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Michael Ehline is an internationally known catastrophic personal injury attorney. He runs Ehline Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, goes to court a lot and has a wife and two kids. If you were seriously injured in a car, truck, bus or motorcycle accident, or suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, contact him at 213-596-9642.

Overreaching LAPD to Tone Down Harassing of Pedestrians

A dangerous intersection, crosswalk sign, safety, caution informaion

A dangerous intersection, crosswalk sign, safety, caution information

Los Angeles has not gained a reputation for being pedestrian friendly due to its common traffic issues and jammed intersections. Often it is easier to pick up a cab than have to cross multiple boulevards. Even the perfect weather cannot convince many to walk as much as they’d like to. The city government itself has made it increasingly difficult to walk through various parts of the city, especially with its controversial pedestrian ticketing.

Jaywalking Cash Cow

Many cities make jaywalking illegal, but only enforce when pedestrian traffic becomes unsafe. Other cities often cite Those that cross in the middle of a street in traffic or put their own lives in danger. The Los Angeles law and enforcement are likely the strictest in the nation, with thousands getting cited for tickets that often range between $190 to $250. The LA Times recently published an article in which many of those that received the 17,000 pedestrian tickets feel “mugged.” The author cited hundreds of letters written in response to a recent ticket case, with 90% being against the constant barrage of tickets.

“Ticket Poaching” and the Hidden Ordinances

Particularly troubling has been the concept of ticket poaching for violations of ordinances most people don’t even know to exist. One is that walkers are not allowed to enter into the crosswalk while the red counter is ticking down. Instead of crossing when they believe it is allowed and safe, many get slapped with heavy fines.

Another recent LA Times article shown a light on a policy that many pedestrians say is preventing them from walking. Constant construction, old habits, and such laws have made the city much less walkable than other major metropolitan areas.

Outraged Citizens Forcing the Change?

Now KPCC is reporting that the city might be changing its point of view on the situation. After significant public outcry, the City Council is considering overhauling the antiquated system.

If you or a loved one was unfairly cited by the LAPD for crossing in an unclear situation, you deserve representation. To try and beat the ticket you should not have received in the first place, contact LA’s own Michael Ehline. Ehline Law has helped thousands of pedestrians involved in traffic issues over the years.

Our experience on the topic is second to none. For more information, call or email us 24 hours a day. We’d be happy to sit down with you anywhere in the greater metropolitan area and offer a free, no-pressure consultation.

Does My Law Practice Need a Personal Injury Vision Statement?

vision statement - Injury Law firmOpen up the annual report of any large non-profit or legal organization, and you will see a guiding mission statement. The ideals of creating a better world through specific action grow each year in both the private and public sector. Your personal injury law firm does have many varying and changing short, medium, and long term goals– but can have one overarching vision connect all of them.

Importance of a Vision Statement

Vision statements have become much more popular over the last two decades because they work. Having a general set set of goals connected to a set of specific skills is a major way that you will be able to improve your field or surroundings. Having a series of these common goals will allow for every member of your firm to push in the same direction with their specific knowledge.

An Ideal for Your Career

The longer you’ve been in the legal field, the more examples you’ve seen of other firms. Some are pristine and cheerful, with a sense of purpose that drives their employees to better serve their clients. Others may look and act disorganized, leading to various issues for those in the office and those it serves. Issues with payroll, employee morale, and general dysfunction can severely reduce the effectiveness of even the most well trained attorneys.

These issues show the different between a reactive and proactive leadership. The founding member or partners of a firm set the tone for others to follow. Sloppy work habits may attract attorneys that will soon leave or stay just long enough to climb another rung in the career ladder. Precise management can attract the best talent and incubate it for greatness.

Tying Together Your Goals

If you are one of the principle members of the firm, you have the unique power to steer your firm into a more powerful setting. If you are able to combine many of your best attributes and goals into a series of ideals for your office, all of your staff and clients will benefit.

Many attorneys are able to speak to and work with their employees to determine a joint set of ideas that animate them. What are their personal and professional goals? What issues bring out the best and worst in them? What are their strategic strengths and weaknesses? How does the growth of the firm and the level of lifestyle desired affect their work ethic, if at all?

When all of your employees have a common understanding of what they are looking for and where the firm is headed, they will often become more efficient. You can help make joint decisions to further increase this efficacy, from pruning time-consuming clients to tailoring work schedules around families. You may be able to also work jointly on certain cases, especially if it highlights certain talents or training.

