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Although not reported that often in the news, being injured in an elevator-connected accident on someone’s premises, is a real possibility for those who work in the hotel industry, frequent high rise offices, and other structures that use these lifting machines and devices. While these conveyors are typically safer than ever before, because of technology, horrific injuries can still occur to individuals using them. Typically, these are among the scariest and most injurious types of incidents when they do actually take place. This is because a trapped arm or hand in an elevator door, while it then goes into motion, could mean the loss of a limb, and even bleeding to death before one can be rescued.

The devastated, surviving injury victims will almost always face a heavy budgetary drain.  Were you or somebody you care for victimized by an elevator-related mishap? If the answer is yes, the clear choice for legal assistance is Ehline Law Firm PC. Our masterful lawyers stand at the ready to lead your catastrophic injury lawsuit in pursuit of upper limit compensation. Each year, we sit down with people just like you to devise the strategies and tactics best suited to win your case. The cost of the call is free, the advice we give is priceless.  Our reputation precedes us. Call us now and get help at (213) 596-9642.

Experience Makes the Difference

With over 10 years of practice and 1o years prior to that as a paralegal, attorney Michael Ehline is well skilled in handling personal injury claims in the L.A., California vicinity. Of lawyers are greatly honed and skillful in navigating the minefields inherent in the case management and litigation developments. Our established law practice has become an industry leader, with massive accident  settlements on the side of our clientele.

Comprehensively Investigating Your Rights To Money

Once we are hired as your personal injury legal representative, we will conduct a far reaching examination of your case and make certain that all elements of a strong negligence claim are present. This service includes thoroughly researching police and witness reports, medical records,  traveling to and analyzing the incident scene, locating and taking statements from newly discovered witnesses, and making sure whether or not state action is also involved. Even if your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance does provide some coverage, the party that caused your damages is a collateral source of money and your own liability policy will generally never be enough to cover your pain and suffering, etc., when you are severely hurt to the extent that an elevator-types accident is statistically associated with.

Statistics prove the dangers of working around or on elevators:

  • Statistics show there has been at least 21 people a year have been killed due to working around elevators or on them during a nine-year period.
  • In the construction industry the installers or repair-persons for elevators rate the fifth highest place for work related injuries or deaths.
  • A study done over a seven-year period by the George Washington University showed the injuries sustained when injured by an elevator were traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, cuts and sprains.
  • During a ten-year period from 1992 through 2001 there were 207 wrongful deaths related to elevators, which equals approximately 21 deaths per year, of these deaths 146 involved people that worked on or in elevators. There were 61 people riding, entering or exiting elevators that were killed.
  • During a six-year period there were 83 deaths that occurred while installing or repairing elevators. There were 27 deaths that occurred while working on elevator shafts or cars, and there were 36 deaths while working next to an elevator.
  • Injuries and deaths are reportedly due to being struck by an object in elevator accidents.

Various Causes of Elevator Accidents

A great deal of tripping type elevator-related mishaps take place when the partitioned chamber or cage, is not flush with building floor. The ridge created is typically not noticeable and creates a trip, slip and fall risk to the commuters boarding or exiting elevator cars. Other examples include scenarios when passengers try and “hold up” the doors by placing an arm or leg in between the door, in an attempt to activate the automatic sensor and thus, get on board instead of waiting for the next ride. Loose clothing, fingers and hair can also get trapped in the elevator doors.

Mechanical glitches are also known for causing sudden stops, or sudden acceleration which can toss those inside about, and also trap these passengers stuck in between floors when they need medical care.  The less frequent, but very deadly example includes those cases of frayed, or weakened elevator trolley cables that snap, coupled with total safety brake systems failure, causing a “free fall” or plummet to the lowest floor, crushing or killing the occupants.

Employees, such as waiters can be injured using dumb-waiters, and janitors can be hurt using designated use conveyors. These above statistics show that elevator-related calamities are often fatal when and where they occur, including in the State of California. Going it alone and trying to represent yourself in a personal injury case of such magnitude is not an option for most. Give us a call and at least explore your options and get this monkey off of your back. Besides, there are often multiple parties in these complex cases. There may be more than one negligent party and this means more potential money on the table to completely compensate the victim(s).

Negligence that can be attributed to the manufacturer can include:

  • Prior to placing the elevator on the market not testing and inspecting for defects
  • Design flaws in the elevator and its equipment.
  • Failing to warn of risks and hazards related to the elevator. (learn more about defective product here.)

The owner or building manager is required to keep the elevator up to code for safety and inspections and can be sued when negligent. They can also be sued if they do not implement emergency or rescue plans for elevator emergencies, along with training of employees. The service company can also be held liable for elevators that are not maintained or are flawed. They can also be held responsible for defective repairs and not keeping maintenance records up to date.

In the state of California if you or a family member are involved in an elevator, hoist or lift-type accident it is vitally important to seek the assistance of an experience personal injury attorney. It is also important not to speak with or sign any documents from insurance companies, lest mou mistakenly lower the value of your serious case in their eyes.

Compensation for an Elevator Related Accident

Extravagant medical-treatment charges are part and parcel of being badly injured by an elevator. Additionally, lost income and living costs spiraling out of control, along with the dramatic impact of no longer being able to engage in the activities you had in the past, are monumentally negative to your mental and physical well being, and monetary health. The great financial burden accompanying a claim like this is enough to force a bankruptcy in some extreme cases.

This of course, is assuming that your family did not pay the ultimate price due to a fatality caused by a defective or malfunctioning elevator. This means suffering the sadness of a ceremony for the dead, and then being forced to pay for it out of your own pocket, adding insult to injury. Loss of this vital income after the already significant disruption to household income, is just one more reason why you need to put your case into the hands or a trained, legal professional over at Ehline Law Firm PC to successfully maneuver your liability claims. Damages for which individuals suffering harm in an elevator-related accident are inter alia:

  • Repayment for past, and present medical charges
  • Repayment for last rights and funeration ceremonies
  • Payments for past, present and future pain and suffering
  • Remuneration for extreme psychological and mental harm
  • Reparations for pain management and lifetime therapy treatments
  • Payment for past, present and future lost earning and lost ability to continue earning

Consult With a Lawyer Now Regarding Your Elevator-Type Calamity

Well rounded knowledge of case management, substantive law and legal procedures, is critical to an exceptional outcome in a personal injury lawsuit, or liability insurance claim.  Ehline Law Firm PC is a highly skilled, technically proficient leader in California personal injury law circles. Our battle tested firm has well over 10 years of experience dealing with terrible injury claims, and we are standing by the phone right now, waiting to handle your viable case. When you are looking for a legal champion to represent your interests by securing compensatory damages on your behalf, for an elevator-connected accident, we are ready to roll. To talk to a personal injury representative, call now at (213) 596-9642 for a free consult.