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Ehline Law Firm PC understands that the golden years can be pleasurable and painful all at once.  Being retired means more time to recreate.  But your body may not be up to it.  Or someone may attempt to exploit your more frail physical and mental condition like a criminal, or unscrupulous “sudden friend”, or even a negligent tour bus operator, for example. Some elders become lonely and with advanced age, become gullible, and lose their ability to identify unsavory predators. These are all types of elder abuse scenarios. Offenders are often both criminally and civilly liable. So on the one hand, the District or City Attorney would prosecute and seek criminal reparations under the Penal Code, a civil lawyer like Ehline seeks money damages for violations of civil elder law statutes.

Ehline Law Firm PC is filled with passionate, dedicated civil law experts. We are consummate professionals, who have a proud tradition of serving and doing a bang up job for afflicted old folks who are in need of a champion.  We will shout and roar for your cause both in and out of the courthouse. We are dedicated masters of disasters who are fully devoted to assisting that greatest generation and their kin.

Our special training gives us an edge in court, and our proven track record of millions of dollars in financial awards, speaks for itself.  The legal community also sees us as highly aggressive, with a take no prisoners ethos.  We are winning, battle tested, street fighters for legal justice. Grandma and grandpa have a proven, effective representative with Ehline Law Firm and Michael P. Ehline, Esq., at their side.

Ehline Law Firm Assists Oppressed Seniors

Was your mom, dad, or other dependent hurt by someone like a care provider, or while at a care facility? These people deserve to be treated with dignity. The most vulnerable adults among us Angelinos, are often our elderly. Sadly, they often become victims of abuse in the very environment that is intended to protect and care for them, nursing homes.

In recent years, problems of malnutrition, bedsores (decubitus ulcers), neglect, as well as physical, verbal, and sexual abuse have all been exposed in these institutions. The usual victims of abuse are dependants. This is a person with physical or mental limitations with restricted ability to perform normal activities of daily living alone. This person is usually between the ages of 18 and 64 and often need their rights protected.

Our Commitment to Suffering Families

At Ehline Law Firm PC, we are committed to helping the disrespected seniors and their families through these difficult situations. This is a harrowing time for the family and they need to know who they can turn to. The victim may begin to rack up bills beyond what they are covered for. There may be SSI insurance available to help, in addition to the damages award or settlement for the damages or fatality suffered.

If your loved one has suffered abuse in a nursing home or in another managed care arrangement, our experienced litigators can help you pursue the matter and obtain justice for your loved one. Our Los Angeles elder abuse lawyers have successfully pursued several nursing home abuse claims for clients throughout Southern California.

Types of Elder Abuse

  • Attorney Elder Abuse; recently, there have been cases of dishonest attorneys convincing elders to unknowingly sign over their entire fortunes to them!;
  • Physical Assault and Physical Abuse on an Elder like deprivation of food, physical punishments, restraints and other torture;
  • Financial Abuse of Elders and Dependants; Examples include illegally or fraudulently taking an elderly individual’s money;
  • Mental Abuse; Examples include verbal abuse, or psychologically intimidating an elderly person through fear, confusion or other methods;
  • Decubitus Ulcers; A decubitus ulcer is a pressure sore or what is commonly called a bedsore. However, it can range from a very mild pink coloration of the skin, which disappears in a few hours after pressure is relieved on the area, to a very deep wound extending to and sometimes through a bone into internal organs. In long-term care facilities and nursing homes, decubitus ulcers are generally considered preventable and are largely seen as evidence of some form of neglect. In Southern California, our attorney helps the elderly and their families recover damages for such injuries;
  • Neglect; Signs of neglect include bedsores, pressure sores, malnutrition, dehydration and other dehydration symptoms & ailments resulting when an elder is not taken care of properly. Good nursing home care never includes malnutrition.

This elder abuse and neglect could include:


What is A Victim Entitled To Under Law?

When an elder has the experience of substandard care it is our attorneys’ duty to stop the abuse or neglect and in the case of wrongful death to hold the parties responsible. This is not only helping the elderly victim, but also current and future patients at this facility.

Each person is entitled to quality of life and in the nursing home, residential care facility or hospital they deserve care and dignity until the end of life. The elder care law firm is experienced in all phases of elder care, including wills and trusts that can help the elderly person plan their estate.

They are also able to help in probate and trust administration to assist in handling of money and property in the estate, providing the necessary notices, settling claims by creditors and paying required taxes. The elder care law firm of Ehline Law Firm PC is able to assist with powers of attorney can assist with special needs trusts to protect the inheritance, money or property for a disabled. We are here to do one proud in our quest for the advancement of victim’s rights.

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For more information about these types of cases, please contact us an elderly abuse lawyer at Ehline Law Firm PC. If your family suspects elder care abuse, contact us to review your situation and evaluate your options. Let our expertise work for you, to bring to a successful conclusion, your elderly neglect claims. We do not get paid unless we are successful in getting you recompense. There is no charge to you unless you win. Please call (888) 400-9721 or contact us online. Your initial telephone consultation is free. We are here to help.

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