Los Angeles Boat Injury Lawyers

When people go boating in the Southern California cities of Los Angeles, it is a time to relax, have fun fishing with friends and spend time with family enjoying the day. There is no traffic, no work and the stress melts away, but that can change when someone else on the lake or coastal waterways is negligent. Due to negligence you and your family could be seriously injured or sustain fatal injuries. The Los Angeles boat accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC take these kinds of catastrophes seriously, and can assist you with the ailments you sustained.

What We Do For Waterborne Accident Victims

The time to contact a boat injury attorney at Ehline Law is immediately after the accident occurs. Especially if it is possible to contact legal counsel, while you are at the scene of the accident. When we are contacted while you are at the scene of the catastrophe, if it is possible, we will send someone to the location to speak with you and with any witnesses, along with documenting any injuries sustained in the mischance. It is also important to have the officials or coast guard that is in charge of safety on the particular body of water document in writing a report that describes the boating accident and placing responsibility on the negligent boater.

About the Pacific Coast Off of LA

The Pacific Coast is wrought with crowded waterways of recreational boaters. This ingress and egress includes Great Los Angeles, from Huntington Harbour, or Newport Harbor, Orange County, all the way to the Oxnard.

The Way Boat Injuries Can Occur on the Water

  • Boating collisions
  • Another negligent boat driver
  • Gasoline fires and explosions
  • Inexperienced boat operator
  • Careless boat driving
  • Poor judgment
  • Lack of concentration to other boats and people in the water
  • The boat capsizing
  • Sinking boat
  • Being thrown overboard
  • Falling overboard
  • Flooding of the boat

Boats are being manufactured to be more powerful and they are able to operate faster on the water, and could be difficult for people that have not operated these powerful boats to control them.

Novices Negligently Testing the Limits of Fast Boats Is a Cause

When testing the power limits of the boat this can be negligent and cause serious injuries to other people on the water. The injuries boating accident victims can suffer from brain and neck injuries, and it can even cause fatalities. When someone is negligent on the water, and that causes a tragedy, contact our sea warriors.

Contacting Ehline is better than just calling any old thief with a suit on. We have integrity, knowledge, and a can do attitude to make this happen for you.

Minor Versus Major Catastrophes on Private Sea Vessels

There are minor recreational fluke on the waterways that involve two boats running into each other, that results in property damage to both boats, without any bodily injuries.

More major instances of harm occur in scenarios like when a boat driver is intoxicated or navigating in a reckless manner, the wrack-up can be more serious resulting in impairment and indignity. When a high speed boat hits someone in the water the injuries can include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, lacerations to the face and body, torn off limbs, and shattered skeletal structure.

The boat propellers are spinning metal that can cause major or catastrophic injuries to the person that is relaxing on the water. Boats that hit each other in the water can create situations where people can be thrown from the launch, and be at risk to drown, if they do not have the proper flotation devices. After being involved in a Los Angeles watercraft accident, or your loved ones and have sustained serious injuries, you should consult help right away.

Care and Understanding

As well as boat operator intoxication cases, the Greater Los Angeles boating accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC, are cognizant  of the enumerated contributing factors. We get that a competent operator can avoid most of these so called “accidents”. After all, something within someone’s control is willfully being malfeasant.  This bad behavior can easily lead to the loss of innocent passengers. The scariness of a capsizing vessel, is just one of the many fact patterns we deal with and we are here to help.

Experience and Guts Set Us Apart

The experience our injury law firm has gained, was earned with blood, sweat and tears, in painstakingly representing victims of malaise on a skiff, confirms the fact that many injuries and deaths are caused by the censurable acts of some ship operators. Our lead counsel attacks the case like Marines attacking an enemy position. Guts and gusto sets us apart. Negligence also plays a key role in the circumstances that take lives and leave victims with life-long effects from injuries sustained in boating accidents.

At Ehline Law Firm PC accident lawyers, you will discover accomplished virtuosos who will gauge your potential case and break down your legal rights, duties and obligations. If we are able to assist your unhappy circumstance, our assistants and pros will infuse the funding and resources to afford necessary experts and investigators. This is one of the many ways an excellent jurist can rally to the aid of the afflicted wayfarer.  This helps build the value of your case in the eyes of the trier of fact, as well as the decider of the law.  If our expertise is unable to net you a catch of substantial economic recovery, based upon the case, we don’t recover fees to ourselves.

The Best California Boat Accident Attorneys are Only a Phone Call, or E-Mail Away

Boat injuries happen a lot on the West Side. If you were injured, we will help you recover monies. We can meet you at your house, or a medical facility. You don’t always assume the risk of injury. We understand the law of assumption of the risk and can help educate you on your boat or waterway accident case. We also can help with delicate rape cases on the California waterways. Call now. 888-400-9721.