Child Injury, Molestation and Abuse Claims

Child Injury

Small tikes can be crushed or run over by mall trains, carts and errant security teams.

Our children are our priceless, most direct descendants. From their conception, they are innocent cherubs, totally dependant upon us for protection and guidance. These precious gifts from Heaven are irreplaceable and susceptible to undue influence and serious mental and physical harm from others, especially people in a position of authority or trust. When parents entrust their infants, toddlers, and adolescents to caretakers, or rely upon the social promise that all persons will behave reasonably and that promise is violated, there are dramatic negative consequences.  Children are the world’s most precious assets. Little tots are the pride and joy of their parents all the way to the end of their lives, and these little dickens are also the envy of unsavory characters. Additionally, youngsters are often unaware of potential dangers of things like speeding cars, or rabid dogs, and they rely upon others to behave in such a way as to be cognizant of potential risks their conduct may pose to an unprotected young-ling.

The bottom line, is that there is no comparable violation against parental rights, than the idea that a father and mother’s bundle of joy was hurt or killed at the hands of a close person or stranger.  The grief and anguish a guardian undergoes is without equal.  Overnight, an innocent nursling can become a lamb eaten by wolves.  If an unfortunate event takes place from a faultily labeled or manufactured product, such as a toy, or baby formula, or even medicine, an abusive foster parent, or an errant vehicle driver who ran your offspring over, begetters must also be cognizant of the fact  that both criminal and civil repercussions and remedies are often available against the evil-doers.

And these bad actors come in all forms, shapes and sizes. A caretaker of a dependant adult, or minor child could have fostered a physically and psychologically toxic habitat. A political or religious leader could have brainwashed a child, such as those many cases reported on the news, like those revealing molestation, neglect and abuse against preschoolers and other innocents. Ehline Law Firm PC has dedicated its law practice to holding defendants liable in court, and in turn making the things safer for everyone.  We will gallantly assault all comers who have placed a child at risk and caused irreversible damage.

Both in and out of court, this child injury firm does not give up.  Do or die, and never surrender are our battle cry. Manned by a former United States Marine, Michael Ehline, you can rest assured that we will “make it happen” by doing what is necessary to build the value of your case, and thereby assuring you that your “day in court” is consequential and positive. You see, Michael Ehline is also a parent and he gets it! We feel your pain. Come let our proven fighters prepare your position for an all out assault on those who would do you and yours harm. Proven leadership, and decisive and just outcomes are the hallmarks of our staff and lawyers.  If you want to pursue a careless or abusive person in a case such as this, call us now at 888-400-9721 toll free, and let us know when your in our neck of the woods for an in person meeting, or e mail us here. We also make house calls to your side of town and we also have locations statewide to meet you.

Assisting Parents and Guardians With Recovery of Money for Catastrophic Injuries to Children and Adolescents

Working, paying the bills and down time with the kids is hard enough to manage, without the additional challenge of having a harmful event thrust upon your family that temporarily, or permanently cripples your progeny.  But the facts are that a child can be injured in multitude of scenarios.  As a point of reference, some of the more common forms of harm that befall our youth as as follows:

  • Bad auto accidents, such as being run over by a bike, or while waiting at a bus stop for school;
  • Dog attacks, including bites and scratches to the face by puppies;
  • Cat attacks where eyes or vision are scratched or sliced out or weakened;
  • Baby sitter or care-taker rapes and sexual assaults, use of knock out pills and drugs to aid in kidnapping, false imprisonment, sexual slavery, etc.;
  • Doctor, physician or hospital negligence of a retarded or hurt child under care, or prescribing of the wrong drugs or bad drugs;
  • Drowning or brain damage at water parks and private swimming pools, or while supervised at surf camp;
  • Defective toys like Chinese junk painted with lead, or coated with some other toxic, heavy metal;

All of these terrible events are just a snap shot of the treachery and pitfalls that potentially await, or may have already stricken an unwary parent and their offspring. Saying it and proving are not always easy.  Evidence is still required for a successful legal action. Uncovering of and documenting of evidence of negligence or intentional conduct is a necessary component in a personal injury lawsuit.

