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A broken pelvis can be one of the most debilitating injuries that a person can suffer. The extreme forces of a motor vehicle accident or other incidents can result in catastrophic injuries. Usually, it is the pelvis bone that is broken or shattered by the high-energy trauma. This can happen because of a steering wheel hitting the body or a motorcycle falling to the ground. No matter what the cause, it can be a severe injury.

Often, broken pelvises can lead to internal bleeding, which requires physicians to screw an external fixator into a patient’s bones on either side of the wounds to try and stabilize it. It is a painful, yet necessary process for many. The broken pelvis is often referred to in the medical field as an acetabulum fracture, or fractured pelvis. In many cases it was caused by a dangerous situation or someone’s negligence, causing someone to break their solar plexus. The blow can often leave the patient breathless and in excruciating pain.

In cases such as this, the injured victim may be eligible for a legal claim to recover financial losses or other damages. It goes beyond just the physical, as loss of work or severe emotional trauma can cause tremendous stress. Let the experienced and caring attorneys at the Ehline Law Firm PC see how you can be helped out of this terrible situation. Their experience helping those injured victims receive the compensation that they deserve can also serve as a warning to those that were negligent not to be so again. The firm will also fight aggressively to hold those responsible to the wall. If you or a loved one needs our empathetic, experienced help, please call for a free consultation at (213) 596-9642.


What Are Some Causes of the Broken Pelvis?

  • Vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Non-repaired stairwells
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents

The first two above are generally the two most common causes of high energy pelvic fractures, although others are just as serious. Bicycle and motorcycle handlebars tend to act as a lance, driving into a person?s belly as the vehicle wheel turns hard left or right to its side during a bad spill. This is also an injury that the aging adult is especially susceptible to, because a person?s bones tend to weaken with age, and especially due to osteoporosis. Falling on a slippery surface, stars, or an uneven surface, can cause a slip and fall that can result in a pelvic fracture. Growing teenagers are also at risk, there are some injuries including pulled muscles, or bicycle spills, that can result in a specific type of pelvic fracture.

What Are the Symptoms of a Fractured Pelvis?

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • The urge to adjust the knee or hip

Other symptoms that may not be as clear due to other injuries including shock
When someone is afflicted with this kind of devastation after a terrible tragedy, it is often the case that another person?s negligence was the root cause or major contributing factor of the break. If this is the case, you need to know your options. Calling and speaking to a veteran and seasoned law firm will allow you to discover the nuances and realities of where the fault lies. One reason you need an expert is simple. Insurance companies have a reputation for treating these serious bodily injury demands as if they are of minimal value. Typically, adjustors will make diligent efforts to derail the claim, or make settlement offers of just pennies on the dollar. This is never more true when a hurt claimant is unrepresented by counsel.

The main benefit of a legitimate attorney is that they have the legal training to frame your case properly, and know how to present it in such as way so as to prove legal responsibility before a watching courtroom. Even when the case cannot settle right away, the legal work your lawyer did in the settlement stage can now be used to litigate the matter and to convince the defense attorney that the adjustor devalued the case, and to give it a fresh look in terms of offering more money.

Even if the defense engages in the standard litany of Rambo defense medical exams, written and discovery, and litigation tactics that would normally steamroll an unrepresented plaintiff, a legal warrior like Ehline Law will only become more entrenched and fight that much harder. You see with Ehline Law, you have a firm that will not give up until you get the justice that you deserve.

Our focus is to give the traumatized victims the means to afford a total and complete recuperation from their terrible injuries– or at least give them a chance to be stable enough to engage in worthwhile settlement talks. Sometimes full mobility is never achieved even after multiple surgeries and long term rehab. In some cases, the heavy costs of hospitals, multiple surgeries and physical therapy causes significant lifestyle and emotional disruptions that are not just medium or short term.



If there is a permanent injury and you cannot heal up on your own, we need to know before we negotiate with whatever dollar amount the defendant is offering. Loss of mobility is a very serious debilitation and you need to be able to recover the full value of lost income, medical expenses, as well as general damages for your mental and physical anguish, and in some cases, even punitive damages to punish evil-doers who hurt people like you on purpose. Our seasoned attorneys are ready, willing and able to turn on the heat and seek redress all the way through trial, if needed. Our battle cry is to never surrender.

How are Pelvic Fractures Diagnosed?

During a physical examination, a physician will check the nerves and blood vessels in the legs. The doctor will order x-rays and a possible CT scans in order to see the severity of the pelvic break. When the pelvis is fractured the usual treatment is surgery to help realign the bones, cartilage and to remove any lose bone debris from the area, restoring stability to the pelvis.

This could be a very difficult process and could include screws and other stabilizing plates; traction might be needed after the surgery. When the fracture is not as severe, and still remains aligned, the physician will prescribe pain medication, a walker or crutches, without the need to perform surgery.

What is the Prognosis for the Fractured Pelvis?

The fractured pelvis can heal properly with the right medical treatment, although limping can be a longer-term problem. Nerve damage, pain and other symptoms can be a recurring problem depending on the severity of the broken pelvis.

General Information About These Fractures

The pelvis is a group of bones that form a ring at the bottom of the back, and consist of the illium, ischium and pubis. The three bones are connected by ligaments, and then to the sacrum. This is a triangle shaped bone at the base of the spine. These bones make a bowl shape with the hip sockets located on the sides.

Inside of the bowl shape, are the reproductive organs and digestive organs and the large blood vessels from the legs, their muscle and tendons connect through the pelvis. This is why the pelvic fracture can be such an extremely dangerous injury since it can cause organ damage, nerve damage, and severe internal bleeding. When it is damaged, the victim loses mobility and can become helpless.

How Do I Retain a Pelvic Fracture Lawyer?

When you or a family member have suffered the sadness of a fractured pelvis from another?s negligence, the Ehline Law Firm PC will help you establish if you have a claim and guide your case to a final outcome, with the special care needed to make sure that you are our trusted and valued partner. Try contacting an industry leader now at 1-888-400-9721. We are local to Greater Los Angeles and all California counties. If needed we will come to you– whether at home or even hospital visits when necessary.


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