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Ehline Law Firm PC offers experienced and aggressive Greater Los Angeles deglove injury lawyers to assist injured victims throughout the entire state of California. Definition: A deglove injury happens when skin is forced to peel back from a part of your body, especially a limb or appendage. It is sort of like removing a glove, sleeve, or mask from your body, but in this case, it is your skin, sinew, bone, tendons and other body tissues that is being peeled back. This avulsion of skin from its underlying construction is most often caused from trauma. Typically these injuries involve the glove like portion of the hand. These are very serious injuries due to the special and delicate nature of the skin, webbing of the hand and its fundamental structure. Farm workers, motorcyclists and equipment operators are prime candidates for a bad injury like this. Second on that list is kids and machines like escalators at the shopping mall. However, the industrial machinery used in manufacturing and construction sector are the most common and typical plane of separation to the hand and forearm.

Ehline Law Firm has a special understanding of these types of cases.  As a child, Michael Ehline suffered a partial deglove of his finger and tendons. He understands the strife and suffering that goes along with these injuries, the had surgery, potential need for a hand flap, and reconstruction. Our serious injury attorneys have also helped multiple victims who have suffered from these very types of injuries.  Our proven track record, and personal experience as a victim, help us navigate the medical and legal aspects of your case, setting you on course for a big money reward. If you are already sold on hiring us, call now at 888-400-9721.  If not, keep reading.  We think you will see that we are the obvious choice once you better understand what makes Ehline different.

Common Causes of Deglove Injury and Avulsion Lawsuits

When you are seriously hurt from someone else’s negligence, you may be forced to file a lawsuit. Ehline files these court claims when devastating happenstances occur.  For your hand or other limb, a deglove most often materializes when your hand is snatched or trapped, and pulled at low velocity, ripping off its protective glove of skin.  Since the hand skin is already designed with ridges and tacky surfaces, friction is often all that is needed to make sure the skin does not slide away during the traumatic event. So for example, if your hand is pulled into a conveyor belt, and you pull back, the outward direction may cause a ring avulsion, or brachial plexus type of injury.

Some of the Deglove lawsuits and insurance claims we deal with in our personal injury law practice:

  • Conveyor belts: Most commonly, machinery used in industries that use conveyors, we see these claims pop up. The devices involved usually cause an outward force hand and digits that become stuck in the caught in the apparatus. Belts have a coarse surface which can grip the skin as it tears off.  Roller machines usually involve forces on the entire hand, not just the skin and the pulling force will often rip the whole upper limb outwards onto the axillary region, or the “root of the limb.”  However, the conveyor belt machine has a rough surface, which can hold on to the skin of the hand and cause a more traditional degloving.
  • Dog Bite Attacks; a dog bites into a hand or foot and rips off the skin, causing a degloving;
  • Motorcycle personal injuries; although sometimes a motorbike crash only involves bruising and road rash, sometimes it can result in a degloved tearing of the skin off your knees, shoulders, hands and feet;
  • Bicycle crash incidents; a fall from a bicycle is similar in injury to a motorcycle crash discussed above;
  • Construction issues; often workers are injured from a skill saw deglove injury assuming the limb was not amputated;
  • Car Wrecks; the sheet metal in a car can break apart and sliver during the impact. When this happens, it can dig into your body and cause a deglove incident; an un-seatbelted passenger or vehicle operator can be thrown through a window and this can peel back the skin;
  • Amusement Park Accidents; skin can peel back from a rollercoaster ride, such as when a child’s hand gets trapped between the rails and wheels of a ride, etc.;
  • Cruise Liner Injury Accidents; you can lose your skin glove on a cruise ship can be from hatches, ropes, cables and other gadgets commonly found aboard cruise liners. It is compounded often, by failure of the passenger ships to have adequate medical facilities to deal with these catastrophic claims;
  • Aviation Accident Injuries; if you survived the pain and physical stresses of an airplane or helicopter crash, you will know that the twisted wreck often results in chunks of skin being torn from the body. These shocking events result in some of the worst incidents of a degloving;
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Catastrophe; being run over in a car in a crosswalk often results in friction burns, road rash, and pulling of skin off of hands run over by tires.


What Damages am I Entitled To for a Deglove Injury?

The traditional damages attendant to these cases are general damages for your excruciating pain, past, present and future. But here, the special, or economic damages are a major consideration for a body part as important as a hand.  The plaintiff is entitled to recover money for things like surgery to try and save and protect certain vital parts of the musculoskeletal unit like vascularity of remnant tissue, entire hands, fingers, palms, dorsum, internal tendons, neurovascular bundles and muscles.

Sometimes in cases of a partial deglove, or even a total deglove, a surgical skin flap may be required to generate new tissue to the damaged area.  Replantation is not always possible. In those cases, revascularisation will be needed. Vein grafting and arterial anastomosis, as well as debridement of the avulsed vessels is extremely significant and needed before embarking on microanastomosis. These types of medical procedures require special surgeons who are not inexpensive.  If surgery does not result in a total recovery, a victim may be permanently unemployed, and need money to replace what they would have made but for the injury knocking them out of the workforce. Ehline Law Firm PC fights for people suffering from these tragic wounds day in and day out. We are here for you to help get you money for the best doctors money can buy and to get recompense to cover lost wages, re training and physical therapy.

Who Do I Call If I was Degloved?

Being injured from this type of mayhem, and having to face the horrific nerve damage, disfigurement and ugliness of a deglove injury, requires the experience, knowledge and skill of competent and skilled legal counsel. If you or your loved ones suffered a devastating injury such as this from the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation from the person or individuals who are responsible for the chain of events that led to your loss of skin and muscle. Contact Ehline Law Firm PC to discuss your legal rights, duties and obligations now. 1-888-400-9721.


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