These ideas bleed over into other parts of your firm. You will be able to shape elements, including the adoption or standardization of new technology between your partners. You can help drive down costs for training and equipment. You may also be able to rebrand your advertising and social media presence to harness a central, overarching theme. Increased morale and efficacy all increase your momentum, possibly increasing your number of solid clients and reducing the risk of malpractice and errors.

You have the power in your hands to make your firm into one that you would be jealous of. Make it work– your employees, family, and clients are all counting on it.

Michael Ehline, Esq.

Photo of personal injury lawyer, Michael P. Ehline, Esq.

Michael Ehline is an experienced personal injury attorney from the Los Angeles area. His firm, Ehline Law, serves as one of the preeminent personal injury firms in Southern California and sponsor of various charitable and community activities. Michael helps runs the Circle of Legal Trust, allowing attorneys from across the country to share ideas and build ethical standards for the legal community.

Bed Bug Bites and Legal Recourse For College Kids

Hot chick bitten by bed bugs

a college chick with her hand up being lazy in bed after a bed bug bite.

Bed bugs used to be something that only existed in parents’ good night messages to their children. Largely eradicated from American bedrooms, these critters have made a resurgence over the last ten years, especially afflicting California (Source.) These bugs are causing more issues, especially in the bedrooms of apartments and houses across the state. They can and will bite unsuspecting victims and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. They’re bad news and the responsibility for bringing them into a place of residence should fall upon the party that allowed the problem to spread.

Campuses close in fear of these bugs infecting their college. The Community College of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania closed two campuses in fear of infestation. Even worse, the bugs are directly linked to the spread of Chagas disease, which is spreading in the United States, as reported by the Scientific American. These trends underline the severe issues that are spreading and could affect many more communities in the United States.

Fumigation and Inconvenience

Homeowners or apartment dwellers that find that they have these bugs go to various lengths to get rid of them. The owners will fumigate their places of residence and wash their clothing and bedware. Many times they need to get rid of all of their cloth products in their house– and still not guarantee that the bugs will go away. When faced with such an infestation on a college campus, the spread can be amplified by the close quarters and large amounts of people. This can cause students to lose all of their clothing and sheets and be out of a place to live for an extended period of time.

Emotional Drama and Trauma

If you or a loved one faced the emotional trauma and bites of these bugs, make sure that you have medical and legal recourse. If you became infected by one of these bites, you may be stuck with a painful, debilitating disease that stays with you. You may have lost the value of all of your clothes, furniture, and sheets.

A skilled attorney specialized in bed bugs will be able to assist you in finding the responsible party and seeking compensation. Michael Ehline and the Ehline Law Firm have fought and won similar cases and have the experience to make sure that you or your loved one is properly compensated. Call or email us today for more information. We’ll come to you anywhere in California and will answer the phone any time of the day or night.

Walking Bike Accidents On the Way

walking bicycle accident attorney image o walking bike

walking bicycle accident attorney image o walking bike

It’s the newest thing sweeping the news and social media. For bike lovers and scooter riders alike, the Lopifit seems to be the best of both worlds. It offers a fun, invigorating way to travel while also using less energy. It’s gotten a lot of publicity as more people find out about the new product.

With New Products Comes New Risks

In the above video, you can see that this “bike” marries a treadmill with a two wheeled balancing platform similar to that found on scooters that children use. And of course, as with all new products there are potential known and unknown risks. Unfortunately, travel along roads for bicyclists and pedestrians is dangerous across the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2013 alone, there were 743 bicyclist fatalities. Furthermore, another 48,000 were injured in similar accidents. Altogether, these represent almost 2% of deaths on the road– an astounding figure considering the miles traveled.

Testing Issues

With such risk on the road for all travelers, it is important to remember such factors as new products are introduced. The Lopifit has much less time on the road and considerably less study for safety. Large bicycle companies have taken years to study safety and to test their products. Furthermore, there are millions of Americans that grew up riding bicycles and understand even the smallest nuances of safety and how to properly ride. With a new product, any inexperience could have a severely deleterious effect on safety.

Design Problems?

