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Los Angeles is a town of building and remodeling, among other activities of commerce.  Of all the California counties Los Angeles is known for monumental building projects and work related injuries.  As many pedestrians have already experienced, job sites can throw out a dangerous and loose objects into a non designated construction area, such as a falling piece of drywall, a pallet of roofing materials, etc.  The dangers in and around construction zones in a dense area like the City of LA cannot be overstated. Among the many life threatening imperilment that exists, are heavy cranes, bulldozers, electric tools, saws and nailguns, loose scaffolds, faulty extension ladders.  The risky business of construction work  may be obscured by a hidden danger, such as exposed electrical wiring.  You just don’t know what is going to happen, or even have the capability of preparing for every contingency.  The threats are static and shifting.

The scope of our law office is enormous. We assist victims of jobsite mishaps, including those incidents involving heavy equipment. Ehline Law Firm PC has been representing injured families and other victims in California for almost a decade and we have already garnered millions of dollars in economic recovery for many afflicted people. We are masters of personal injury law, and our opponents, like haughty insurance adjustors respect our advanced knowledge of torts and negligence law recovery.  Our lawyers are in the same boat as their victims, and have tied their own destinies with those in immense suffering, due to construction related injuries on private and public lands in California and other jurisdictions and venues. We labor on a no recovery no fee, of (contingency fee) basis: This means if you get remuneration (money), we get paid and if not, then we don’t recover a fee for our work.

Contractors Have a Legal Duty to Avoid Making You a Victim

Construction crane accidents in Orange CountyFact: The employers and contractors of job sites and projects, have a legal and moral duty to keep construction zones free from danger, for workers.  These duties include promulgation and enforcement of rules to keep equipment, workers and structures safe.  It includes making proper inspections and proper training of on site supervisors and foremen.

In fact, the building industry is legally bound by state, local and federal regulations that govern health, safety and welfare of a craftsperson, tradesperson, or even blue collar laborers, like ditch diggers, etc. There are regulations set forth in the local building codes, federal laws like Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA).  This set of rules even has its own enforcement agency called the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  All these statutes, codes, etc., are intended to prevent and mitigate worker and bystander types injuries that are related to construction sites. They also act as a vehicle for worker education, which highlights safety and accident avoidance, such as “tailgate meetings”.

But all of this enforcement and prevention scheme is worthless if an owner or operator still persists in placing you or a loved one into the zone of eminent danger. Construction accident attorneys will be the first to tell you that California’s robust economy has led to a boom in construction in cities like Orange, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Yorba Linda, and Marina del Rey to name a few. As noted, construction is an industry with a high risk for injury. In fact, many crafts and trades are inherently dangerous activities.

A Few Other Examples of Construction Accidents For Which We Help Victims

Other examples of injury producing events include hazardous waste, acetylene torches, welding, severe burns (read more here), falling objects, failure of safety equipment. Injuries like skull fractures, concussions, amputation of limbs and fingers, blindness, burns, chemical burns, scalding, contusions, severe gashes, and broken bones are common in on-site construction cases. If you, a co-worker, or a loved one has suffered an injury like these, you owe it to yourself to get the best representation possible.


Statistics Show Construction Mishaps Rank Third (3d) for Deaths

Road workCurrently, construction tragedies ranks third for deaths caused by injuries. 15 workers lose their life on the job out of 100,000 workers currently in the industry. There are many different types of building related accidents and some are not as obvious as you might think. Injuries can rear their ugly head when a person falls from heights, is wounded operating heavy equipment, such as a forklift that is out of control with no brakes. A tragedy could come about when a crane lift fails, and drops a load on unsuspecting victims below.  A person could die due to lead, asbestos, of paint fume poisoning. As mentioned, air and gunpowder fueled nail guns could misfire, or a poorly aimed shot could drive a nail into an innocent bystander.

How Do We Hold Contractors Liable?

In most cases, there should be policies, procedures and on site supervisors to assure the work zone environment is safe. This includes sending workers home if there is fowl weather, or roping off an area that is a risk for falling debris, or toxic fumes, etc., as well as making reasonable inspections for hazardous surroundings. Failure to exercise reasonable care in the active operations of your job site, is negligence.

Hiring a Lawyer

Construction hazards in Los Angeles

You should contact us immediately.Call 1-888-400-9721 for a free evaluation of your case by a Los Angeles construction accident lawyer. We have the experience necessary to maximize your award. We fight to hold the parties who caused your injuries responsible. We know that the land development industry is subject to several regulations and controls, but injuries still happen every day. We have the knowledge to go after employers, architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, and job site owners for your damages. If your loved one suffered a fatality while working at a job site, you need to call us now. 1-888-400-9721. Ehline Law is ready to fight in your corner!