Inflatable Bounce House Injury Attorney

This is a picture of the wind lifting a bounce house.

Bounce House Flying in the Air

Bounce houses inflatable units are often the highlight of birthday parties, school events, social functions, indoor playgrounds and other social events. They are being heard about on the news a lot with child injury attorneys discussing the subject known as bounce houses or inflatable jumpers, which come in bright colors, have slides and other options, but what they do not have is a good safety record. The proof of their dangers are evident in several studies and statistics.

What the CPSC Says

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that between 1997 and 2004 there were many incidences of injuries and have data that showed a dramatic increase in child injuries between 2002 and 2005 numbering at least 4,900 and 4 deaths. The victims were between the ages of 15 and 24 in these incidences. Then in 2007 there was a three year old child fatally injured that sustained a traumatic head injury, when two adults fell on the child.

The inflatable units are normally rental units, which mean they might not be maintained in the manner they should be, they might not be retired when there is a dangerous amount of wear or they could be a poor design. This is a play unit that also has dangers on the outside that can injure children, such as the electricity or generator that is used to keep the unit inflated, the blower and tubing.

Child Injuries Caused By Bounce Houses

These types of child injuries that can be sustained by children playing in one of the inflatable units can include traumatic head, neck and spinal cord injuries. Children can sustain bruise, cuts, scrapes, sprains and fractured bones. One California study conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Level I Trauma Center showed that as many as 4,000 children were injured. A parent has the right to hold the rental company, and in some cases the manufacturer of the inflatable unit responsible when their child is injured and the Ehline Law firm PC specializes in this type of injury and the complex legal case. They will be with you and your child every step of the legal process to explain the complexities of the case, to ensure the child has everything they need and to relieve the stress the parents are under.

Recovering Compensation

If your child has suffered an injury due to an inflatable bounce house unit, Ehline Law are ready to fight to protect your child’s rights to recovering compensation, and holding the inflatable unit rental company and in certain instances the manufacturer responsible. The personal injury attorney at Ehline Law Firm PC (click here), can be reached at 888-400-9721.