There are serious potential issues with the Lopifit’s very design. As a walking bike, the device does not have the same relationship to the human body. When riding a standard bike, a person’s body is around the frame, with legs on either side and feet on the pedals. Here there are just hands on the handles, not offering the same control in case of a fall or accident. Furthermore promotional materials do not feature people wearing safety pads or helmets, a must for anyone riding a Lopifit on the road or anywhere.

It’s important to consider all of these factors if you’re thinking about buying a Lopifit this year. There are concerns about how its improper use could lead to severe injury or death.

Tort “Reform” is Not a Conservative Cause

So Called Tort Reform Damages Property Rights

Who decides awards, the jury, or politicians?

The Jury Returns

Our founders designed a relatively weak central government, with specific, enumerated powers, to be “bound by the chains of the Constitution.”  In fact, each public servant is even forced to carry a Fidelity Bond in furtherance of his or her oath of office. But as the years went by, politicians learned that they could appoint judges to interpret words like “shall not be infringed,” and that which was always right became wrong, and what was wrong became right.

Now a days, unconstitutional laws are passed all of the time, and more and more, in liberal/progressive jurisdictions like California, once a law is ruled unconstitutional by say, the U.S. Supreme Court, the legislature will simply pass another unlawful “law,” similar to the last one, and force years of legal action in the courts.

The cycle simply continues on and on, in perpetuity while you and I are denied the rights, and must “wait and see.” Below you will see some examples of how this game is being played in the legislatures, halls of congress and the courts. What is astonishing is that both political parties are guilty of this, one when it comes to gun rights, and the other, when it comes to personal injury plaintiff victims’ rights. In this piece, we will discuss why no side of the political spectrum is well served supporting either gun control, or so called “tort reform,” and why.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Right to a Civil Jury are Both Unalienable Rights?

All rights, even the unpopular ones, must be treated as sacrosanct. No amount of revisionist history by activist courts or politicians can change the fact the main reason we have the right to keep and bear arms is so we can abolish, or at least try and fight off oppressive government that violates its oath of office.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness . . . (See Unanimous Declaration.)

In fact, one of the first things King George tried to do when usurping his promises under the Magna Charta, was to try and seize the weapons and powder houses. For at least a hundred years, no one in this country had any doubt that the “People”, when it came to firearms, meant everyone, not the National Guard. Coincidentally, the people never lost their character as ordinary militia by birth.

Later, in the 20th century, progressive politicians realized that you cannot easily take away the property rights of an armed citizenry, and moved to enact gun laws after using the press to sensationalize gun violence. If only the National Guard was armed, then ONLY the government would be armed. Fortunately, the NRA and other educated people saw through this non sense. But that did not end the left’s efforts to strip private citizens of the firearms rights.

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Courts and Progressive politicians who appoint the judges to those courts, have opted for the slow approach, instead dictating how many rounds we can have in our weapons, forcing us to register them with the government in order to make it easier for the government to take them, and making ammo so expensive with taxes and fees that no one will be able to afford to keep and bear arms, ALL INFRINGEMENTS. Death by a thousand cuts is the new method.

The Peruta Example

Take the recent Peruta case, where originally, a three judge panel found that the San Diego Sheriff forcing people to prove that they are in danger (show “good cause”), before law enforcement will issue a conceal carry permit to an otherwise law abiding citizen who had taken classes and safety courses on firearms, was unconstitutional. This was even more especially true since there is no longer a legal right to “open carry” a firearm in the Golden State.

In other words, the right of the people to “keep and bear arms” that are readily accessible outside of your home, and perhaps at a designated gun range is virtually non existent. What are the exceptions? Well, perhaps unless you are in the enumerated “government class.” (Read more.) Other than that, forget about it.

The lone dissenting judge Peruta was promoted to Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit. That same dissenting judge who was against the right of Peruta to be granted a conceal carry permit, is now in charge of the en banc full panel of the 9th Circuit, a Court traditionally hostile to private property and firearms rights.

The Slippery Slope of Letting Judges and Politicians “Interpret” Your Jury Rights

As you can see above, the reason why it is so important to enforce, rather than interpret the plain language of the Bill of Rights and its foundational documents (Magna Charta, Articles of Confederation, etc.), is so that political types of judges, or politicians don’t get their mittens on our unalienable rights. Watch out for politicians on the campaign trail. Listen to them, and you will hear just about every empty and vapid promise imaginable.

