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When an errant driver flees the scene of a collision in LA, it is time to contact a Los Angeles hit & run accident attorney at Ehline Law Firm PC. These types of wrecks require immediate legal action. This is because when a driver flees the scene, they are often under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance and need to be held accountable to stop this from happening again. Taking legal steps quickly will bring the defendant to justice by filing civil charges and they may also face criminal charges as well.

The victim of a hit and run accident needs an accomplished personal injury legal advocate, who will be familiar with  litigating this type of case and have the resources to investigate the incident to recover the damages the person who was harmed deserves.  Ehline Law has a proven track record of success in these types of cases, and has recovered millions of dollars for Californians who were harmed from the wrongdoing of others.

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Consulting a Lawyer in a Timely Manner After a Hit and Run Incident

It is vital to consult a hit and run accident attorney as soon as possible, if you or a deceased loved one, such as your primary income earner, have been a victim of this type of incident. It is essential to do a proper background check on the driver of a vehicle involved that is known and determine if they were operating the vehicle at the time.  When the driver of the vehicle is unknown, time is critical to the investigation.

Our attorneys will seek any witnesses to the incident, review any surveillance tapes available and use other investigative methods in conjunction with the police to determine who was operating the vehicle at the time of the hit and run crash. The evidence is crucial to collect as soon as possible, so it is not destroyed and can be preserved properly to strengthen the case. Waiting can mean that it will be difficult to prove a case of this type, because witnesses may not be able to be located and evidence can deteriorate over time.

We offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your claim and work on a contingency bases, which means our legal fees are not paid until we recover compensation in your case. Contact our attorneys today to discuss your case.

Example of Recent Victory:

In one example, our firm took on a case for a estranged wife and daughter of a victim who, according to police reports, was drunk and nude, wondering around on the highway. He was run over and killed by multiple parties, one after another, at least one of whom fled the scene of the crime. Ultimately, the survivors’ first attorney withdrew from the case. But Ehline took a second look at the file, signed the family up as clients, and did additional investigations. This was a tough case, but due to our investigations, and understanding of insurance bad faith law, and the Cumis counsel rules, our firm was able to exhaust the insurance policies of the drivers who ran the victim over and secure a large settlement for the family.

Hit and Run Settlements and Verdicts

Having a law firm with experience will mean being able to obtain the settlement or court awarded compensation that the victim is entitled. Our accomplished attorneys are negotiation and litigation experts who have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation on behalf of hit and run clients, and for families who have lost a loved one by either bringing a wrongful death lawsuit, or pressuring the insurers to settle in claim.  Always keep in mind that trials can take years, they are very risky, and insurance companies generally do not let good cases get to trial. So hiring a lawyer who front-loads your case by spending the time and money to make it bullet proof, is always best. That way, no matter what happens and you cannot settle, at least the case is now prepped for a duly empaneled jury.

Ehline Has the Knowledge and Skill to Win Your Los Angeles, California Hit and Run Injury Claim

Representation by Ehline Law Firm PC ensures that you are retaining legal advocates with the skill and experience necessary, along with the resources to thoroughly investigate the incident. Our attorneys will never settle a case for less than the victim deserves, and we keep our clients appraised every step of the way. During our investigations we have been able to determine the vehicle(s) involved through identifying marks like bumper stickers, bumpers and other unusual identifying marks and items left behind at the scene, or revealed by percipient witnesses, that single out the automobile that often go ignored or documented in hastily prepared Traffic Collision Investigation” reports created by the first responders, like the CHP, or local cops.

Sometimes the victims need to be taken back to the incident scene with their attorneys, in order to re create what happened and to locate additional evidence and maybe even help track down eyewitnesses.  This is one of the ways that Ehline Law Firm PC is able to help in bringing a case to a close and obtain the damages the client deserves or more importantly for the family that has lost a loved one, hold the negligent driver legally responsible. Fortune favors bold attorneys who are willing to go the extra mile. That is Ehline Law in a nutshell. We go the extra mile.  We make it happen.

Other Sources of Recovery:

Many individuals, including personal injury attorneys are unaware of the fact that there are always other potential sources of monetary compensation. For example, pedestrians who are run over may be able to go after their own homeowners insurance for coverage.  A driver who is hit by an anonymous car can also attempt to exhaust their own Uninsured Motorist coverage. But often, insurance companies require proof of physical contact, such as paint transference, otherwise anyone could blame a phantom driver when they simply drove their car off of the road.

Also, there is always the possibility that the government has partial fault, such as in the case where there was a faulty traffic signal, and the driver who hit you had a green, and so did you! So just because the unidentified driver got away, does not mean the city or county gets off Scott free. But tackling all of this means you need a real master of disasters for your attorney. That’s us.  We want to be your legal champion and make this happen for you. If you think, or have been told you have a tough case, give us a chance to take a look at it before you just give up.

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