Bed Bug Bites and Legal Recourse For College Kids

Hot chick bitten by bed bugs

a college chick with her hand up being lazy in bed after a bed bug bite.

Bed bugs used to be something that only existed in parents’ good night messages to their children. Largely eradicated from American bedrooms, these critters have made a resurgence over the last ten years, especially afflicting California (Source.) These bugs are causing more issues, especially in the bedrooms of apartments and houses across the state. They can and will bite unsuspecting victims and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. They’re bad news and the responsibility for bringing them into a place of residence should fall upon the party that allowed the problem to spread.

Campuses close in fear of these bugs infecting their college. The Community College of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania closed two campuses in fear of infestation. Even worse, the bugs are directly linked to the spread of Chagas disease, which is spreading in the United States, as reported by the Scientific American. These trends underline the severe issues that are spreading and could affect many more communities in the United States.

Fumigation and Inconvenience

Homeowners or apartment dwellers that find that they have these bugs go to various lengths to get rid of them. The owners will fumigate their places of residence and wash their clothing and bedware. Many times they need to get rid of all of their cloth products in their house– and still not guarantee that the bugs will go away. When faced with such an infestation on a college campus, the spread can be amplified by the close quarters and large amounts of people. This can cause students to lose all of their clothing and sheets and be out of a place to live for an extended period of time.

Emotional Drama and Trauma

If you or a loved one faced the emotional trauma and bites of these bugs, make sure that you have medical and legal recourse. If you became infected by one of these bites, you may be stuck with a painful, debilitating disease that stays with you. You may have lost the value of all of your clothes, furniture, and sheets.

A skilled attorney specialized in bed bugs will be able to assist you in finding the responsible party and seeking compensation. Michael Ehline and the Ehline Law Firm have fought and won similar cases and have the experience to make sure that you or your loved one is properly compensated. Call or email us today for more information. We’ll come to you anywhere in California and will answer the phone any time of the day or night.

What To Do To Prevent and Recover for Negligent Drowning?

Swimming pool at house in Los Angeles County

By swimming pool accident attorney, Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – Los Angeles County, California, is a large metropolis, full of residential pools, beaches with strong waves and rip currents, hot tubs, hot spas, and children. This means the potential for young people drowning, or even being injured by Faulty Swimming Products that are Unsafe. Despite massive amounts of regulations, individuals still get sucked under and die. (See the “Design and Construction of Swimming Pools Regulations for L.A.“) Here, we will discuss some of the basics of water born incidents that lead to drowning, that we know about due to our vast, and repetitive case studies and hands on experience. With millions of dollars recovered for tragic events, including cases like asphyxiation, and brain injury from lack of oxygen to the brain Of all the dangers, those involving residential premises are the greatest in terms of injuries to small children.

See the Video About Swimming Pool Injuries and Tort Claims

Pools and the Hazards to Children

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14 (Read the CDC Report on Kids and Drowning), and is a higher risk for children living near an unsecured pool. Pools without fences, inadequately monitored pools, and swimming pool drains, can all be extremely dangerous, causing serious personal injury or someone you know or love passing away permanently.

Safety Warnings

Safety warnings have been issued by consumer safety groups and organizations that have become aware of the numerous dangers and defective designs, including roped pools.

Public Pools

There are some public pools, along with camp ones that ignore the warnings and need to be held accountable. Ignoring these rules for swimming pool safety, places children at a higher risk for downing, who use or visit these swimming spots.

What About Defective Pool Drains?

Defective swimming pool drains, have been responsible for causing serious injuries to children, with small children being trapped under water. This has been reported in the media on occasion. If this type of negligence sounds familiar, you need to consult a seasoned attorney, to file a lawsuit to hold the responsible party accountable.

Life Guards Who Improperly Watch Children

Life guards are paid professionals, who often fail to properly supervise children, when they are swimming. This professional’s job is to ensure swimmers are safe in the pool. A drowning can easily occur, when the life guard is not paying attention, it only takes seconds. This is not acceptable and is legally considered negligent behavior. Often drowning incidents result in death of the victim, and for those victims who survive an accidental drowning, often oxygen deprivation to the brain results in mental and neurological impairments.

Oxygen Loss and Brain Damage

Victims who are under water and oxygen deprived for longer than five or six minutes will suffer permanent damage and disabilities. Many drowning deaths and injury incidents can easily be prevented, by proper actions by a number of parties and entities. Then negligent actions played a part in your loved ones accidental drowning the responsible parties should be held liable for their negligent behavior.

Lawsuit Recovery

The individuals or parties responsible for a negligent drowning death can be held accountable by personal injury lawyers, who can assist in recovering millions, due to the preventable death. One example of this occurred in May, when close to $14 million was awarded by a Santa Monica jury, in the case of Oded and Anat Gottesman for economic and non-economic damages. The award was for the loss of their child Yoni, who drown at a Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club swimming pool in 2005.

The jury took nearly three days to determine their decision in the case, which Oded and Gottesman filed suit against 11 entities and individuals. This included the Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club and numerous employees in the death of their four- year-old son, who drown at the swimming pool in August of 2005. The filing against individuals included life guards, pool managers and the club, who admitted they were negligent. b As one can see, there are many ways kids in particular can suffer brain injuries or death from drowning in Los Angeles swimming pools in particular.

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