The call to change the tort system of the states is a major political football, especially when the electorate is not clear about the true implications of such an action. Instead of protecting businesses and individuals from undue lawsuits, these radical changes instead strip away basic property and individual rights of the victims of civil actions that often arise out of crimes like assault, battery, and even professional malpractice.

Modern “Tort Reform” is Code for Taking Away the Power of the Jury

We keep hearing stories about runaway verdicts and we hear the misrepresented stories about the McDonald’s hot coffee case, as a justification to reduce how much money a jury can award YOU. The reality is, the justice system and the courts already have procedures in place to either reduce or add to a jury award, called additur and remittitur. There is even a procedure that allows the courts to summarily adjudicate a case, and dismiss it, if it is not likely to succeed.

What is really going on here, is that business lobbying groups are trying to control how much their clients will have to pay, when or if they violate the rights of their fellow man and cause him or her injury. This will make it easier to put a hard cost on hurting others, placing profits over people.

It’s a shame that one of my heroes when it comes to the Constitution, former Texas Governor Rick Perry had made his state’s so called ‘tort reform,’ a major piece of his nascent campaign. Newsmax reported on Perry talking about his state’s changes made under the auspices of reducing spurious lawsuits. Instead, many Texans are now left without vital legal protections they have counted on for centuries.

Stripping Away the Seventh Amendment Right of the Civil Jury To Decide The Damages Portion of Your Case Leaves You a Victim

Life, liberty, and property are meant to be unalienable rights. No person should be parted from their belongings and earnings unless by their own choice. The recklessness of allowing serious injury to befall an innocent person is a clear choice. Our founders knew that eventually the mob, jealousy and underhanded dealings could infect our system. That is why many of your most important legal rights were enshrined in a Bill of Rights, designed to send a message to the future guardians. But like anything else, judges are appointed primarily due to party line considerations.

It is difficult to believe that they don’t find a way to bed the law to the will of the electorate, or party to which they lean or support. If we look at the votes of the liberal appointed judges on gun control, we will see every type of nonsensical argument under the sun in favor of taking away the right of gun owners. It is not simply a theory.

Selective Rights?

Courts and politicians have created a volley of tautologies and exceptions that effectively annul many of our rights that vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. They have done it often, as discussed at the introduction. It is no different here, it is just that so called Republicans move to take away jury rights and Progressives move to strip you of your right of self defense. Pick your poison.

Just remember, by stripping away protections from accident victims in tort cases, and giving them to those that allowed such incidents to happen in the first place, you set a precedent that could increase the number of accidents in the future. If one has nothing to lose, why even worry?

But when it is your mom, dad, or child who is killed or wounded, you will sue, and you will want the jury and not a political decision, to decide what your damages award should or should not be. Assuming your case has merit, you will win or lose based upon the facts and the jury will decide how much you get, not a statutory rule that blocks jury rights.

Is the Seventh Amendment Really an Unalienable Right?

Although the Seventh Amendment’s provision for civil jury trials is not officially and universally recognized by the courts like the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments are, it is obvious that our founders considered this to be an “unalienable” right. In fact, pretty much every state respects the right of a civil jury to decide case.

The issue with tort reform, is that a wrongdoer is now given a floor and ceiling as to what he or she or it, will ultimately have to pay, no matter how bad the negligence was. Do you see the potential license for havoc that this creates for a pernicious tortfeasor who may now weigh risks based upon the maximum civil penalty? Are you understanding this huge problem?

Property and Legal Rights

Property and legal rights go hand in hand. The Commerce Clause of the Constitution clearly delineates state measures from federal, not allowing for the nationalization of efforts in changing tort law. State after state has found that limits on the amount that accident victims can recover are often overturned in the courts.

Missouri’s efforts were overturned by the state supreme court as reported by National Review in 2012, and then forced through the state legislature again just this year. Another several years long battle will loom, just like with the Peruta case above. In the end, the victims, we the People, are the ones who are left without our sacred rights while the government, the same one we are supposed to be free from, decides what our founders had already decided, and Natural Law universally dictates.

Artificial Caps Hurt Everyone in the Free Market

Ultimately, in a free market, the effects of the event calibrates the money that can be recovered. Artificial caps cause shortages, just as price controls do. Just as such actions create artificial scarcity, the attempts to strip the market and its effects out of the courtroom instead hurts those that need such recovery to continue their lives. The ability of an attorney to argue in favor of their client in an open courtroom setting is part of American jurisprudence.

