Does My Law Practice Need a Personal Injury Vision Statement?

vision statement - Injury Law firmOpen up the annual report of any large non-profit or legal organization, and you will see a guiding mission statement. The ideals of creating a better world through specific action grow each year in both the private and public sector. Your personal injury law firm does have many varying and changing short, medium, and long term goals– but can have one overarching vision connect all of them.

Importance of a Vision Statement

Vision statements have become much more popular over the last two decades because they work. Having a general set set of goals connected to a set of specific skills is a major way that you will be able to improve your field or surroundings. Having a series of these common goals will allow for every member of your firm to push in the same direction with their specific knowledge.

An Ideal for Your Career

The longer you’ve been in the legal field, the more examples you’ve seen of other firms. Some are pristine and cheerful, with a sense of purpose that drives their employees to better serve their clients. Others may look and act disorganized, leading to various issues for those in the office and those it serves. Issues with payroll, employee morale, and general dysfunction can severely reduce the effectiveness of even the most well trained attorneys.

These issues show the different between a reactive and proactive leadership. The founding member or partners of a firm set the tone for others to follow. Sloppy work habits may attract attorneys that will soon leave or stay just long enough to climb another rung in the career ladder. Precise management can attract the best talent and incubate it for greatness.

Tying Together Your Goals

If you are one of the principle members of the firm, you have the unique power to steer your firm into a more powerful setting. If you are able to combine many of your best attributes and goals into a series of ideals for your office, all of your staff and clients will benefit.

Many attorneys are able to speak to and work with their employees to determine a joint set of ideas that animate them. What are their personal and professional goals? What issues bring out the best and worst in them? What are their strategic strengths and weaknesses? How does the growth of the firm and the level of lifestyle desired affect their work ethic, if at all?

When all of your employees have a common understanding of what they are looking for and where the firm is headed, they will often become more efficient. You can help make joint decisions to further increase this efficacy, from pruning time-consuming clients to tailoring work schedules around families. You may be able to also work jointly on certain cases, especially if it highlights certain talents or training.

These ideas bleed over into other parts of your firm. You will be able to shape elements, including the adoption or standardization of new technology between your partners. You can help drive down costs for training and equipment. You may also be able to rebrand your advertising and social media presence to harness a central, overarching theme. Increased morale and efficacy all increase your momentum, possibly increasing your number of solid clients and reducing the risk of malpractice and errors.

You have the power in your hands to make your firm into one that you would be jealous of. Make it work– your employees, family, and clients are all counting on it.

Michael Ehline, Esq.

Photo of personal injury lawyer, Michael P. Ehline, Esq.

Michael Ehline is an experienced personal injury attorney from the Los Angeles area. His firm, Ehline Law, serves as one of the preeminent personal injury firms in Southern California and sponsor of various charitable and community activities. Michael helps runs the Circle of Legal Trust, allowing attorneys from across the country to share ideas and build ethical standards for the legal community.

Caring Victim’s Attorney

Michael Ehline, Esq.

Photo of personal injury lawyer, Michael P. Ehline, Esq.

Every day there are dangers that persist and there is no way for anyone to know when they will have a reason to require the assistance of a law firm. Accidents can take place many ways and one of these is on the roadway, where daily there are numerous accidents. It is not uncommon for an innocent person who is traveling to or from work or running errands to be involved in a vehicle accident. There are different types of vehicles on the roadways, including cars, motorcycles, trucks and bicycles.

Harm that can be caused can be either temporary or permanent impairment to the body and in some cases can result in ending the life of the individual involved in the incident. There is no way to predict the outcome of an event of this kind, but what can be predicted is the fact that many people do not exert the effort to find a top notch law firm. They may settle for any law firm in their city or even think that retaining a lawyer is a waste of time and they can handle the insurance company on their own. When this type of situation occurs, things will not work out alright without assistance.

There will be problems that need to be faced after an event of this nature. It is possible to request a free no obligation initial consultation with an accomplished law firm. Meetings with the seasoned attorneys can be easily arranged through appointments with many options available. During the meeting issues related to the case can be discussed and problems, along with an evaluation to determine the best course of action. If there is a need for appeals, the lawyers at have intimate knowledge of the legal system and the various jurisdictions, which they traverse in the field of personal injury. New clients will be provided the earliest date and time for an appointment to discuss your case and learn how the law firm can assist in your claim.

District Attorneys Letterheads for Rent?

Ehline Law Firm PC Discusses the partnership

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq., of Ehline Law Firm PC. Many of you are unaware I used to work for the City Attorney for Los Angeles as a volunteer when I was on the Law Office Study Program. So this hits home for me. It even sounds like a model Bar Exam fact pattern. But After learning about this a little more, it sounds like it is legit.

DA’s Are Teaming With Private Debt Collectors!

There have been approximately 300 district attorneys’ offices that have teamed up with devious debt collectors. Coming to a city in Los Angeles near you, this entails the debt collectors using the district attorneys letterheads to send out notices that are threatening to people that have bounced checks. Then they split the payments they get back between the district attorney whose letter head they used and the debt collector. These payments normally will include a large service fee, the collectors add to the price, according to Jessica Silver-Greenberg in the New York Times.

Using DA Letterhead to Intimidate Those Indebt

This situation has come to light for the illegal practices of menacing people with threats of jail to people who are behind on their bills. This approach is different, due to the use of the law enforcement letterhead. This is done prior to any prosecutor determining that a crime has been committed.

The partnership, in which the district attorneys recover a payment from the companies or a small amount of the fee that is collected, prosecutors say this permits them to deal with more serious crimes. They claim these letters are only sent to people who ignore the demand for payment.

According to Alameda County deputy district attorney Ken Ryken, the merchants are receiving thousands of dollars, because of these companies and the letters being sent. Ryken said it is not at the taxpayer’s expense.

Debt collectors using these tactics are being challenged nationwide by consumer attorneys who claim they do not have the authority to threaten people with prosecution or demand fees, when there has been no review of the case by a district attorney. These lawyers say that in effect what this situation amounts to is the district attorneys renting out their stationary. They are permitting these companies to threaten that failing to respond could result in criminal charges, which is a rare event.

Consumer lawyer Paul Arons of Harbor, Washington said that using these methods of collection is “guilty, until proven innocent.” We hope you enjoyed this educational material from