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Los Angeles is a huge town with many local and international businesses. Statistics prove that many businesses have engaged in some form of false, or deceptive advertising, duping consumers into transactions they should have avoided. The more businesses there are in a geographic area like Greater L.A., the greater the chances of a consumer being taken advantage of by a dishonest or greedy sales-shark marketing campaign. In fact, some con men are out to take gullible shoppers for everything that they have.

Have You Been Deceived – You’re Not Alone?

Sometimes when a product manufacturer has lain to you, the consumer, it may seem difficult to find a solution. With all the corporations that get themselves into trouble with unsafe products, recalls, predatory practices, and other unscrupulous behavior, you want to make sure that you have the utmost in protection when facing them. Remember that if you are facing such treatment, it is likely that other consumers are getting the short end, as well. Make sure that you not only protect your consumer rights, but make sure that such practices are not continued.

  • The Business of False Advertising
  • Examples of Recent Scams in the News
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Both Large and Small – Some Businesses Do Engage In Producing/Displaying Deceptive Ads

There are many cases where companies, large and small, are involved in false advertising. There are companies that do so on purpose and those that have created defective products. Either way, deception of their customers is not an allowable practice.


Have you or a loved one faced the following treatment?

  • The Toyota accelerator issues that cost the company over $1 billion due to their misleading claims?
  • Sub-prime mortgages given before 2008 in which large companies lied about the requirements for loan packages to lure in those that were not ready for such a financial move?
  • Corporate banks foreclosing on homes in violation of the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP.
  • Excessive or hidden banking and credit card fees, as alleged against a Texas company?

All of these issues cost you, the consumer, the difference. Making sure that such costs are not given to those that have not agreed to them is a staple of American capitalism and the law. If you believe that a company is engaging in unethical practices, please reach out for legal assistance immediately.


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