The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God were also incorporated by reference into our founding documents. It is unnatural to allow a man to be denied his recompense, and will definitely lead to the days of self justice and a “pound of flesh,” revenge actions if something is not done to educate my fellow conservatives and libertarians. No set caps or restrictions should be placed between a person and their full medical and emotional recovery.

The Fallacy of “Tort Reform” Being a Conservative Ideal

How much longer must the charade of tort reform being a conservative idea endure? There have been many Republicans and conservatives that understand the complexities of accidents and their effects that have fought for responsibility in the courts. Some cherry picked examples are not indicative of the wider scope of injury cases across the country.

For victims facing severe injury, lost work, and even disability after a severe accident, having their ability to lead their life again artificially capped is reprehensible and not parallel to basic American ideals. It is no different that liberals trying to infringe upon and harry our rights to keep and bear arms. At the end of the day, there are three boxes we can check, the: “ballot box, the jury box, the cartridge box.” (Source of quote.) When the government moves to take away these rights, you need to be scared. We just discussed why no side of the political spectrum is well served supporting either gun control, or so called “tort reform,” and why. Think about it.

Fighting lawyer, Michael Ehline

Personal Injury Attorney, Michael Ehline seated in front of law books

Michael Ehline is a Libertarian leaning car accident and personal injury specialist. He heads Ehline Law Firm PC, a statewide injury and Second Amendment rights advocacy organization.

Simple Ways for Business Owners to Reduce Liability

'would 'snap crackle burp' be actionable?'

‘would ‘snap crackle burp’ be actionable?’

Running a small business is a dream for millions of Americans. Some are able to stake it out and open up an office or storefront to sustain their family. When facing such a decision, it is vital to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs. Many lessons are only obvious from failures and can be gleaned from unsuccessful ventures and their challenges.

Growing businesses have many moving parts involved, and any such organizations have potential weaknesses. To minimize the chances of such vulnerabilities, there are simple steps that any business can take to reduce liability.

Below are some helpful tips that we’ve seen in various industries and how you can protect yourself:

Embrace Technology

Technology can be a key role in your bottom line. Not only can automizing many aspects of your business reduce your expenses and maximize profit ratios, it can also act to prevent potential liability. By enabling computers to take orders, create 24-hour access on websites, and replace antiquated technology, your business can become a local leader. Many of these time and money saving measures can also prevent future lawsuits.

Instead of having to deal with employees that make mistakes or get into car accidents, a computer cannot put you in such a situation. Furthermore, there are reduced chances of issues such as theft and fraud. Besides the point, the general trend has been towards technological change and any hesitation could cause your enterprise to fall behind.

Form an LLC

It is important to reduce personal liability in your venture. Many businesses are run as individual ventures, often by people with little previous business experience. By forming a Limited Liability Corporation a sole proprietor or partners would be able to reduce their exposure to future lawsuits and bankruptcy. The act of incorporating will inoculate the owners against much risk, with little downside.

LLCs are not run the same as larger corporations. There isn’t the same regulation occurring or dealing with many corporate board members. The small size of an LLC lends to mobility and maneuverability. It allows for potential rapid growth and ability to adapt to quickly changing conditions. Many businesses are incorporated in the state of Delaware due to its business-friendly regulations. Corporation law varies by state and any decision should be made in consultation with an attorney.

Prevent the Notice of Claim

After running your business for a while, you may be served with a notice of claim stating that a part of your enterprise is not safe. Any part of your business that is open to the public must be safe. Issues such as broken stairs, dripping water, and broken or defective products can be cited for their danger to the public. A notice of claim could be the first step before a lawsuit. Reducing the factors that could compel such notices should be a no brainer.

Creating Proper Liability Waivers

By creating means to limit your liability, you will be amazed on how it affects your business operations. Creating liability waivers crafted with the help of a skilled business attorney can be a science. Forming language that will both explain the potential consequences of taking part in your business and compelling a signature is key. Such agreements aren’t always ironclad in court, but the closer they can get using precedent and knowledge of business law the better.

Many courts will look at the extent of how you attempted to reduce risk to consumers as well as your warnings. By taking the extra step, the chances of being challenged in court is significantly reduced, and customer satisfaction should increase as well.

