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Ehline Law Firm PC of California State, proudly defends the rights of the victims of personal injury cases. The professional and experienced attorneys at Ehline Law have spent years in getting the personal injury matters settled for their clients to ensure they get every penny they deserve for their losses. Explore our website to learn more about us. We have been fighting for years and we’ll continue this successful journey in future too. Our experience has taught us the use of every tool and method to successfully win the cases for our clients and reach final personal injury settlements.

Michael Ehline

Military Law School Scholarship

Attorney Michael Ehline, USMC Veteran.

Attorney Michael Ehline is the person who would never sit silent until he’s done something for the justice of people. From his personal observation of the world around him he’s understood that victims of personal injury cases can become desperate quite often. He himself is the victim of a terrible rollover car accident, which is one of the things that led him to becoming a car accident expert (Read More.) It is because they can’t defend themselves against powerful entities or they don’t know what to do and where to start. Michael Ehline has clung strongly to his Scandinavian-American values bequeathed to him by his parents. He’s honest, he works hard to the end and believes strongly in self-dependence. He’s been a part of US Military – a United States Marine.

He’s done sales business in Los Angeles. He’s done construction work and much more. Throughout his life he’s been dedicated to “doing something.” After working with some great names such as Gary Dordick, and receiving Juris Doctorate in Los Angeles, he has understood everything about Los Angeles, its people and their matters. He’s currently a part of dozens of organizations and supports many of them for fighting for justice. Some organizations that he supports or works as a member of include Web O Trust legal white listing Network, Personal Injury Warriors, Million Dollar Lawyer’s Award, Circle of Legal Trust, Spinal Cord Meeting, American Inns of Court, North American Brain Injury Society etc.


James Bell

Proven Fighter, James Bell

Our excellent trial counsel

Bell is one of the most valuable assets of Ehline Law Firm PC. He has great experience and above all he’s a native Californian. He’s popular among attorneys for successfully obtaining a defense verdict in no more than half an hour. With complete law related educational background, James has received the license to practice law in California and Texas. He’s admitted in various big courts present in the country including the US Supreme Court and US Tax Court. State Bar of Texas has him employed as a prosecutor of those who are practicing law unlawfully too. You will often find him busy doing things related to various cases since he was born to do this (Learn More.)


George Aldrich

George Aldrich is a man with an interesting background. He is an ex-soldier. He’s quick to think because he has a long corporate sales background on his portfolio, and his service to US Military in the first Gulf War has given him that attitude of never backing down. His motivation to work with attorneys and help them with legal matters is unmatched. Those involved in motorbike and other vehicle injuries can feel a strong connection with George because he is a passionate bike rider himself. He’s also a bicycle rider so he takes these matters more seriously than any other attorney.

He acts as a teacher of ethics of riding motorbikes and bicycles too. He performs this job as a member of the Personal Injury Warriors and while serving the section of Bicycle Injury. He has received his Juris Doctorate in San Diego and so you know he too knows a lot about California and Los Angeles. He has received the license to practice law and serve with his skills in any court of California. His work on catastrophic injury cases is definitely praiseworthy.

He likes to serve the society in whatever way possible and thus is a member of several organizations such as Beverly Hills Bar Association, San Fernando Valley Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles and many more (Learn More.)


James Carr

Carr is an amazing personality. He’s one of the attorneys who would go to their clients to make things easier for them and even inspect scenes personally to know things better. He’s a Cum Laude graduate from University of Notre Dam, and passed the California Bar Exam in 1977.

He was more focused on consumers by helping them with cases of defective products and construction accidents. James Car has over 30 years of experience and he has settled and reached judgments for recoveries of more than $100,000,000. Being a member of several reputable organizations for lawyers such as CAALA, AAJ, Personal Injury Warriors, CAOC etc. he stands as one of the most impressive lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC (Read More.)


Ehline Law professionals want their clients to know that it’s not just their experience that counts, their willingness, passion and pursuit of justice are the other vital factors that make them such a strong part of Ehline Law Firm PC. If you have a personal injury case and need help straight away, call us and come for a free consultation (Read More.)