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Burn injuries can be among the most severe to suffer. These types of injuries are not only very painful but also require a very long convalescence period. The melted skin and severe issues to nerves can traumatize a person for life. They can cause severe mental anguish and terrible scars. These can suffocate the skin and not allow perspiration to cool the body. These tragedies can dramatically affect the social life and self-image. For example, particularly ugly burns can make a person appear to be a “monster” in social settings. The attorneys at the Ehline Law Firm PC have experience in these terrible cases. Our specialized approach make sure that the victim is not taken advantage of and has the needed legal net to assist and get through this terrible time.


Legal Services for Burn Victims

Scalds, burns and disfigurement claims

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When burned, only the best in medical and legal care will suit. A victim without a skilled attorney can often be taken advantage of and can be even more vulnerable than right before the burn itself. Only a team of attorneys with the knowledge needed to take on a case like this can avoid significant and long standing issues.

What the Medical Experts Say?

When faced with these severe burns and other injuries, doctors and other medical professionals see the long term emotional and physical effects. Our attorneys are there to assist in finding the right surgeon to deal with this burn injury, as part of our case management process.

With the right treatment and the rehab process, the wounds may heal. However, this is still a painful and long process. Only with the best physicians and specialists you have the best chance to become whole again. A major first step is retaining the right law firm for the case.

Get the Best Legal and Medical Care for Your California Burn Case

In the 1950s there were fewer than ten hospitals in the entire United States specializing in these types of injuries. There have been major advancements in determining the problems associated with burn injury and are now approximately two hundred burn care centers in the United States. Our skilled burn injury lawyers could assist in finding the right medical professional to get the best treatment for your scarring, melted skin, nerve damage and even inability to sweat. Our experience can also assist in recovering monetary damages due to the victim.

California Burn Statistics Indicate Most Burns are Preventable

Burn injury statistics show that at least fifty percent of all burn injuries are preventable. One of every thirteen building fire deaths in the United States was caused or created by a child. Children playing with fire/matches, and the resulting fire, as an example, account for more than one-third of preschool children fatalities.

The following information is for your burn injury education:

In the United States, approximately 2.4 million burns are reported every year. Approximately 650,000 burn injuries are treated by hospitals and 75,000 patients are hospitalized. Of those burn victims hospitalized, 20,000 have major damages involving at least 25% of their total body area. Between 8,000 and 12,000 of patients with burn injuries die, and approximately one million will incur significant or permanent disabilities due to the burn injury. (Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation, May/June 1992)

These statistics only consider burn injuries actually reported by hospitals and burn victims. Many burns go un-reported, including sunburns, scalds from a caustic liquid, match and lighter burns, curling iron burns, and from coffee, tea, and clothing irons, and others. Children are often admitted for these types of burns. They are often injured in the kitchen, with the bathroom also causing many issues. Burn injuries are nearly as common as car accidents annually.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Statistics from 1992 Show:

  • 41,000 heat burn injuries caused an average of four lost days of employment work per person. The most recent figures show 16,500 retail burns, 9,500 manufacturing job burn injuries, and 8,600 service industry burn injuries, including food service.
  • 15,700 significant chemical burns causing about two lost days of work per person. Those averages include 5,800 manufacturing burn injuries, such as chemical producer, 3,200 service industry burns, 2,600 retail industry burns and burn injuries.
  • People aged 5 to 74 get most burn injuries outside the home, followed by the kitchen area.
  • From ages 75 and above, a kitchen burn is the most common area for burns. Outdoor fire accidents are the next most common locations.
  • Burns and and fires are the most common causes of accidental types of death in the U.S. home for children fourteen years of age and under and the third leading cause of accidental death for all adults.
  • Scalds are the major nexus of burn injury death in the home for children from birth to age four and are forty percent of the burn injuries for children up to age 14.
  • The U.S. National Burn Information Exchange statistics show that people older than sixty have an increased risk of burn injury. Their burn risk is higher than any other time since youth. These burns are more severe than in any age cohort.
  • The most typical burns for older adults are from flame or scalding, often due to trash fires, furnace, explosives, bathing, or falling asleep while smoking.
  • The U.S. National Fire Protection Agency states that the one age class more likely be killed in a house fire is 75 and above.
  • Burn injuries are among the most expensive catastrophic injuries to treat. A burn of 30% of total body area can cost more than $200,000 in initial hospital bills. For extensive burn injury, there are additional significant costs which will include costs for repeat admission for reconstruction and for rehabilitation.

Consult a Serious Burns Lawyer Now

If you or a loved one has faced severe injury due to a burn, contact the right attorney right away. Symptoms can include lost elasticity in the skin, inability to regrow new skin, touch sensitivity, sensitivity to heat, cold, or sunlight, or others. When faced with such an injury or Worker’s Compensation claim, make sure to contact one of the veteran attorneys at the Ehline Law Firm PC, ready to try and make your life whole again. We fight many cases, from minor scalds to those leading to disfigurement or death. No one should have to suffer such a fate. First comes emergency medical care. Once that is done, call for a free, no-pressure legal consultation with Ehline Law at 888-400-9721.


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