Ultimately, these are just part of the actions a business can take in order to reduce your liability. There are always litigious people in every field and the possibility of a suit. Any actions you can take to reduce such a possibility are par for the course in the field of business.

Caring Victim’s Attorney

Michael Ehline, Esq.

Photo of personal injury lawyer, Michael P. Ehline, Esq.

Every day there are dangers that persist and there is no way for anyone to know when they will have a reason to require the assistance of a law firm. Accidents can take place many ways and one of these is on the roadway, where daily there are numerous accidents. It is not uncommon for an innocent person who is traveling to or from work or running errands to be involved in a vehicle accident. There are different types of vehicles on the roadways, including cars, motorcycles, trucks and bicycles.

Harm that can be caused can be either temporary or permanent impairment to the body and in some cases can result in ending the life of the individual involved in the incident. There is no way to predict the outcome of an event of this kind, but what can be predicted is the fact that many people do not exert the effort to find a top notch law firm. They may settle for any law firm in their city or even think that retaining a lawyer is a waste of time and they can handle the insurance company on their own. When this type of situation occurs, things will not work out alright without assistance.

There will be problems that need to be faced after an event of this nature. It is possible to request a free no obligation initial consultation with an accomplished law firm. Meetings with the seasoned attorneys can be easily arranged through appointments with many options available. During the meeting issues related to the case can be discussed and problems, along with an evaluation to determine the best course of action. If there is a need for appeals, the lawyers at http://www.ehlinelaw.com/ have intimate knowledge of the legal system and the various jurisdictions, which they traverse in the field of personal injury. New clients will be provided the earliest date and time for an appointment to discuss your case and learn how the law firm can assist in your claim.

Avoiding Fourth Of July Injuries

The Ehline Law firm would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Independence Day. This is the biggest day of the summer for most people with family outings, cookouts, fireworks, boating, and travel. This is also a day of many dangers, the highways are filled with traffic, and it is one of the holidays with a large number of car accidents with motorists and passengers injured or killed. This is because drivers are often in a hurry, they are preoccupied with thoughts of the day’s events and overtired or under the influence at the end of the day. This leads to disaster on the highways for many people out to enjoy the day’s festivities. This is why you may need a Fourth of July injury law firm.


Fireworks can be especially dangerous. There can be explosions even when being careful that can lead to serious injuries and this includes when watching them at public places where the city is lighting them. The composition of the materials that make fireworks is touchy, and if they are old or have gotten damp they can react very differently than planned and can cause severe burn injuries. Fireworks are also known to cause fires every year, in which people sustain burn injuries, this can be a fire in a home, from them hitting the roof or another part of the home, it can also be fireworks that hit outside tents or pavilions. For as beautiful as fireworks are they can also lead to severe burns. Supervision and compliance with the law goes a long way in preventing the horrible outcomes of these types of issues.

Residential and Public Pools

Swimming is another part of the day for many cookouts and gatherings, this is a fun way to spend the summer holiday and can also be one where someone is injured or drowned. This is true, especially for children, while the parents mingle, talk and have a good time, their eyes are not always on the pool and swimming pool accidents occur quickly. A simple cramp from to much food, liquids and running around can cause a child or teen to be in trouble in the swimming pool without warning. There is also the wet pool area where it is easy to slip and fall especially when wearing summer shoes that usually are light and have no tread on the soles. This means falling on concrete or some other hard surface that can mean cuts, gashes and broken bones. Having a lifeguard who is not stoned or wasted is particularly important.  But parents cannot simply delegate their authority.  Parents must be there and be sober enough to react to a dangerous emergency. If not, in addition to losing a loved one, they may open themselves up to child neglect charges, and even jail.

Drinking and Driving

All the fun, food and drinks of the 4th of July is something everyone looks forward to, and it is also a holiday where just a couple of drinks with friends can mean being stopped for driving under the influence. Being stopped for driving under the influence does not mean that a driver has to be obviously intoxicated. The way the laws are set up the average sized person that has two or three drinks is legally driving under the influence and can be arrested. This can put a real damper on the holiday; it can mean being arrested, having your vehicle impounded and the possible loss of your driving privileges. In order to avoid these situations, it is important to have a sober, designated person driving and supervising activities.

