrians– a terrible statistic.



California residents hit by large vehicles, such as a dump truck or bus must seek out both medical and legal care. Finding a caring attorney that deals with personal injury is a vital matter whether you are in Laguna Beach, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach, Hermosa Beach, or elsewhere. These are all dangerous places where walkers can be seriously hurt or even killed. Our skilled attorneys know about the various types of serious issues that can arise from pedestrian accidents, including:

  • Driver failed to stop for a person on foot.
  • Blew through a red light, hitting a pedestrian.
  • Drove through a school bus zone allowing children off.
  • Not looking when turning.
  • Fled the scene at high speed after running over a pedestrian.

Dealing with medical care is tough. Not being taken advantage of by an insurance adjustor is another on a long list of issues that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Having an attorney that will take care of insurance issues, take on the big companies, and hold the negligent parties responsible is vital in cases like this.

Getting Help

If you trust us, we will fight to the end for you. We don’t get a cent in fees unless we win. Our contingency fee policy means that we win when you do. We will fight in and out of the court, get the paperwork and case together and not give in. Call one of our skilled attorneys today for a free, no-pressure consultation today at (888) 400-9721.

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