Hiring a lawyer who knows how to strike while the iron is hot, gathering all of the evidence early on, is of utmost importance to starting off your child injury lawsuit on the right foot. Establishing negligence early, means the main argument will be over damages, or how much your child will be paid, rather than proving whether or not your child was hurt at all.  Damages will be divided up by those garnered for pain and suffering, for special damages like medical and psychiatric care, and special education and support, etc.

Bystander Theory and Other Recovery for Negligence

The child can also recover for the pain and suffering that accompanied those injuries. If the child was older, and had a job, he or she may even be able to recover things like loss of past, present and future wages. And in some cases, under Dillon/Legg and Thing v. Lachusa, a parent can recovery as a bystander, for their own pain, suffering and harm as a result of them perceiving the injury to their kid, while it was occurring, and recover for more that just their beloved’s past, present, and future medical costs from health services. Depending on the severity of their little darling’s injuries, the rising bills cost of the child’s medical care can be monumental. Most families will be unable to bear 24 hour nursing care for their little tike.

Getting Paid for Medical and Hospital Expenses

Suing to get paid back doesn’t solve the problem of getting a doctor who will agree to be paid later.  Having an attorney to sign a medical lien for the injured victim goes a long way towards achieving the goal of top doctor care, and being able to also pay immediate bills for basic living expenses. Of course, when a lawyer does the investigation and hard work up front, the more likely it is that a parent can settle the case sooner, rather than later, and have a set amount of money they know will be there for their kid(s) for lifetime care and expenses, as determined by the facts of the case at issue.

Getting Paid for Other Postmortem Bills

Of course, sadly, sometimes there are no medical bills, other than for Coroner and funeral services, such as when the reckless acts or negligence of the tortfeasor results in a death.  When this occurs, bystander or not, the parents are entitles to recover money damages for the loss of love, affection, , affection, and camaraderie, friendship and joy the deceased bairn once brought you.
In California, this recovery for this type of harm is sought under relevant wrongful death and survivor’s statutes. This means that it is also possible for a parent to recover for the child’s own torment right up until the moment of the passing.  Where to file the action, and how to litigate such a case, is within the purview of an excellent lawyer such as Ehline Law.


Helping Represent Little Ones Who Were Raped, or Otherwise Abused

Abused offspring will almost always require special psychological care and it is not cheap.  Grief stricken parents and guardians will usually be overwhelmed with all of the bills and incidentals associated with this type of brazen injury to a baby, or young adult. Although no amount of monetary token will even fully repair the damage and ruination done to an abused cub, justice in the form of punitive and general damages will at least help the parents to mitigate some of the new found expenses and mental issues that crop up from these types of cases.

Types of Child Abuse To Look Out For

  • Priest and pastor abuse is especially heinous, because it is reasonable for parents to be able to trust men and women of the cloth;
  • Foster care abuse is on the rise, and false allegations of dysfunctional parents by rogue public employees sharing money with foster parents to strip the birth parents of their rights, is disgusting and is also a civil rights violation.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Taking on public employee unions with an attorney is hard enough.  Going it alone is almost impossible.
  • Teacher child abuse occurs when a physically abusive, or sexually corrupt teacher uses their position of authority and trust to make punching bags, or sexual objects out of your little tot. Schools are required to report and investigate these crimes, but more and more, in the news, we see schools fighting for the collective bargaining rights of the abuser, rather than standing tall for the rights of the victims (Read more.) Same goes for making sure to conduct adequate background investigations.  More and more, public school teachers in particular, have made themselves the adversaries of parents and parental rights.

Retaining an Excellent Attorney

At Ehline Law Firm PC, our injury law firm stands tall for the disadvantaged progenitor.  Being run by a former U.S. Marine, fighting for the rights of the weak is already in our blood.  Since we don’t take any fees up front, you can feel confident that we are ready to go down with the ship with all hands aboard.  We will not stop fighting and we are in this with you till the very end. We are ready with the bankroll to fund your case, and the intelligence and integrity to lead your lawsuit all the way to the end. If your little bambino was raped or assaulted by a bad person, call us for a free legal consultation right now. We are in it to win it!