Ehline Law firm personal injury attorneys hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday, but if the day turns to disaster, including an explosion, burns, fire injury, swimming, slip and fall injuries or a driving under the influence charge, we are the law firm committed to giving our clients 110 % of our attention for their case. Contact us for party time injuries that were caused by no fault of your own.

Ehline Law Firm PC


NYC LaGuardia Airport Runways Closed After Southwest Plane Crash Lands

New York Plane crash

Southwest Airplane Crash Pics

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – Coming in on the heels of the Asiana Korean airline crash in San Francisco, today, Monday afternoon, a Southwest airplane crash landed at the NYC LaGuardia International Airport.  This time, the plane was Southwest Airlines flight 345, which was a Boeing 737, while allegedly having problems with its landing gear, according to witnesses. Other accounts of the crash landing are that the wheels on the landing gear came off.  Flight 345 originated in Nashville, Tennessee.

While not confirmed there have been reports of three people injured, the extent of their injuries have not been reported. Passengers exited the Southwest plane on the emergency slide. Passengers said the crash was scary and the cabin was filling with smoke. The Boeing aircraft according to witnesses has damage to the landing gear and the nose collapsed during the landing.

More details are still emerging in the crash that took place at 6:00 p.m. EST. What we do know, is that smoke and burn injuries are common in aircraft crash cases that don’t result in fatalities. Another major type of problem is that overhead luggage comes loose and causes severe head and even brain injuries. Sometimes, pilot error is an issue. Others, there are defects in the jet, or simply these terrible events are caused by an act of god. Either way, if negligence is involved, don’t expect the airlines or wrongdoers to roll over and pay money damages.

Make certain if you or a loved one are a passenger who was injured, to get adequate legal counsel. Semper Fidelis. Michael Ehline.

Facts About Common Injuries To Children

Baby injured?

Matt Cutts probably was injured as a baby too

Our firm is asked virtually every day about impairment to children, and why kids seem to get hurt so often. Children, because of their young age and lack of experience, have increased vulnerability to uncontrollable events. It’s easy to understand, they haven’t had the real-world, common sense type lessons we adults have had to help us stay out of danger.

Undeveloped Physiology

As the caregivers, children need us to keep them safe wherever they go and with whatever they use or play with. In turn, we adults foreseeably rely on manufacturers, business owners, and municipalities to provide a safe environment we shouldn’t have to worry about. Another reason for the alarming number of accidents and injuries to children is their physiology. A child’s head is disproportionately large compared to the rest of their small bodies. (See above illustration) They also tend to have a higher center of gravity, smaller, more fragile bones, and muscles that are not fully developed.

Specially Designed Products for Kids

For these reasons, the products they use must be specifically designed with them in mind such as bicycles causing bike injuries to children. If one of these products fails or does not take the child’s special needs into consideration, it may result in catastrophic injury to the child when it would merely hurt an adult. The same is true for household products, paint on children’s toys, and the fabric used in children’s clothing. To the little body of a child, a small amount of chemicals or toxins can kill. A small amount of lead in the paint used on a child’s toy can be poisonous and bring on several months of suffering the effects of lead poisoning.

Child Injuries in General

Any child injury lawyer will tell you that most deaths and injuries to children are caused by automobile accidents in the United States; this according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It’s sad to note that estimates show that around four children die every day in car crashes and almost 600 are injured (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Injuries and deaths are not limited to car crashes. Accidents involving bicycles, personal watercraft, household products, cooking accidents (burns, fires, and scalding), and drowning occur far too often and claim too many young lives. According to the CDC, emergency rooms see more than 200,000 children each reporting year; most for injuries due to accidents on playgrounds and at schools where they are supervised. Accidental drownings sometimes end in non-fatal injuries involving the water submersion. Sometimes there are injuries due to abuse of children in foster care homes and they are usually sensationally reported in the news.

Remedies and Causes

Children can also suffer traumatic brain injuries like concussions, skull fractures, or penetrating injuries from accidents, slip and falls, or even simply falling off a bicycle without wearing their helmets. Finally, lead poisoning is not limited to the recent developments involving the paint used on some children’s toys made in China. Some homes still have paint that contains lead; some homeopathic remedies still contain lead; even the soil around your home may contain lead. All have the potential to poison your child. If your kid is physically compromised in any way including any of the ways described above, you need to contact legal counsel immediately. We can evaluate your case and establish who the responsible parties may be during the consultation. Call us now at 1-888-400-9721.

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