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The causes of fractured ankles are numerous.  These are some of the most painful and debilitating types of negative onslaughts that can be thrust upon a person’s life. Sometimes it is a pure accident and you live and learn, while other times the dilemma may be part and parcel of a catastrophe that was caused by the irresponsible activities, or in-activities of a second, third, or more parties acting in concert. It can be caused by car versus motorcycle crash, or when a pedestrian gets run over in a cross walk, or in more interesting ways that many people – including lawyers – don’t really consider.

An ankle compound fracture can seriously disrupt your day to day activities, and leave you permanently crippled. In addition to being unemployed, let alone able to walk, the depression that goes along with these types of debacles can seem unbearable.  Additionally you may require physical therapy and suffer arthritis and ankle pain even once your injury heals. Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, has special experience in these types of cases.  Ehline is the victim of a severe ankle injury himself.  He has personally experienced the devastation of being thrust into a world of hospital bills, collection agencies, and credit downgrading associated with being broke after blowing out a limb.We understand what you are going through and want to make sure you do not suffer the fate of an unrepresented victim. We support various ankle and amputation support networks, and we want to be part of your legal support team. Call us now at (213) 596-9642. We are an award winning law firm with a record of having recovered millions of dollars for victims and their estates.

The experienced broken foot injury Lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC provide effective, efficient, persevering legal representation to every ankle and foot injury victim whom they represent. If, as a result of someone else’s actions or negligence you have suffered a broken foot, rolled ankle, sprained ankle, or fracture, we can assist you in getting the recovery that you deserve. Our offices have provided aggressive effective representation to many other clients in your situation and prevailed with large awards. It is often the case that ankle fractures and foot injuries are the result of someone else’s conduct or malice.


Footwear is one of the lesser known causes of these painful ordeals. Recompense-able claims involving damages to ankles have their origins in  fights, or other physical conflict, slips and falls, liquid left on floors, slippery surfaces, uneven pavement, low lighting. This can also include wrestling or non-consented to contact.  These are all things that can easily lead to serious fractures and injuries to the joint between the leg and foot, as well as other extremities, including  soft tissue, and the joints.

For example, a large number of end users of particular types of products, such as exercise equipment, work, or workout shoes, have cited these instruments as the cause of numerous ankle fractures and related ligament and tendon tears and rips.

One exercise shoe in particular, was designed for both walking as well as running.  This footwear is sold under the brand Skechers Shape-ups. They are marketed as toning shoes. The idea is that by creating an unstable shoe platform, the calves and legs will be stressed more, and thus, become tone. The idea behind toning muscles with footwear, like toning boots, shoes, and sandals assertedly causes an uneven surface to be uneven due to the unusual shape of the bottom of the sole.

The sole is typically round with the shape of a rocking chair curving up at the heel and the toe. Obviously, it becomes much more difficult to walk. This is even more true, when climbing up a flight of stairs.  These types of shoes can make a simple walk into a horror story. Reports are circulating tof torn ligaments, ruptured tendons, and even head injuries of people who have stumbled after blowing out their ankles.

Fortunately, recovery is often available. If, as result of the malice, negligence, or acts or someone, you have suffered an injury to your ankle, toes, feet or heel, please contact the Los Angeles foot injury lawyers in LA at Ehline Law Firm PC today for a free legal consultation.

Loss Of Mobility

Ww know that you use your feet and ankles thousands of times in a single day. They provide stability and mobility. When a person suffers an injury to their feet or ankles it usually removes the ability to walk or transport themselves. Unbeknownst to most people, the average person will walk around 900-1000 miles in a single year. An injury to the feet or astragalus , talus or tarsus, will irreparably harm and adversely affect a person’s life. One may be denied the ability to even go about a casual walk ever again.

Other than outright breaks, people may experience sprained ankles, injuries to the Achilles tendon, and shin splints. Toes are also at risk of being broken, with the amount of walking, running and other exercising that the average person performs.

In addition to painful fractures, ankles may become sprained, rolled, or overextended. Feet also are at a high risk for being injured simply due to the sheer amount of use that they experience on a daily basis.

Clearly, recovering money for an injury to something so crucial to the well being and living life in the manner you have become accustomed to, requires  excellent attorneys who can empathize with you. If someone has harmed your foot or ankle due to their negligence or malice, you should contact the Ehline Law Firm PC.

Various Types of Ankle Fractures

When ankle busts, it is possible for the bones to break in one or more parts.  Ankle joints connect the two bones where your calve muscles and top of your foot, join the the lower portion of the thigh and leg areas.  This area is called the the tibia and fibular. When you snap, or sprain an ankle, the medial malleolus (or end of the tibia), the lateral malleolus (the very tip of the fibula), and the distal posterior aspect of the tibia are all effected negatively. Types of fractures include the bimalleolar fracture (also known as a “Pott’s fracture”). This is a break at the lateral malleolus and the medial malleolus.

Bimalleolar fractures are at the lower end of the tragedy scale, since they are not as likely to strike a victim with painful arthritis discomfort. A trimalleolar fracture is highly likely to end up in bursitis or arthritis in the effected joint. This type of fracture  (also known as a Cotton fracture) embodies a fracture of all three ankle bones. This type of would will most alway necessitates surgery and physical therapy.

Symptoms of Common Ankle Fractures

Typically, common symptoms of busted ankles include painful feeling in the injured area, hurts to touch, lividity or black and blue, swollen areas, bad bruising, impossible to stand or balance oneself due to extreme pain, making it impossible to have a load bearing ankle.  This prevents patients from being able to mobilitate on foot, or walk about without a walking device, like a cane, or walker, or even walking stick. The main problem in evaluating a break, will have to do with the fact that often, torn, ripped and crushed tendons are very similar in in look and feel to a break, even though it may be a bad sprain.  Sprains can still be serious and put people out of commission, just like a broken bone. But these types of injuries are mainly the bodies response to “reactionary pain”.

This comes about due to pressure, and typically, once the pressure subsides, the pain has a chance to recede.  But if you correct what you think is a rolled ankle, for example, but the pain fails to go away, and remains constant, you probably have a break at the effected location.  Thus, a field inspection may not rule out a more serious injury, and getting emergency medical care, and retain the services of a medical doctor right away as quickly as possible. These injuries require you to be medically stabilized, so you do not further damage the inflamed and broken tissues and snapped bone fragments.

Recovering From a Broken Ankle – Treatment 

Getting physical care and therapy treatment for a broken ankle is typically prescribed by a doctor after diagnosis and prognosis. The velocity and types of therapy varies according to how severe the wound is. At first onset of an injury, do basic stablization of the victim.  Make sure to elevate the leg is a safe manner. Use ice to dull pain and help with inflamation. Get to the ER, and once released, do a follow up appointment with your private treating physician. You may need to bring your Xrays, MRI’s and CT Scans to an Orthopedic doctor as well, depending upon what your general MD says.

The bone separation patterns and overall condition of the broken and damaged area will be very informative to a doctor who needs to determine a medically necessary course of action. The images of your ankle may be calling out for surgery.  If you need to have an operation, it is typically done to align bones, screw breaks together with titanium screws.

After surgery, a patient can expect to be wheelchair bound, a body cast, a dangling bed cast, a splint, crutches, or other medical device.  Recovery periods are lengthy, and not always are 100%.  Don’t expect to run a marathon any time soon. Patients may become addicted to pain killers, gain weight and suffer from depression.  In seniors, a broken ankle can mean an early end to simple walks in the park, and can mean a  permanent disability. This is a serious injury, and requires effective legal advocates who understand the baggage that often comes with a lifelong disability.

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